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A collection of quality games that adopt a clean minimalist design. Sometimes less is more. [updated whenever something catches my fancy]

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  • The Tower The Tower

    The Tower


    197871 ratings

    Anyone remember Tower Bloxx? I loved those games back in the day, but I haven't found a satisfactory replacement for the modern smartphone era. The Tower scratches that itch somewhat with similar but simplified mechanics. The one-tap gameplay is...

  • TIME LOCKER - Shooter

    TIME LOCKER - Shooter

    sotaro otsuka

    2645 ratings

    TIME LOCKER does not shy away from its obvious inspiration. It distills the time-stopping concept of SUPERHOT into an endless runner/shooter arcade game. It's hectic and insanely addictive. There's a staggering variety of weapons and bonus, the...

  • 1 Dimension

    1 Dimension

    HalfCloud Interactive

    75 ratings

    Welcome to the first single dimensional game for Android! Test your reflexes by creating coloured dots to defend yourself, and with three different difficulty levels, and alternate CVD colour schemes, this game is great for anyone.

  • Kerflux


    Punk Labs

    6299 ratings

    Kerflux is a novel puzzle game in which you fiddle with waves until they line up to match the given pattern.

  • Bad Banker

    Bad Banker


    2436 ratings

    Bad Banker attempts to abstract the economy into a match-two puzzler, and I must say, it lends itself to some interesting mechanics.

  • Polyforge


    ImpactBlue Studios Pty Ltd

    29455 ratings

    Forge amazing crystals in a symphony of shapes, sound and color ◉ Forge new shapes by striking all the sides ◉ Don't strike the same side twice ◉ Simple & Beautiful visuals ◉ Atmospheric & Serene sound design ◉ Compete for the highest level in the wo...

  • Linia


    Black Robot Games

    32 ratings

    The game description says "relaxing", but I'm not sure if that's accurate. I was cursing and swearing more often than not as I tried to match the given sequence of colours amidst the ever-shifting landscape of shapes. But even admist the hectic...

  • Nonocube: New 3D Puzzle

    Nonocube: New 3D Puzzle


    23 ratings

    Intriguing spatial puzzle. There's apparently an infinite number of levels, but I think the game suffers for it. The difficulty hits a ceiling eventually and the core gameplay becomes stale. I would have preferred a shorter game with curated, unique...

  • klocki


    Rainbow Train

    379 ratings

    Starts off like a typical Pipe Dream game but slowly introduces new mechanics and mind-bending geometry. No timers, no stars, just pure puzzling. It's a little short — it feels like the game ends just as the levels become interesting. For a dollar t...

  • Quick Whack

    Quick Whack


    221 ratings

    Whack-a-mole with fancy moles, what more can I say?

  • 1 Meter 1 Meter

    1 Meter

    Philipp Stollenmayer

    2340 ratings

    I don't even know why I like this so much. It's essentially a permanent snake game, but there's something delightfully charming about using pasta noodles to represent the snake.

  • Sidechain Sidechain


    Nexx Studio

    973 ratings

    Ah, the Stroop effect. I thought Sidechain was going to be a cinch with just two colours instead of seven, until my rude awakening with my first attempt. It's frustrating, it's panic-inducing, and you should play it.

  • Blendoku 2

    Blendoku 2

    Lonely Few

    58085 ratings

    Long overdue entry to my channel. It's fantastic: the same solid gameplay from its predecessor with fun additions like palette mixing. I learned more about colours and hues and shades from this than I ever did in art class.

  • Big Hunter

    Big Hunter


    133761 ratings

    Move aside, archery games! In Big Hunter, you hunt a mammoth before it hunts you. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

  • T.H.I.S.


    Mad Perception

    312 ratings

    If you enjoyed ULTRAFLOW, you're going to like T.H.I.S. physics puzzle with its slick presentation and unlockable... Is that a doge ball? SOLD.

  • Light House

    Light House

    Banana Development

    23889 ratings

    It's a fairly typical take on the physics puzzle, but it's well executed with some clever ideas. I do wish there wasn't so much reliance on timing in some of the levels.

  • Alto's Adventure

    Alto's Adventure

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    350825 ratings

    Super gorgeous side-scrolling snowboarder. Time your jumps and tricks well and be careful not to get distracted by those beautiful landscapes as you zip down these snow covered slopes.

  • City Lines - Fun Puzzle Game City Lines - Fun Puzzle Game

    City Lines - Fun Puzzle Game

    Genix Lab

    398 ratings

    Enjoy the visuals and soothing music in this path painting puzzle. It adds a twist to the classic gameplay with a bridge mechanic that allows two paths to overlap, which I wish was used in more levels.

