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These are my top apps. They may not be *TOP* apps but they are to me :)

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  • Godus


    DeNA Corp.

    508950 ratings

    YOU are about to PLAY GOD. Rule over a living, breathing world. It is as SIMPLE to play with as it is AWE-INSPIRING to behold. Feel truly powerful in the most delightful, charming and tactile world you have ever held in your hands. · Use your touch ...

  • Google Opinion Rewards Google Opinion Rewards

    Google Opinion Rewards

    Google Inc.

    474348 ratings

    This is one of my favorite apps because it allow me to earn google play credit. It may take time, but in less than a year I have gotten around $20 worth of credit! Considering I rarely spend it, this is good enough for me.

  • World of Goo

    World of Goo

    2D BOY

    34286 ratings

    In World of Goo, you have to build a tower out of goo-balls to escape out of a pipe. It can be very puzzling at times, but that's what makes it so fun!

  • AcDisplay AcDisplay


    Artem Chepurnoy

    62495 ratings

    As most people know, the moto X has a unique feature that allows notifications to be displayed when your screen is off. This app basically replicates it for other devices. While there are other copies of the moto X feature, I think this is the best....

  • Goat Simulator

    Goat Simulator

    Coffee Stain Studios

    90542 ratings

    Goat simulator is *probably* the best game of 2014. Hands down. I almost died of excitement when they released it for android! I did have some issues at first with the matrix goat bug but I managed to get it working. Its the most addicting game I've...

  • µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader

    µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader

    BitTorrent, Inc.

    2615806 ratings

    uTorrent is probably the most known torrent manager there is. I use it a lot, and it works very nicely! Haven't had any problems with it at all.

  • Guide for Animal Crossing NL Guide for Animal Crossing NL

    Guide for Animal Crossing NL

    Jake Ruston

    5871 ratings

    If you have new leaf, this is the best app to help you keep track of stuff. Would be nice to have a calculator though.

  • WiFi Mouse HD WiFi Mouse HD

    WiFi Mouse HD

    Necta Apps

    283 ratings

    I have an NFC tag underneath my mouse pad. When I wanna use my nexus as a mouse, I just sit it down on my mouse pad and poof! This app pops up! (I used Trigger for this) I really love it! There is a FREE one but I use this.

  • SoftKeyZ Root SoftKeyZ Root

    SoftKeyZ Root

    Janis N. Elfert

    2019 ratings

    SoftKeyZ has to be my FAVORITE root app. Basically, if you are on a nexus 7 (just as an example), it allows you to change the button styles and colours. (Back, home, windows) best customization app!

  • Timely Alarm Clock Timely Alarm Clock

    Timely Alarm Clock


    252230 ratings

    Timely is a feature-rich alarm clock. It comes with challenges (such as puzzles or patterns), a stopwatch, a timer, and (obviously) an alarm clock! You can also use it as a desk clock if you wish. It has a unique feature that makes it play sounds...

  • Tiny Flashlight + LED Tiny Flashlight + LED

    Tiny Flashlight + LED

    Nikolay Ananiev

    4202160 ratings

    This is my favorite flashlight app. The nexus 7 doesn't have an LED, so this uses the screen. It has multiple settings like strobe, police lights, color light and more.

  • Clean Calculator Clean Calculator

    Clean Calculator

    JM Studios

    618 ratings

    I'm not a fan of the stock calculator on jellybean. So, this one is my favorite. It's very so please and has a nice minimalistic design, and also allows themes.

  • Tablet AntiVirus Security PRO

    Tablet AntiVirus Security PRO

    AVG Mobile

    3228 ratings

    While you could also get the free version, this is my favorite antivirus app. Not that you need one, but this one speeds you your device, and allows you to track your device in case you lose it. It also has an app-lock feature, so if you want to...

  • 10,500+ Cool Facts 10,500+ Cool Facts

    10,500+ Cool Facts

    Webworks and Applications Inc.

    26400 ratings

    This app has *as stated in the title* 10,500+ facts. These are some interesting facts too! One fact is 'goats eyes' have rectangular pupil's''

  • Trigger - Task Launcher Trigger - Task Launcher

    Trigger - Task Launcher

    Coleridge Apps LLC

    21740 ratings

    Trigger is an app that makes things happen if other things happen. Sort of like ITTT. I mainly use it for NFC (The Nexus 7 does not come with an NFC app on it to program NFC tags), but you can do many more things such as disable/enable wifi when you...

  • Uninstaller Uninstaller


    Rhythm Software

    65627 ratings

    With Uninstaller, you can uninstall a bundle of apps at once. Very good for deleting stock apps. Sometimes I go on app sprees and like to use this to delete the unwanted apps all at once.

  • MyScript Calculator MyScript Calculator

    MyScript Calculator


    295630 ratings

    On MyScript, you can draw the problem and it will solve it. (Most of them!)

  • Camera Nexus 7 (official) Camera Nexus 7 (official)

    Camera Nexus 7 (official)

    Netco Apps

    18696 ratings

    This is my favorite (stock) camera launcher for the Nexus 7. No ads, and it works as good as the rest.