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A collection of the best horror games and apps available. There are a lot of "zombie" games, so to keep this list limited, I included only the best game in each genre unless there is something unique or interesting about the games in the same genre.

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  • The Walking Dead: Season One

    The Walking Dead: Season One

    Telltale Games

    971432 ratings

    As featured in TegraZone, The Walking Dead is a five-part game series (Episode 2-5 can be purchased via in-app) set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning series. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a s...

  • Decay: The Mare - Ep.1 (Trial)

    Decay: The Mare - Ep.1 (Trial)

    Shining Gate Software

    4859 ratings

    A new psychological horror adventure game from the creators of the successful Decay series. Sam has ended up in an institution named "Reaching Dreams" to get rid of his drug addiction and his miserable life. But during the first night, something...

  • Last Heroes - The Final Stand

    Last Heroes - The Final Stand

    RV AppStudios

    35697 ratings

    Last Heroes! Last Stand! Last Hope! As the only remaining last heroes left standing against brutal zombies, you are humanities last hope. Use all your specialized skills to survive the onslaught of enemy zombies and avenge other fallen heroes. Get...

  • Deadman's Cross Deadman's Cross

    Deadman's Cross

    SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

    74164 ratings

    ◆Join Forces for Real-time Multiplayer Hunts◆ Play with up to 4 players! Get fantastic rewards now for a limited time! The super rare monster Cleopatra, Deadman Coins, rare items to boost your zombie hordes, and more! The infection has spread to ove...

  • Slender Man Origins 1 Real

    Slender Man Origins 1 Real


    65340 ratings

    The Best Real Slender Man Game. Collect 8 pages / Save 8 kids. The Most Recommended Slender Man Game Ever! What people say: Chris: "Slender Man! Omg I love it :) best game ever it scared me i screamed like pewdiepie! Better than Amnesia!"...

  • Undead Pixels: Zombie Invasion

    Undead Pixels: Zombie Invasion


    7504 ratings

    Undead Pixels are coming! Prepare to defend yourself. Buy new weapons, get ammo and pulp hordes of zombies! How many waves can you survive? Features: • Optimized for Mobile and Tablet • Buy and upgrade new weapons! • Tons of zombies to kill! • Onl...

  • The Great Martian War

    The Great Martian War

    Secret Location Inc.

    28460 ratings

    The Martians have invaded! Can you survive long enough to save Earth from extinction? It's 1913, and war is hell—especially when the enemy you must face are terrifying Martian warriors. You are Gus Lafonde, fearless scout and soldier—and you must sur...

  • Hopeless: The Dark Cave Hopeless: The Dark Cave

    Hopeless: The Dark Cave

    Upopa Games

    263314 ratings

    Don't let the simple cute visuals fool you. This squad-based survival horror game is as tense as anything in more realistic games. Survive as long as you can, stay calm, and don't shoot your buddies. Highly recommended.

  • AVP: Evolution

    AVP: Evolution

    Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc

    35381 ratings

    Play as both alien races (but not Marines sadly) in this enjoyable 3D action game. Good graphics but shallow gameplay. Worth a dollar though.

  • Bad Blood TCG

    Bad Blood TCG

    CM TA2

    5046 ratings

    A modern horror CCG where you control squads of humans, werewolves, vampires, or demons. The gameplay is automatic so there is little strategy. The mechanics are interesting and the artwork is decent for a small studio.

  • Blood of the Zombies Blood of the Zombies

    Blood of the Zombies

    Tin Man Games

    391 ratings

    A combination RPG and a "choose your own adventure" book. This book/game is pretty impossible unless you cheat by using bookmarks or the easiest setting though. It's very well made, but pricey.

  • Burn Zombie Burn

    Burn Zombie Burn

    Kavcom Ltd

    182 ratings

    An overhead action arcade-style game. No story, just try to beat the high score. Killing zombies increases your score, but lighting them on fire increases your multiplier. A really fun and simple game with great graphics. High-end device required.

  • Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

    Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

    Kyy Games

    1981 ratings

    An original CCG that uses bases and a game board, and functions like a turn-based strategy game. Set in a 20th century era of secret societies. Fans of The Secret World, Call of Cthulhu, or pulp adventure will enjoy this game. The art is good too.