  • Burger – The Game Burger – The Game

    Burger – The Game

    Philipp Stollenmayer

    13511 ratings

    We're moving on from pancakes to the savory. There's a bit more to do now with unlockable patties. The impossible physics contrasted with the immaculate presentation made this game way more entertaining than it should be.

  • Flats


    Foliage Games LLC

    5080 ratings

    A mobile FPS with solid controls and a stark, minimal art style in eye-searingly bright colours

  • Vegetables Sharks Vegetables Sharks

    Vegetables Sharks

    Sekip Games

    81 ratings

    With cheerful graphics, crunchy sound effects and the most hilariously bizarre premise ever, this arcade game is a bright spot in an uneventful day.

  • har•mo•ny har•mo•ny



    5674 ratings

    I fell asleep playing this. It's not a knock against the game; the soothing soundtrack and slow gameplay is meant to be relaxing. But I found it just a little too slow. Try it out, it's free. The game design is beautiful. Who knows, you may enjoy it...

  • har•mo•ny 2 har•mo•ny 2

    har•mo•ny 2


    251 ratings

    A beautiful puzzle game great to wind down your day with, although I prefer the more varied palettes of the first one. I do appreciate the difficulty ramping up earlier though.

  • Unium Unium


    Kittehface Software

    1171 ratings

    Turn those black tiles into white. And you get grey tiles later that act as a neutral zone. Well that doesn't seem so bad. "Draw a line. A single line. How complex can that be?" Don't tempt fa— bah, too late! Now you're stuck on that one level in t...

  • Alphabear Alphabear


    Spry Fox LLC

    122431 ratings

    Word games and bears? I'm sold. There's also a surprising amount of detail in this as the different bears go beyond drowning you in cuteness; they bring different perks and bonuses to the table.




    1299 ratings

    Eep, another frantic arcade game. I won't judge you if the idea of undoing tangled wires under time constraints is your cup of tea.

  • Socioball


    Yellow Monkey Studios Pvt. Ltd.

    24159 ratings

    Not a new concept, but the game feels polished and has some really slick mechanics.

  • Up! Up!



    12 ratings

    Tetris in reverse You have one minute to play Harder than it looks

  • Powder - Alpine Simulator Powder - Alpine Simulator

    Powder - Alpine Simulator

    Buck Lumber Games

    4935 ratings

    Alpine simulator, or in less fancy terms an endless runner... um, skier... set against a stark, snowy path. Was this supposed to be soothing?

  • Blox Blox


    Mark Dunn

    15 ratings

    Blox is a unique Puzzle game, with two modes of play. Gravity Mode Put your mental wits to the test as you control gravity in order to eliminate all the blocks on the grid. Simply shift the blocks into clusters of 3 or more through rotating your...

  • Rop Rop



    25690 ratings

    New, polished, mind-bending, minimal puzzle game with dozens of levels and extra-ordinary design.. Features: - Beautifully crafted minimal puzzle game - 77 mind bending levels Get ready for the new puzzle experience.. Optimized for human brains...

  • Smove Smove


    Simple Machine

    21694 ratings

    Smove is an arcade game that tests your reflexes. Avoid incoming projectiles as you pick up blue diamonds from a 3x3 grid. I never made it past level 3. But from what I've seen, the later levels add fun new mechanics and get even more unforgiving....

  • Pancake – The Game Pancake – The Game

    Pancake – The Game

    Philipp Stollenmayer

    18732 ratings

    Pancakes! This is probably the closest you can ever get to a cooking sim on this channel.

  • Okay? Okay?


    Philipp Stollenmayer

    129039 ratings

    It's really a physics game with minimalist visuals. A slow-paced Ultraflow, if you will.

  • REBUS - Absurd Logic Game REBUS - Absurd Logic Game

    REBUS - Absurd Logic Game

    Jutiful Ltd

    16484 ratings

    As the title says, it's a Rebus game. To be honest, for games like 4 Pics 1 Word, Iconic... I always thought their answers were a bit of a stretch, but they just call it "thinking out of the box".

  • One More Dash One More Dash

    One More Dash

    SMG Studio

    22890 ratings

    A faster-paced sibling to One More Line. This time instead of sweeping circles you're now dashing from one pivot to another. There are challenges and themes to unlock. I wonder what SMG has up their sleeves for future One More installments!

  • Blockwick 2 Blockwick 2

    Blockwick 2

    Kieffer Bros.

    181 ratings

    One of the more interesting sliding block puzzles available. Your aim is to arrange blocks so that those of the same colours are connected. Each level also adds a bonus challenge where you must cover 3 marked tiles on the grid. I love the art style...

