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Pilot your starship, swing your lightsaber, boldly go where no man has gone before, battle aliens, or just blow stuff up as a giant robot. A collection of the greatest Science Fiction apps and games available on Google Play. Download them you must!

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    Uppercut Games Pty Ltd

    3285 ratings

    The epic saga of post-apocalyptic robot combat continues! EPOCH has trekked across a war-ravaged country to find the one person he was programmed to protect: the Princess Amelia. Now he must follow a final, desperate lead to reach her, with the...

  • Out There: Ω Edition

    Out There: Ω Edition

    Mi-Clos Studio

    25154 ratings

    5/5 - TouchArcade 5/5 - PocketTactics 9/10 'Gold Award' - PocketGamer Grand Prize - DevGAMM Moscow 2015 Excellence in Narrative - DevGAMM 2015 Best Game Design Award - Casual Connect EE 2014 Excellence In Narrative Finalist - IMGA 2015 Best iPhone...

  • Colossatron Colossatron


    Halfbrick Studios

    239579 ratings

    A matching puzzle game combined with the raw brutality of destroying a city as a giant robot dragon-snake-tank-thing. Match colored "powercores" to unlock and upgrade Colossatron's weapon systems. Probably the most unboring puzzle game I've played...

  • A Space Shooter For Free

    A Space Shooter For Free

    Frima Studio Inc.

    13026 ratings

    There are a ton of Galaga-like space shooting games on Android because they are fairly easy to make. However quantity doesn't mean quality. When Frima, makers of the "Nun Attack" games does it, they do it right. Recommend.

  • Absolute Pazaak Absolute Pazaak

    Absolute Pazaak

    droid monsta

    629 ratings

    Pazaak is a card game that people play within the Star Wars universe. Now you can see what all the fuss is about. Just remember to let the Wookie win.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

    Angry Birds Star Wars

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    1150258 ratings

    Play an Angry Birds campaign that follows the adventures of Episode IV-VI. The writing is better than the prequel movies, and Angry Birds is fun even if there is a fair amount of luck involved in the gameplay.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

    Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    1155849 ratings

    Although based on the inferior Star Wars prequel movies, this Angry Birds sequel improves on the first game in every way including allowing you to "join the pork side" and play as the pigs. There is even a Skylanders-like gimmick which allows you to...

  • Anomaly 2

    Anomaly 2

    11 bit studios

    7764 ratings

    A Tower-Offense game (where you play as the mobs rather than the towers) featuring impressive graphics and improved multiplayer. Highly recommended for fans of the genre.

  • ARC Squadron: Redux

    ARC Squadron: Redux

    Psyonix Studios

    13388 ratings

    A Star Fox like linear space shooter with fantastic visuals and enormous bosses. A worthy successor to Star Fox itself. Recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Astro Boy Dash

    Astro Boy Dash

    Animoca Brands

    19235 ratings

    The beloved anime robot boy now stars in his own endless running game.

  • B.O.B.'s Super Freaky Job

    B.O.B.'s Super Freaky Job

    Adrenaline Amusements

    12493 ratings

    Why are they just now making a Monsters VS Aliens game when the movie came out years ago? Maybe a sequel is in the works. Anyway this game is a tilt puzzle game similar to Labyrinth. Play as BOB with cameos by the other characters. Worth checking...

  • Bounty Arms

    Bounty Arms

    Kerosene Games

    635 ratings

    A highly impressive 3D adventure game with console-quality graphics and a unique look. It reminds me of the Rachet and Clank/Jak and Daxter series of games. If you enjoy those kinds of games, check this one out.

  • Catcha Catcha Aliens! Catcha Catcha Aliens!

    Catcha Catcha Aliens!


    1833 ratings

    An endless running game with amazing graphics where you also catch aliens along the way.

  • Colony Attack

    Colony Attack

    Geek Beach Ltd

    16617 ratings

    A city management and real-time strategy game. The graphics are pretty impressive for the most part. Its too bad combat isn't interactive. Fans of games like Kingdom Conquest will enjoy this.