    203617 ratings

    With sooooo many zombie-themed FPS games available, which one do I recommend? CKZ 2. It is the clear winner. The graphics are amazing, it includes melee, and playing is easier because there isn't a separate "fire" button. You fire automatically.

  • Containment The Zombie Puzzler

    Containment The Zombie Puzzler

    Bootsnake Games

    386 ratings

    It had to happen sooner or later, a zombie puzzle game. It's actually pretty well thought out, and involves matching survivor types for attack bonuses. It's not just a generic puzzle game with a "zombie" coat of paint slapped on. Recommended.

  • Dark Legends

    Dark Legends

    Spacetime Games

    81748 ratings

    A "modern" MMO where you play as a vampire fighting other undead and human vampire hunters. The graphics are a bit dated, but it's enjoyable, especially if you're tired of playing MMOs that all have the same medieval fantasy setting.

  • Dark Meadow: The Pact

    Dark Meadow: The Pact

    Phosphor Games Studio

    18892 ratings

    You'll need a high-end Tegra device, but this combination of haunting atmosphere, beautiful visuals, and infinity blade combat mixed into survival horror shouldn't be missed.

  • Dark Roads

    Dark Roads

    Laurent Bakowski

    5674 ratings

    A simple driving obstacle course game similar to Happy Wheels with striking visuals and a dark soundtrack. A sequel of sorts to "Bad Roads". Doesn't contain the gore of Happy Wheels, but does have a werewolf on a bicycle.

  • Dead Ahead

    Dead Ahead


    12899 ratings

    A retro-looking driving game with zombies. Avoid obstacles, complete missions, and shoot the undead hoards. Recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Dead Bunker

    Dead Bunker


    225 ratings

    A first-person horror game similar to Slender where you search for laptops instead of pieces of paper. AGaming is a great horror studio, but it's too bad most of their games are only in Russian. Prequel to Cbet/the light.

  • Dead Effect

    Dead Effect

    BadFly Interactive, a.s.

    223875 ratings

    A sci-fi horror FPS similar to System Shock 2 or Dead Space. Very impressive graphics and dynamic environments make this one of the best horror games available. Highly recommended.

  • Dead on Arrival 2

    Dead on Arrival 2

    N3V Games PTY LTD

    24337 ratings

    A dual-stick zombie shooter similar to Zombiewood, but with a more realistic and scary theme. Features better graphics and gameplay than the original. Highly recommended.

  • Dead Strike Free

    Dead Strike Free

    Corey Ledin LLC

    7120 ratings

    Has a nice Silent Hill feel to it, but the zombie AI is terrible, and the whole game is very shallow and gets boring quickly. It's too bad because with a little work, a story, and a little atmosphere beyond fog and zombies, it could have been great.




    2249315 ratings

    I wasn't too impressed with the original Dead Trigger, but the sequel is very good. Everything is better, especially the levels. You actually have room to move around this time. One of the best FPS games available on Android. Highly recommended.

  • Earn to Die

    Earn to Die

    Not Doppler

    71086 ratings

    What do you get when you cross Happy Wheels, Carmageddon, and the Zombie Apocalypse? Earn to Die. The graphics are more gritty than similar games, and the vehicle variety makes this far superior to "Oops! Zombies", which was previously featured.

  • Elder Sign: Omens

    Elder Sign: Omens

    Fantasy Flight Games

    9208 ratings

    Based on the board game adapted from Arkham Horror of the same name. Lead investigators through danger and stop the Great Old Ones. This game is very hard and requires a lot of luck, but the art is amazing. Now includes a new Dark Pharaoh expansion.

  • Escape from Doom

    Escape from Doom

    Trigger Happy LLC

    4056 ratings

    A first person endless runner game similar to Into the Dead with a Mummy theme and set in the 1940s or so (based on the style of weapons). The production quality isn't as good as Into the Dead but the setting is unique and the there are different...

  • Escape from the Dead

    Escape from the Dead

    Digi-Chain Games

    76 ratings

    A short but well made adventure game featuring hand-drawn artwork and a moody soundtrack. Some of the puzzles were quite clever. It only includes part 1 (the farm house) but for a dollar it's very impressive.

  • Fran Bow Alpha Demo

    Fran Bow Alpha Demo

    Killmonday Games

    22442 ratings

    A fantastic psychological horror adventure game featuring hand-drawn animation. It's too bad that it's only in Alpha at this point, but this is shaping up to be an amazing game. Download it for free and support the developers with your feedback.