  • Glow Path Glow Path

    Glow Path

    KeyGames Network B.V.

    41 ratings

    The classic pipe connecting game, this time using sliding tiles. Usually I can't stand sliding puzzles, but once I was done with my initial fist shaking, it turned out to be a pretty fun take on the two classics.

  • Zengrams- Tangram Puzzle Board

    Zengrams- Tangram Puzzle Board


    99 ratings

    A spin on the classic Tangram.

  • Twin Rabbit Battle Twin Rabbit Battle

    Twin Rabbit Battle


    163 ratings

    Beat your evil rabbit twin in this crazy battle card game! - save all the animals! - use the secret power of the mystical cards! - play online and become the master of the animal card! - looooooots of cards to collect! - completely FREE without...

  • Solitaire Solitaire


    BlackLight Studio Works

    13947 ratings

    A no-frill Solitaire app. It doesn't even tell you if the game is over! I like the look of the orange and gray cards. Where can I buy a deck of those in real life? Edit 27/12/16: This game has improved so much since the last I've tried it. They've...

  • Monument Valley Monument Valley

    Monument Valley

    ustwo games

    139973 ratings

    Absolutely gorgeous and ethereal. I haven't seen an Android game come close to this experience. It is short (I completed it in two hours), so the $4 price tag may be too much for some, but definitely grab it when it's on sale.

  • Mr. Gomoku

    Mr. Gomoku


    3 ratings

    Gomoku in a minimalist interface. Play against the computer or against a friend (or enemy).

  • ∞ Infinity Loop ∞ Infinity Loop

    ∞ Infinity Loop

    ∞ Infinity Games

    259637 ratings

    A slow-paced puzzle best played in short bursts (gets too routine otherwise). It's a simple concept that's been done before, but Infinite Loop is one of the more polished implementations out there.

  • Dotello Dotello



    1275 ratings

    If you like your match-3 puzzles with goals and levels...

  • Chrooma Chrooma



    5019 ratings

    Combine dots of the same colour to remove them from the board, and never ever ever leave one behind. Chrooma stands out with a stunning Material Design-infused interface.

  • 0h n0 0h n0

    0h n0


    2368 ratings

    0h ¥€$! Another bite-sized logic puzzle from the developer of Oh h1. Reminds me of Skyscraper but plays a little differently.

  • Funky Lights Funky Lights

    Funky Lights

    x1101 Studio

    93 ratings

    I haven't taken physics in years, but I'm pretty sure light doesn't work like that...? I suppose light-based physics puzzle Funky Lights lives up to its name.

  • 1010! Puzzle 1010! Puzzle

    1010! Puzzle

    Gram Games

    381116 ratings

    This is what Tetris would play like, if Tetris was stationary.

  • Alcazar Puzzle Alcazar Puzzle

    Alcazar Puzzle

    The Incredible Company

    1102 ratings

    Oookay, so this stretches the definitions of "flat", but Alcazar is a really great logic puzzle, and it'd be rude not to share.

  • Hook


    Rainbow Train

    21527 ratings

    If you enjoy untangling knots and picking up sticks in, well, pick up sticks, Hook offers up a similar experience. In this puzzler, you extract hooks from a complex set up of wires and switches. The methodical nature of the levels just lends itself...

  • Wormsy! - A Puzzle Game

    Wormsy! - A Puzzle Game

    Sergei Ozerov

    2054 ratings

    If Wormsy! looks familiar, that's because it's, uh, "inspired" by Choo Choo Puzzles, a browser game released in 2011. Your aim here is to drag the red worm to the exit by manipulating other coloured worms through a series of tunnels. Gets tricky...

  • Unscramble Anagram - Twist It!

    Unscramble Anagram - Twist It!

    Space Wolf

    2100 ratings

    I was an avid fan of Word Challenge back in Playfish's heyday. Sadly, it shut down and I've been looking for a replacement ever since. Unscramble is less hectic, more puzzle-ly, and slightly more difficult since you need to form the full word to...




    4786 ratings

    Charming title, no? At first I was all "It's just a vertical endless arcade runner with funky music", then cue flashing lights and colours and weird patterns everywhere. Epilepsy warning, obviously.

  • Sudokyuu : Minimalist Sudoku Sudokyuu : Minimalist Sudoku

    Sudokyuu : Minimalist Sudoku

    Mnara Solutions Inc.

    178 ratings

    The "revolutionary input method" touted in this Sudoku app is basically the pie menu from the old stock browser (which I really really loved. Google, bring it back!). There's no real drawback over the traditional cell input method, but there's no...