  • Dark Galaxy: Space Wars Dark Galaxy: Space Wars

    Dark Galaxy: Space Wars

    Uken Games

    11024 ratings

    Dark Galaxy is a menu-based RPG by Uken Games. Explore, upgrade, and battle your way through a galaxy full of danger as lone Space Marine. Recommended for fans of menu-based RPGs.



    Uppercut Games Pty Ltd

    6563 ratings

    A cover-based 3rd person shooting game with robots battling in a post-apocalyptic world. Reminds me of Transformers: War for Cybertron.

  • ExZeus 2

    ExZeus 2


    394 ratings

    A combination 3rd-person shooter and Star Fox-like flying shooting game. Play as a me cha fighting to protect the Earth from the return of an alien menace. The bright graphics and sounds remind me of old Sega Saturn games.

  • Fractal Combat

    Fractal Combat

    OYK Games

    13307 ratings

    An impressive futuristic flight combat simulator with console-quality graphics. The gameplay is intense, but if you enjoy flight sims, this is fantastic. The fact that it's free means there is no excuse to not at least try it.

  • Galaxy Alert ( Red Alert )

    Galaxy Alert ( Red Alert )

    luyen dm

    7966 ratings

    A cross between StarCraft and a Tower Defense game. Features both defense and RTS elements. Recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Galaxy Legend

    Galaxy Legend

    Tap4fun Corp., Ltd.

    483096 ratings

    A city building and turn-based combat space game similar to Galactic Heroes but with more stylized and less realistic graphics, and a more simplified interface. Try them both and see which one you enjoy more. Both are excellent.

  • Gear Jack

    Gear Jack

    Crescent Moon Games

    446 ratings

    A Sci-Fi platforming game with striking visuals, and an old school challenge-level. Made by the excellent studio Crescent Moon Games, Worth checking out.

  • Good Robot Bad Robot 3D

    Good Robot Bad Robot 3D

    Sun Dried Games

    1574 ratings

    A 3D puzzle shooting game where you play as a blue robot that must collect coins and ammo for his plug-like weapon that allows him to reprogram aggressive red robots to join him. Simple gameplay. Recommended for casual game fans.

  • Grabatron


    Future Games of London

    209038 ratings

    Play as a UFO equipped with a giant prize claw. The possibilities are endless.

  • Gravity Project Gravity Project

    Gravity Project

    Alper Sarıkaya

    77075 ratings

    A futuristic endless running game with a twist: you can run on any surface! Excellent graphics and original gameplay in a genre with little originality. Highly recommended.



    Warner Bros. International Enterprises

    86243 ratings

    A survival game where you play as an astronaut having the worst day ever. It's mostly a series of quick-time events and simple mini games that move the cut scenes along. Based on the movie. Check it out.

  • Infinite Universe Infinite Universe

    Infinite Universe

    Tin Man Games

    103 ratings

    A nostalgic interactive novel with RPG elements and a Sci-Fi setting from the makers of "Blood of the Zombies". These "books" are a bit pricey as far as games go, but if you're a fan of the genre, they are worth it.

  • Iron Sky Invasion FREE

    Iron Sky Invasion FREE

    TopWare Interactive AG

    4320 ratings

    A console quality space shooter simulation game with gameplay similar to classics like Wing Commander and X-Wing VS TIE Fighter. Highly recommended.

  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Fix Factory

    LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Fix Factory

    LEGO System A/S

    14312 ratings

    A simple puzzle game where you program your robot to navigate a series of rooms that strongly remind me of the Portal series. Based on the LEGO Mindstorms series of buildable and programmable robot toys.

  • LevitOn Speed Racing Free

    LevitOn Speed Racing Free


    3937 ratings

    A futuristic racing game based on the F-Zero games from Nintendo.

  • LightBike 2

    LightBike 2

    Pankaku Inc.