  • Draky LITE! Draky LITE!

    Draky LITE!

    Joyco Games

    2316 ratings

    An adventure game with zelda-like overhead visuals and gameplay that reminds me of Amnesia. Surprisingly scary for a game with such cute visuals. Lead two kids through a randomized castle and evade countless monsters to escape.

  • Ellie - Help me out, please...

    Ellie - Help me out, please...

    Ateam Inc.

    20483 ratings

    A point-and-click "escape" adventure puzzle game where you must guide a young girl trapped in a room to escape. Lots of puzzles and drama. An easy recommendation for fans of the genre.

  • Eyes - The Haunt

    Eyes - The Haunt

    Paulina Pabis

    319344 ratings

    A Slender-like game where you rob a haunted house instead of finding pages in the woods. You can use the eye symbols to see through the eyes of the roaming ghost. The ghost isn't scary but maybe ballerinas are scary to some people.

  • Figaro Pho Creatures Critters

    Figaro Pho Creatures Critters

    Chocolate Liberation Front

    1259 ratings

    If you enjoy Tim Burton's brand of mild horror (Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie) but also enjoy platforming puzzle games, you'll enjoy this endearing game about a boy who's deathly afraid of bugs.

  • Freeze! Freeze!


    Frozen Gun Games

    239163 ratings

    A simple physics puzzle game where you must freeze and rotate the level to guide your eyeball protagonist to the end. The developers really went the extra mile with the dark atmosphere and tone.




    86270 ratings

    A car combat game similar to Carmageddon or Twisted Metal. Instead of fighting or racing other cars, you travel around running over or otherwise destroying zombies that are roaming the streets. Enjoyable, but needs car vs car racing and combat too.



    Bluehole PNIX

    36232 ratings

    A console-quality stationary FPS defense game with Halloween monsters rather than only zombies. The gameplay is simple and enjoyable, and the graphics are very impressive. If you enjoy arcade or joystick shooters, you'll enjoy this game.

  • Haunted House HD Haunted House HD

    Haunted House HD

    DualBoot Games

    3367 ratings

    A living wall paper (LWP) that allows you to explore a creepy mansion and graveyard that reminds me of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

  • Into the Dead

    Into the Dead


    1218656 ratings

    Unlike a lot of zombie-themed FPS games, this endless runner game actually captures the horror of the zombie apocalypse well. The atmosphere is perfect and the gameplay is simple and enjoyable.

  • Killer Escape

    Killer Escape

    Psionic Games

    4637 ratings

    A point-and-click adventure game where you must escape an abandoned jail where you're being held by a serial killer named "The Burner". The game isn't very long (< 30 minutes to beat), but it's well made.

  • Killer Escape 2

    Killer Escape 2

    Psionic Games

    3685 ratings

    Did you think that it was over? Bwahahahaha! If you enjoyed Killer Escape, you'll love the sequel which improves on the original in every way. Can you escape twice, or will your luck run out?

  • LAD


    Black Chair Games

    110 ratings

    A puzzle platforming game similar to Braid, but with a visual theme similar to Limbo. The atmosphere and music are great. Everything works and looks fine.

  • Le Vamp

    Le Vamp

    High Voltage Software, Inc.

    653 ratings

    An original endless running and physics game. Fling pigs at the vampire to help his power up and run faster. Get hit and you slow down. Clear a path and escape the angry mob or it's game over. Charming and stylized visuals. Excellent.

  • Mental Hospital II

    Mental Hospital II


    532 ratings

    AGaming is a fantastic horror studio, and that trend continues with Mental Hospital II. It's actually very similar to Outlast, and fans of survival horror will eat it up with a bloody spoon.

  • Miseria Miseria


    RatJar Games

    18904 ratings

    An atmospheric tilt puzzle game similar to Freeze! Highly recommended.

  • Murder Room

    Murder Room

    Ateam Inc.

    19805 ratings

    From the makers of "Ellie" comes another (darker) escape game. You have been captured by a serial killer and must escape before it's your turn to die. Fans of "slasher" horror movies and adventure games will enjoy.

