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Top puzzles for preschoolers

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  • Transport Jigsaw Puzzles Free

    Transport Jigsaw Puzzles Free

    GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games

    340 ratings

    You get 1 scene in the free version but you get 7 puzzles that can be anywhere from 2 to 16 peices. When your child finishes the puzzle a voice over tells them what they just put together. I think the full version of this app would be well worth it.

  • Kids Puzzles Game HD Lite

    Kids Puzzles Game HD Lite

    Sherston Software Limited

    433 ratings

    With the Lite version you only get the farm scene, but you about 11 puzzles in that scene. You can also change the difficulty in the settings between easy and hard. When you finish the puzzle it will pop up the word in colorful letters and say it.

  • Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

    Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

    77SPARX Studio, Inc.

    12327 ratings

    I really like Puzzingo's puzzles because there is more interaction than just puzzles. When your child drops the puzzle piece there is a voice over tells them what the piece was. There are also fun little games to play with each puzzle as well.

  • Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles 😄

    Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles 😄

    App Family

    31056 ratings

    Kids Super Puzzle is a more typical puzzle game. You get 6 puzzles and 2 modes, 6 pieces or 9. Your child has a faded picture to help them place the pieces. This would be a great game when your child is ready to advance from peg puzzle games.

  • Awesome Shape Puzzles for Kids

    Awesome Shape Puzzles for Kids

    GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games

    835 ratings

    Awesome Shape Puzzles has three different difficulty settings: single, multiple easy, and multiple hard. You get 2 boards to chose from Toys or Instruments. When you are on multiple mode each item in the pictures become there own puzzles.

  • Animal Puzzle Free Drag'n'Drop

    Animal Puzzle Free Drag'n'Drop

    Kumu Labs

    376 ratings

    You get 10 puzzles with Animal Puzzle Drag'n'Drop. When you solve the puzzle bananas drop from the top of the screen. It's very cute and has good graphics.

  • Cute Puzzles - For Kids Cute Puzzles - For Kids

    Cute Puzzles - For Kids

    Geesun Xu

    111 ratings

    Kids Love Puzzles is very simple but great for children learning to use a touch screen and learning coordination. There are 10 very cute puzzles to chose from. When your child is done with the first puzzle they can press an arrow and go to the next.