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A collection of cool apps that extend the functionality of the Pebble SmartWatch. Some apps with Pebble integration, some Pebble-only apps. Guaranteed to make us all look pretentious when used. Feel free to tweet or hangout (is that a verb?) suggestions and feedback, I welcome all of it.

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  • Glance for Pebble Glance for Pebble

    Glance for Pebble


    2678 ratings

    Displays the weather, sends preconfigured text messages, displays some other data, and displays all kinds of other data. It displays things, ok? Ok.

  • Pebble Phone Ringer Switcher Pebble Phone Ringer Switcher

    Pebble Phone Ringer Switcher

    Faruq Rasid

    586 ratings

    A ludicrous name for a Pebble version of that little switch they have on the side of iPhones that conveniently silences them. Savior during meetings and other things where people put an emphasis on junk like manners and formality.

  • Calendar for Pebble Calendar for Pebble

    Calendar for Pebble

    William Heaton

    538 ratings

    A great interactive calendar app for the Pebble. It allows for day-by-day navigation with a list of any day's events. Simple, but useful. I'd say more but honestly, calendars are super-boring. Come on.

  • Pushover Pushover


    Superblock, LLC

    2497 ratings

    An all-around awesome push notification app with strong IFTTT support, an open API, and Pebble support. A bit more expensive than it used to be (I think I got it for a dollar) but I love it.