  • Nightmare: Malaria

    Nightmare: Malaria

    Psyop Google Play Developer

    43254 ratings

    The human body is amazing. Although our bodies are made up of millions of living cells, only the human being as a whole feels fear. What if you could experience some of what the body experiences while fighting a deadly disease like malaria? Download...

  • Nightmare Runner

    Nightmare Runner

    Cookiebit S.L.

    3482 ratings

    A combination endless running and shooting game. Shoot Lovecratian aliens as you try to escape them, luckily you have a gun with infinite ammo, those are handy in most situations. Stylized but simple graphics and gameplay. Recommended.

  • Nun Attack

    Nun Attack

    Frima Studio Inc.

    50067 ratings

    Lead a team of butt-kicking Nuns against their fallen sister and her army of undead and monsters. Excellent visuals and gameplay.

  • Nun Attack: Run & Gun

    Nun Attack: Run & Gun

    Frima Studio Inc.

    136988 ratings

    All the sisters in the house say Heeeeey! The Nuns are back in this side-scrolling endless running and shooting game. Features the same high quality seen in the original award-winning Nun Attack.

  • Occupation


    130270 ratings

    This zombie FPS is unique because as the zombies attack your town you cooperate with your neighbors. The graphics and gameplay are hopelessly outdated, but I appreciated that the game goes beyond fighting zombies and gives you a sense of place.

  • Organ Trail: Director's Cut

    Organ Trail: Director's Cut

    The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC

    5869 ratings

    Remember Oregon Trail? It was the bee's knees back in the 80s. This is a "modern" update that places you in the zombie apocalypse instead of the old west. All the retro action you remember, now with 100% more zombies!

  • Plants vs. Zombies™

    Plants vs. Zombies™


    46965 ratings

    The modern classic mixes the zombie apocalypse with tower defense and adorable plants. The lighter side of horror.

  • Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

    Plants vs. Zombies™ 2


    476038 ratings

    The sequel to the modern classic defense game. Battle zombies across time with everything you love about the original classic, and new plants and enemies to discover along the way. Highly recommended.

  • Real Horror Stories : GameORE

    Real Horror Stories : GameORE


    6981 ratings

    A jump scare game where you tap and swipe around the screen to interact with the environment. Its often difficult to know if your tapping if having an effect though. Based loosely off of real stories. Enjoyable for fans of similar flash games.

  • Red Weed

    Red Weed


    18 ratings

    A game of alien invasion based on the board game Othello. Set to the theme and music of the War of the Worlds. Outmaneuver the alien red weed before it envelops the Earth.

  • ReKillers : Zombie Defense

    ReKillers : Zombie Defense

    Fossil Software

    11614 ratings

    An tower defense-style game where instead of placing towers along a path, you place armed survivors within a mansion to defend it from the invading undead. Highly recommended for fans of the genre.

  • Shoot The Zombirds

    Shoot The Zombirds

    Infinite Dreams

    100846 ratings

    An arrow-based shooting gallery game with a Halloween theme. A great casual game with simple controls and quality visuals.

  • Stupid Zombies 2

    Stupid Zombies 2


    208054 ratings

    A puzzle game where our stationary hero must take out zombies by using the environment to his advantage. Sort of like those bubble shooting puzzle games, but with zombies. Enjoyable for puzzle game fans.

  • The Cave

    The Cave

    Double Fine Productions

    6162 ratings

    An adventure game from the legendary minds that created the Monkey Island series. Join a customizable team as they delve into a living cave that uncovers the truth behind each unique character. A masterpiece.

  • The Lost Souls The Lost Souls

    The Lost Souls

    Nuclear Scorpions

    4221 ratings

    A 3D jump-scare adventure game. Pretty good except I don't like how your view has to be centered on an object to interact with it. You should be able to tap it even if not centered. Scary fun times.

  • The Silent Age

    The Silent Age

    House on Fire

    88776 ratings

    A psychological science fiction game where a janitor working in a government building discovers how to travel through time. Now he must use his time traveling abilities to stop the extinction of mankind. Superb adventure game with an eerie atmosphere

  • The Walking Dead Dead Yourself The Walking Dead Dead Yourself

    The Walking Dead Dead Yourself


    80685 ratings

    A photo-editing app that lets you add undead effects to pictures to make the subject appear to be a zombie. Worth checking out.