    30471 ratings

    The Tron game you always wanted is finally here ... only a few decades late. Well better late than never right? This game has graphics better than their source material. That fat guy on YouTube probably soiled his spandex when he saw this game.

  • LightSpeeder


    Rude Boy Games

    2063 ratings

    Better than the official TRON app. This interpretation has charming 8-bit characters, power-ups, and environmental hazards to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting.

  • M2: War of Myth Mech

    M2: War of Myth Mech

    InterServ International Inc.

    22137 ratings

    A fantasy action RPG similar to Zelda or Secret of Mana with Mech transformations. A really enjoyable game with quality graphics and gameplay. Plus, you can transform into a giant robot, which is always nice.

  • Machinarium


    Amanita Design

    48749 ratings

    A point-and-click adventure game featuring a robotic race of aliens living on a planet where everything is made of scrap metal. Impressive visuals, and classic adventure gameplay.

  • MetalWars3



    1072 ratings

    A Mech Warrior knock-off. Pretty impressive PS2 era graphics. Its basically a third-person shooter, but the combat is much slower because mechs are bigger and slower than people. Recommended for fans of Mech Warrior or similar games.

  • Neon City

    Neon City

    Anion Software

    303 ratings

    A lightning-fast endless racing game that's so fast it's almost unplayable. Fans of games like Podracer or F-Zero will enjoy it, but don't expect the games to last very long.

  • Neon Shadow

    Neon Shadow

    Crescent Moon Games

    45159 ratings

    An old school sci-fi FPS made by one of the best mobile game studios out there. Even features split screen multiplayer for tablets. Highly recommended.

  • N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit...

    N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit...


    67904 ratings

    A console-quality FPS game from Gameloft based on the Halo series.

  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim

    Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited

    16689 ratings

    An Infinity-Blade like fighting game similar to Man of Steel, and Avengers Initiative. Can't they think of a different game genre for movie games anymore? A quality swipe fighter if you're a fan of the genre or movie.



    Warner Bros. International Enterprises

    3909 ratings

    An augmented reality fighting game which allows you to play as either Jagers or Kaiju. The gameplay doesn't have a lot of depth, but is a more traditional fighting game than the official Pacific Rim game. Recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Quintet


    800 ratings

    A multiplayer space combat game where multiple players control a single ship, and perform specialized functions like officers on a real vessel. The gameplay may not be for everyone because you need to rely on your team, but check it out.

  • Real Steel World Robot Boxing

    Real Steel World Robot Boxing

    Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited

    1934596 ratings

    A boxing game based on the movie. Originally it was boring because it only had a hand full of robots to play as, but with recent updates they've added tons of new content including customization. Check it out.

  • Repulze



    1720 ratings

    A super fast racing game that reminds me a lot of the Star Wars pod racer game. There are weapons too. Its too bad it costs over $3. Hopefully they release an ad-supported free version down the road.

  • Rivals at War: 2084

    Rivals at War: 2084

    Hothead Games

    171502 ratings

    A simple but unique RPG where you customize a squad similarly to menu-driven RPGs, but includes impressive but non-interactive PVP combat sequences. You gain new soldiers, tactics, and upgrades are acquired via card packs like a CCG. Check it out.

  • Roblade:Design&Fight



    8719 ratings

    This game has an insane amount of customization. As the name implies, you design your robot gladiator and then fight other robots. What more could you ask for?

  • Robocat Rampage LITE Robocat Rampage LITE

    Robocat Rampage LITE

    Okaycat Software Inc.

    95 ratings

    Play as genocidal cat aliens that want to destroy human technology to preserve nature, but have no problem using technology themselves. Cats are such hypocrites. A decent Rampage/Godzilla simulation game.

  • Robotek



    102382 ratings

    A combination of strategy, action, RPG, and a slot machine. The gameplay certainly is unique, and the stylized graphics give the game a unique look to match its unique gameplay.