  • City 2048 City 2048

    City 2048


    73444 ratings

    I'm sure most people are heartily sick of 2048 and its army of clones by now, but I love the city building concept of this particular variant. Lovely graphics, though it is hard to distinguish the value of early tiles.




    81478 ratings

    A fast-paced physics puzzler with interesting mechanics that make for some impressively elaborate levels. It takes a while to understand what's going on since the game leaps straight in. As with most physics games, some parts require a frustrating...

  • Noda - Dots and Number Puzzle Noda - Dots and Number Puzzle

    Noda - Dots and Number Puzzle

    Zealtopia Interactive

    39 ratings

    My eyes kind of glazed over when I saw "number puzzle" in the game's description, but the gorgeous minimal style prompted me to try it out anyway. I'm glad I did. It's a smart, well-implemented little puzzler. Let's be real though, I'll probably...

  • Rotate Around - Free

    Rotate Around - Free

    Affinity Games

    16 ratings

    If you liked Planet Crazy but wished it had more depth to it, Rotate Around is a must-try with its sleek presentation and various types of power ups and enemies.

  • Polaritron Polaritron



    102 ratings

    Remember Colligo featured a while back on this channel? Polaritron has a similar concept, except those dots are coming from both sides (hence the title!), to a swanky soundtrack no less.

  • 99 Problems 99 Problems

    99 Problems


    38609 ratings

    A level-based vertical scrolling Flappy Bird thing. It gets pretty tricky. Obligatory "I've got 99 problems" joke here.



    OinkGames Inc.

    17868 ratings

    MUJO is a tile-matching RPG with a heavier emphasis on puzzle elements. On your side you have gods with a variety of passives and skills, adding another layer of strategy.

  • One More Line One More Line

    One More Line

    SMG Studio

    148413 ratings

    Hard to pick up and even harder to master, One More Line is a colourful, fast-paced affair that I just can't seem to stop playing. As you swoop and loop your way through, you'll leave a streaked trail in your wake, creating some truly spectacular...

  • Circle Circle



    261061 ratings

    Circle is just one of the many one-button games made by Ketchapp, but this one is particularly amusing thanks to the challenges and multiple skins to unlock.

  • 0h h1 0h h1

    0h h1


    3815 ratings

    This is a straightforward take on the logic puzzle Takuzu. It's simple to pick up and play; pleasant graphics, a comprehensive tutorial, and a hint button that helps when the grids become a little overwhelming.

  • Two Dots Two Dots

    Two Dots

    Playdots, Inc.

    440667 ratings

    A pseudo-sequel to the original Dots. The concept has been tweaked into a series of level-based puzzles and is accompanied by stunning illustrations.

  • Three Wave Three Wave

    Three Wave


    12 ratings

    You're given a group of values from 0-3 and tapping on a tile increments it by 2 and surrounding tiles by 1. The values loop from 3 back to 0. Your goal, of course, is to taptaptap all tiles to 3. The game also doubles as an excellent tap counter...

  • 40 Sum - Addition Sudoku 40 Sum - Addition Sudoku

    40 Sum - Addition Sudoku


    76 ratings

    A variant of Sudoku, this time involving addition of entries such that the rows and columns each add up to 40. Input isn't awful for a mobile puzzle game, except somewhat confusing as to how options are eliminated. So far I've made it to 16 levels...

  • trail trail


    Frisky Gorilla

    307 ratings

    Basically you're supposed to draw a route via the given edges such that all dots are connected and each edge is traversed only once. But oh dear... I'm studying graph theory right now and this is a terrible reminder of how much I suck at discrete...

  • Dot Defense

    Dot Defense


    61 ratings

    Here's something you don't see everyday: minimalist tower defense. It's cute, if lacking in depth.

  • hypsterco hypsterco


    C.I.T.Y. Games

    16 ratings

    hypsterco (the 'y' makes it cool) is a arcade game. It's fast and frantic, much in the same vein as Super Hexagon. Something something social commentary on fitting square pegs in ever-changing goalposts.

  • Symone Says Symone Says

    Symone Says

    Artbit Studios

    53 ratings

    Simon Says, jazzed up.

  • Tip Tap Tune Tip Tap Tune

    Tip Tap Tune

    Wim Coosemans

    146 ratings

    Technically more music creator than game, but hey, I get to do whatever I want on my own channel. It's worth playing around with for a few minutes.

  • TAPES -Simple&Beautiful puzzle TAPES -Simple&Beautiful puzzle

    TAPES -Simple&Beautiful puzzle

    qudan game

    281 ratings

    TAPES is obviously inspired by the iOS-only puzzle game, Colorbind. The fun is in figuring out the rules. Key differences are that now you have an exact length of ribbon to pull out, and all given grids have to be filled up. While normally I avoid...