  • Twin Blades

    Twin Blades


    221 ratings

    A side-scrolling action brawler/shooter featuring gorgeous manga-style console-quality graphics, and an undead-battling Nun protagonist wielding a mighty scythe. What's with all the Nun games all of the sudden?

  • Vampire Rush

    Vampire Rush

    Candy Mobile

    17760 ratings

    A cross between Jetpack Joyride and Ninjump featuring a vampire that looks suspiciously like Alucard from Castlevania. Solid gameplay mechanics and decent visuals make this an easy recommend.

  • Wake Up, Arnie!

    Wake Up, Arnie!

    Massive Hamster Studios

    8 ratings

    A platforming game with simple and charming visuals about a boy who watches a scary movie before bed and must escape the nightmare he creates.

  • Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning

    Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning


    4933 ratings

    A part comic, part "choose your own adventure" game that's meant to be a prequel to the AMC show, and draw in fans of the original comics. A bit short, but it's meant to be more a promotion for the show than a fully realized game.

  • World War Z

    World War Z

    Paramount Digital Entertainment

    3172 ratings

    From the studio that made Dark Meadow comes WWZ. Navigation is similar to Dark Meadow, with combat based on an on-rails shooter with auto-fire rather than Infinity Blade. Melee consists of dodging. Some glitches in combat. High-end device required.

  • Zalive - Zombie survival

    Zalive - Zombie survival


    11928 ratings

    A zombie survival game inspired by DayZ. Unlike most attempts to copy DayZ, this one is actually good. Uses episode missions to keep area small. Controls take some getting used to, and you want to avoid combat when possible.

  • Zombie Diary

    Zombie Diary

    Mountain Lion

    318407 ratings

    A 2D defense-style survival game. The graphics are colorful and detailed, and the gameplay is smooth. My only complaint is that it is largely "pay-to-win", but worth playing for a bit until you can no longer advance.

  • Zombie Gunship

    Zombie Gunship


    19049 ratings

    Why run around during the zombie apocalypse and risk getting eaten when you can sit in the safety of a gunship and blow zombies up by the dozens? This game allows you to play as the gunner in an arcade-like turret-shooter with stylized but realistic...

  • Zombie HQ

    Zombie HQ


    48441 ratings

    A console-quality dual-stick shooting game. Similar to Zombiewood, with a darker atmosphere. You can customize your character and refuge so there's more too do then just buy weapons. Rebellion is a mainstream game company that worked on Battlefront.

  • Zombie Rpg Minesweeper Zombie Rpg Minesweeper

    Zombie Rpg Minesweeper

    130 ratings

    What can I say about Zombie RPG Minesweeper? It's Minesweeper ... with zombies. Is it the best combination since chocolate and peanut butter? I'll let you decide.

  • Zombie Tsunami

    Zombie Tsunami

    Mobigame S.A.R.L.

    3826925 ratings

    A very stylized endless running game with environmental interaction and arcade-style bonuses. The look of the game looks like something out of "MAD Magazine".

  • Zombies After Me! Zombies After Me!

    Zombies After Me!

    CatfishBlues Games

    10038 ratings

    An endless running game based on Subway Surfers rather than Temple Run. Depending on which kind of sub-genre you enjoy, you can get this game of Zombies Don't Run below. This game is more light-hearted than scary.




    431617 ratings

    A horror themes MMORPG with a comical graphic style that reminds me of Angry Heroes. It's not trying to actually be scary, but it's a well made game nevertheless.

  • Zombies Don't Run

    Zombies Don't Run

    Quantized Bit

    12505 ratings

    A Temple Run-style endless runner game set in a zombie-infested post-apocalypic city. The bright daytime setting of the game takes away from the horror aspect, but I suppose it would be too hard to play if you couldn't see that far in front of you.

  • Zombie World War

    Zombie World War

    FT Games

    538228 ratings

    A turret-defense game with a realistic zombie theme. Quality graphics and visuals for a genre with traditionally minimalistic graphics. The simple gameplay allows this to be an easy game to recommend to casual gamers.

  • Zombonic Lite

    Zombonic Lite

    Mesmer Mobile

    1599 ratings

    The problem with most zombie FPS games is that they aren't scary. Zombonic is scary. A 360° tilt controlled stationary FPS similar to Beachhead. Tilt to rotate your view and tap on zombies to shoot them. Easy controls, but a hard game.