  • Sci-Fi Heroes

    Sci-Fi Heroes

    Majesco Entertainment

    1256 ratings

    A tap and swipe adventure game similar to Nun Attack featuring a sci-fi theme and a colorful cast of characters. Recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Scientific Sci-fi Scanner Scientific Sci-fi Scanner

    Scientific Sci-fi Scanner

    Dan Miller Schroeder

    1757 ratings

    Turn your phone or tablet into a Star Trek-like tricorder. Uses actual data updated from NASA satellites.

  • Space Ace

    Space Ace

    Digital Leisure Inc.

    488 ratings

    The classic interactive cartoon game. The gameplay is shallow and unforgiving. The entire game is basically one long quick-time event. From the makers of Dragon's Lair.

  • Space Cadet Defender Invaders

    Space Cadet Defender Invaders


    4290 ratings

    The classic Space Invaders game with updated graphics.

  • Space Colony Space Colony

    Space Colony

    3720 ratings

    I usually don't put wallpapers on my lists because they don't really "do" anything. However, Space Colony is the most impressive living wallpaper (LWP) that I've ever seen. It's like watching a movie.

  • Space Galaxy Live Wallpaper Space Galaxy Live Wallpaper

    Space Galaxy Live Wallpaper


    15987 ratings

    What would a space list be without some pictures from actual space? It's not always about fun and games. Sometimes we have to remember that the universe we live in is more impressive than any simple game created by humans could be.

  • Space Hunter 3D Lite

    Space Hunter 3D Lite

    Weekend Warriors Games

    649 ratings

    A 3D space combat simulator like Galaxy on Fire 2. The graphics aren't as intense, so if your device couldn't run Galaxy on Fire 2, try this one.

  • Star Chase free Live Wallpaper Star Chase free Live Wallpaper

    Star Chase free Live Wallpaper


    3277 ratings

    My new favorite live wall paper. Single tap to shoot at the starship, double-tap to enter hyperspace and cycle starship. The paid version includes even more options.

  • Star Command

    Star Command

    Star Command, LLC

    18868 ratings

    A real-time strategy and simulation game set on massive starships with old-school SNES-style graphics. Has nothing to do with Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story though. To infinity and beyond!

  • Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper

    Starfield 3D Live Wallpaper

    We Like CAPS

    33080 ratings

    A fantastic living wallpaper that I personally use. Simple presentation means few resources used. When you swipe left or right it changes the angle that the stars pass by, giving you a more immersive "starship cockpit" experience. Highly recommended.

  • Star Legends

    Star Legends

    Spacetime Games

    38571 ratings

    A well made MMO with cross platform play between mobile and PC. The characters look like Wii Miis, but the game has humor to match the kid-centric presentation. 3 classes, solid gameplay, and no server issues make this an easy recommendation.

  • Star Warfare:Alien Invasion HD

    Star Warfare:Alien Invasion HD

    Freyr Games

    62462 ratings

    An impressive 3rd person shooting game similar to Halo. All the characters look like children in Space Marine armor, and I don't know how to feel about that.




    78119 ratings

    A CCG very similar to many other games except that it features Star Wars. Promising gameplay, but terrible lag due to browser-based interface. Check it out if you are a Star Wars fan, otherwise pass.

  • The Secret Of Space Octopuses

    The Secret Of Space Octopuses

    Midgar Studio

    502 ratings

    A side-scrolling action platforming game with console-quality graphics. High-end device required. Highly recommended.

  • Tyrant Unleashed Tyrant Unleashed

    Tyrant Unleashed


    65893 ratings

    An outstanding strategy CCG drawing inspiration from a wide variety of Sci-Fi sources. Collect armies of monsters, robots, aliens, space marines, and things that are a little bit of everything. Highly recommended.

  • Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)

    Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)

    Guild Software, Inc.

    14215 ratings

    An online MMO Space Simulation that has a fully functioning player-driven economy and world. The only downside is that it requires a $1 per month subscription fee.