  • Polygon Evolution

    Polygon Evolution


    90 ratings

    Instead of the usual boring four walls in Breakout-style games, here you have a more dynamic setting. The walls and ball change colour, basically. It sounds cooler and more challenging than I make it out to be.

  • Flat Out Flat Out

    Flat Out

    Smashed Crab Studio

    82 ratings

    Make loops. Lots and lots of loops. Make many loops until the timer runs out. The controls are a bit finicky, though I suspect it's my own fault.

  • Three Points Three Points

    Three Points

    David Zobrist

    9871 ratings

    Alternative title: Triangle You Can Only Turn Anti-Clockwise To Collect Falling Balls Of The Same Colour

  • Shapist Shapist


    qixen-p design llp

    2262 ratings

    Shapist brings a twist to the sliding block puzzle with fancy mechanics. The bright, clean visuals and animations are a treat to look at while you puzzle your way through.

  • Wordiest Wordiest



    6189 ratings

    If you like forming words out of random letters, why not try Wordiest? It lacks the social aspect of say, Scrabble and Boggle, but is perfect for a quiet moment with your own thoughts since the game isn't timed. At the end of each round it offers...

  • 1080 Challenge 1080 Challenge

    1080 Challenge

    Deadly Serious Media

    347 ratings

    Alright, so calling 1080 Challenge a game would be using a really loose definition of the term. Still, the self-deprecating commentary on mobile gaming is worth a look and will provide a few laughs. Best played with headphones or audio on!

  • Duet Duet



    416204 ratings

    I'd put Duet at the top of my list of Games I Rage Quit All The Time, right next to Super Hexagon. It's seriously challenging, even after you get used (?) to the controls. I find myself going back to the game again and again anyway. It's atmospheric...

  • Chocolate Pinball Chocolate Pinball

    Chocolate Pinball

    Aljaz Vidmar | ADesign Studio

    1530 ratings

    To be honest, my only memory of pinball is the game that came with Windows XP, so I have zero clue about the genre. I tried this out because it looked as good as its namesake. It does seem tamer compared to the noisy, flashy offerings out there, but...

  • Game about Squares Premium Game about Squares Premium

    Game about Squares Premium

    Andrey Y Shevchuk

    112 ratings

    Game about Squares is a minimal puzzler with elements of Sokoban. It originally lived in the browser, but now an *official* port is available for Android. There's some cute commentary interspersed between levels which may be tiresome for those who'd...

  • Picross Mania - picture sudoku Picross Mania - picture sudoku

    Picross Mania - picture sudoku

    Digiverse Apps

    2405 ratings

    I'm quite picky about Picross games. Conceptis Puzzles (for PC) and Hungry Cat Picross (for mobile) are my go-to puzzles, simply because their interfaces don't suck. Anyway, Picross Mania tries to reinvent the controls for better precision on...

  • Colligo Colligo


    Carl Karjalainen

    1331 ratings

    Tap to switch between black and white and catch diamonds of the same colour. The concept behind Colligo is simple, but watching the objects shatter as they land is kind of fascinating.

  • Faif Faif


    Beavl Games

    1616 ratings

    There's a fairly interesting RPG twist to this luck-based matching game. As someone with no luck and no skill, the game can get tiresome quick. If you like that sort of stuff, Faif is worth a try.

  • Unlock - Lockscreen Game Unlock - Lockscreen Game

    Unlock - Lockscreen Game


    1894 ratings

    Well, someone managed to turn the lockscreen into a (standalone) game, complete with upgrade elements. It's actually pretty fun in short bursts. Edit 26/08: I miss the old UI:(

  • Soar Soar



    2211 ratings

    Though somewhat lacking in terms of gameplay, the low poly graphics create stunning environments in this endless runner. It's pretty relaxing, actually.

  • Horse Jump Horse Jump

    Horse Jump

    RatoLibre1 Games

    15 ratings

    Great logic puzzle based on the L-shaped movement of the knight piece in chess, where you conquer squares with matching tokens. There are 64 levels to unlock. Each level is unique and has a cute title but sadly, sorely lacking an undo button.

  • Connect 4 Deluxe Free Connect 4 Deluxe Free

    Connect 4 Deluxe Free


    205 ratings

    Connect 4 with varying levels of difficulty and an undo button (for cheaters like me 😁). It keeps track of your wins and losses too. The game doesn't look too sharp on my phone though. And I wish there were alternative colour combinations (r...

  • Trios: A Match 3 Brain Teaser Trios: A Match 3 Brain Teaser

    Trios: A Match 3 Brain Teaser

    Nitako Brain Puzzles

    3995 ratings

    My first impression was that Threes! and a match 3 game had a baby. Trios not nearly as satisfying as either, partly because the scoring system counts your moves and not combos, and also because it got stale for me after a while. But it makes for a...

  • Mosaic: A Lights-Out Game Mosaic: A Lights-Out Game

    Mosaic: A Lights-Out Game

    Ignis Studios LLC

    267 ratings

    Mosaic is an incredibly gorgeous take on the classic Lights Out. It's one of those games that would look great as a live wallpaper. I feel kind of ridiculous because I spent 30 minutes trying to get past the FIRST level only to realise you're...

  • Hexagon Logic FV

    Hexagon Logic FV

    Exquisite Interactive Technology

    20 ratings

    I'm not a fan of picross puzzles that don't feature actual pictures, but the concept of playing on a hexagon layout intrigued me. Being able to highlight a column/row would be useful on a cramped grid like this one, and I could do with more levels....

  • Bonza Word Puzzle Bonza Word Puzzle

    Bonza Word Puzzle


    33159 ratings

    A wonderful mash up of crosswords and jigsaw puzzles that's harder than it looks sometimes! You get a free puzzle daily, and additional packs are available as IAP. Right now I'm stuck on one level, waiting for the planets and stars to align...

  • Guess the Code Guess the Code

    Guess the Code


    126 ratings

    Exactly what it says on the tin: figure out the code combination in 10 guesses or less. There's a basic difficulty setting, a colour-blind friendly option and non-pushy Play Games integration, to satisfy that Mastermind craving.



    Thomas Bowker

    3052 ratings

    I remember playing the demo on the browser a while back, but missed its transition to mobile. The game starts off simple, and the controls and difficulty progression are all very intuitive. It's gorgeous and slow-paced, great for when you're looking...

  • Couplo: Word Search

    Couplo: Word Search


    30 ratings

    I'm a huge sucker for games with themes, especially those with pretty colour palettes. Couplo is your typical word game where you link adjacent tiles to form words. Although it doesn't add anything new to the genre, what it does offer is a polished...

  • POLKA: A Bubble Popping Game POLKA: A Bubble Popping Game

    POLKA: A Bubble Popping Game

    Binary Laboratory

    1440 ratings

    Rack up combos tapping bubbles of the same colour, but watch out, the screen can fill up quickly with other colours. Oh, and don't forget that nasty bubble that instantly ends the game (I know it's tempting to pop something with a skull on it, but...

  • LineUp! LineUp!



    1330 ratings

    LineUp! can be described as a colour-based word search. Or at least that's what I think it is because midway I got bored with the Beginner levels and skipped to Expert (yes, you can do that, though I recommend getting the basics down pat first). Now...

  • True Color True Color

    True Color

    Aurélien Hubert

    100898 ratings

    Another game playing off the Stroop effect, which instantly makes me want to fliP OVer THE NeAREST TABLE FROM RAGE AND CONFUSION... But that aside, True Color is pretty, minimal and has a lovely palette of colours (which is very important in a...

  • DGUP: Dots Go UP! DGUP: Dots Go UP!

    DGUP: Dots Go UP!


    8 ratings

    The developer wanted to make a different and harder Match 3 game, and it is. When three dots of the same colour connect, they are cleared from the board BUT the remaining dots don't "fall up". They stack up more quickly than you think! There are...

  • Tileswap Tileswap


    Philippe Suter

    12 ratings

    Your goal is to group tiles of the same colour by swapping neighbouring tiles. Sounds simple? Here's the twist: same coloured tiles cannot be separated again. Adds more challenge now, hm?

  • Threes! Threes!


    Sirvo llc

    30939 ratings

    Of course I have to credit the game that started it all, now finally ported to Android. Swipe and slide to your heart's content!

  • 2048 2048



    3289 ratings

    Here's a fairly straightforward 2048 clone with zero permissions (!!!), inspired by the Holo design guidelines.

  • 2048 Number puzzle game 2048 Number puzzle game

    2048 Number puzzle game

    Estoty Entertainment LLC

    1373206 ratings

    Yes, I'm late to the Threes!/1024/2048 bandwagon. There are tons of clones on the Play Store but I haven't yet found one with a design that I really really like. What I've been playing is the 2048: Android Edition on my browser. Seriously, check...

  • Mr Flap Mr Flap

    Mr Flap


    109150 ratings

    I'm just not cut out for Flappy Bird style games. I have been playing this for the past ten minutes AND I'M STILL STUCK AT ZERO. *shakes fists* Anyway, what sets this apart from the numerous clones out there? Instead of travelling along a straight...

  • Minesweeper: Colorsweeper Minesweeper: Colorsweeper

    Minesweeper: Colorsweeper

    DotFive Labs

    70 ratings

    I'm not sure how this minesweeper actually benefits from using colours instead of numbers, but hey, at least it's pretty.

  • Slido Slido


    Very Nice Studio S.A.

    11077 ratings

    Take Gyro, unroll the colour wheel, and you'll get Slido. For now there's only one mode available, although the pro version promises upcoming exclusive features, so keep an eye on that.

  • Lines


    MooKoo Laa

    26475 ratings

    Reposition multicoloured, multidirectional pieces on a hexagon board to connect lines of the same color. It's sort of like a pipe puzzler, except with less twisty bits and more colours! The levels aren't timed, so you get to take it easy. If you're...

  • MMRY: Simon Game MMRY: Simon Game

    MMRY: Simon Game


    32 ratings

    Plenty of Simon games available on the Play Store, but MMRY caught my eye with its clean UI. It comes with different modes and grid sizes so it doesn't get boring, though I wish it has a wider spectrum in its colour palette!

  • Division Cell Division Cell

    Division Cell

    Hyperspace Yard

    1414 ratings

    As a good citizen I'm obliged to help rectangles be the squares they've always wanted to be.

  • Nove: Number Swipe Nove: Number Swipe

    Nove: Number Swipe

    Ready Set Gamedev

    91 ratings

    The concept of connecting numbers in a grid in ascending order isn't new, but the animations and design make Nove a delight to play. There's also a timed mode available, so it's easy to pick up and put down.

  • Riddling Riddling



    166 ratings

    I'm loving the presentation for this riddle game. Now excuse me while I puzzle out level 5.

  • Tiles Break Clickomania Tiles Break Clickomania

    Tiles Break Clickomania

    Okeys Studio

    632 ratings

    I'm always happy to see classics repainted with a fresh, clean UI, and this tile/bubble breaker is no different. (It says it's the New Year Version; no idea what that means, but it's certainly appropriate for the occasion. Happy New Year!)

  • Ultimate-4 Ultimate-4



    613 ratings

    Ultimate 4 is a very different take on the tile-clearing puzzle. Arrange tiles to line up the exact number of coloured squares with the corresponding number.

  • LettersPlay: A Word Puzzle LettersPlay: A Word Puzzle

    LettersPlay: A Word Puzzle


    150 ratings

    One way to describe this is a mash-up of a sliding puzzle and a word unscrambler. Good little distraction. For now, the puzzles are pretty straightforward and thus lack challenge and replayability.

  • Brainsquare the hardest puzzle

    Brainsquare the hardest puzzle

    Sompom Games

    1926 ratings

    In this unique puzzle game, you link tiles of the same colour in a path to their matching pins. Your mantra for this game: "Left Up! Right Down!" Repeat after me: "Left Up! Right Down!" My brain hurt playing this, and I'm just on the starter pack.

  • Shape Jam Shape Jam

    Shape Jam

    Jam Labs

    98 ratings

    Here's something to give yourself a mental exercise. Shape Jam is a tricky but satisfying timed puzzler where you "match" 3 tiles based on certain attributes. The game has a beginner-friendly tutorial and online matches.

  • Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle

    Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle

    Nitako Brain Puzzles

    66466 ratings

    Move is a great take on the sliding block puzzle. Here, you swipe dots onto their matching squares. The puzzles get progressively trickier, with additional colours, dots and larger board sizes.

  • Rubik Squared Rubik Squared

    Rubik Squared

    Binary Laboratory

    1147 ratings

    Haven't solved a single Rubik's Cube in your entire life? (me!) Don't let that stop you from trying out this 2D twist on the classic puzzle. This starts off nice and slow before the difficulty level starts to ramp up, and up it does.

  • 2D Archery

    2D Archery

    H2indie LLC

    128 ratings

    The gameplay is easy to pick up, but hitting the moving target is another matter entirely. The animations are smooth and detailed, and you get a nice fuzzy feeling when you obtain 100% Accuracy or a bullseye.

  • Line98 - five in a row classic Line98 - five in a row classic

    Line98 - five in a row classic


    628 ratings

    The classic 5 Or More game remade with clean lines, a pretty colour palette and an option for 3 different board sizes. If you're wondering how this is different from 7x7, you get one undo per turn here, but no other powerups.

  • Blocked



    51 ratings

    Dodge falling blocks in this vertical-scroller. Minimal graphics: all the better to focus on each of the 10 rage-inducing courses.

  • 006 006



    773 ratings

    Three gameplay modes on a six-sided playing board — reminiscent of Squarge, 7x7 and the classic block-clearing game, all in a small size.

  • Piqnt Four Piqnt Four

    Piqnt Four


    667 ratings

    Piqnt Four's description tells you all you need to know, sort of: it's abstract, it's brain-melting, it's addictive. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm having fun doing it!

  • Chromatiles (Columns Game) Chromatiles (Columns Game)

    Chromatiles (Columns Game)


    154 ratings

    The classic Columns video game now served with a flat and minimalist palette. It even has a Jewels theme if you're feeling nostalgic.

  • 4 Thrones Solitaire 4 Thrones Solitaire

    4 Thrones Solitaire

    Simple Machine

    43 ratings

    This is solitaire on mobile done right. Clean, yes. Flat, sort of. (I really need a better name for my channel) You unlock skins as you play more rounds, including a minimal black theme (flat!) and a white theme (flat!) and colourful themes...

  • Pivvot


    Fixpoint Productions

    921 ratings

    If you loved playing Super Hexagon, you might want to check out this minimalist game. Warning: it can get a little... flashy.

  • Sudo+ Sudoku Sudo+ Sudoku

    Sudo+ Sudoku


    727 ratings

    Your standard Sudoku puzzle with some nifty features like marking a cell. It wasn't the most intuitive experience the first time I tried this out, but once you find your way around this is pretty enjoyable to look at and play.

  • Minesweeper, Redesigned Minesweeper, Redesigned

    Minesweeper, Redesigned


    512 ratings

    Do you have any idea how shockingly hard it is to find a beautiful minesweeper? Thankfully, there's this. The double tap mechanism does get tiring after some time, especially on a large map.

  • Kagi Nochi Tobira 2013 Kagi Nochi Tobira 2013

    Kagi Nochi Tobira 2013

    Daisuke Suzuki

    474 ratings

    This minimalist escape game has some tricky puzzles. Each level is pretty short; lasts less than 15 seconds if you're fast. Sadly the graphics aren't as sharp as I'd like. (and I'm stuck on level 11 — my nemesis the grid switching puzzle!)

  • Touch Grid

    Touch Grid

    2 Potato

    2095 ratings

    A charming puzzler with simple but colourful graphics. What I like about this is that it doesn't make me feel like an idiot when I'm stuck on a particular level — it's pretty relaxing.

  • Gesto: The Gesture Challenge Gesto: The Gesture Challenge

    Gesto: The Gesture Challenge

    Huxi Games

    37 ratings

    Fun little gesture-based game with stylish graphics. It could do with some improvements, but it's off to a great start.

  • Simply Sudoku Simply Sudoku

    Simply Sudoku

    Sergei Ozerov

    2048 ratings

    Sudoku with a beautiful minimal interface. What sets this apart is a smart keypad that speeds up the playing process and lets you focus on the logic.

  • Tangled Tangled


    Sergei Ozerov

    2862 ratings

    Fun puzzle game, if a little slow-paced. Graphics are clean and pleasing to the eyes.

  • Storage Cleaning Simulator

    Storage Cleaning Simulator


    44 ratings

    Tetris with a twist and an adorable premise. Odd choice on the developer's part to have the game sized in only two screen resolutions though.

  • Dots: A Game About Connecting Dots: A Game About Connecting

    Dots: A Game About Connecting

    Playdots, Inc.

    333576 ratings

    Dots for Android is as addictive and polished as its iOS counterpart. There is attention to detail from the animations to the sound effects.

  • Squarge Free Squarge Free

    Squarge Free


    3727 ratings

    Addictive match-3 variation: shift columns and rows of coloured blocks as you race against the timer.

  • Number Salad Number Salad

    Number Salad


    9 ratings

    It's like a crossword puzzle, except with math! The game even has tiny fireworks to celebrate your awesomeness whenever you match each combination of numbers.

  • Math Time Attack Math Time Attack

    Math Time Attack


    12 ratings

    So this channel has a surprising number of math games. Here's another one for those looking to test their speed at addition.

  • Balls on my screen Balls on my screen

    Balls on my screen

    Inefficient Code

    1056 ratings

    An interesting number-based variation that stands out from the crowd of connect-the-dots clones.

  • Best Number - Addicting games Best Number - Addicting games

    Best Number - Addicting games


    132 ratings

* Universal : Supports Mobile Phones & Tablet Devices (also supports HD / FHD screens) * Best Number is FREE, FULL playable without in-apps purchase or h...

  • Happy Smiles Happy Smiles

    Happy Smiles

    Great Bytes Games

    54 ratings

    I'm playing this Dots clone just for the smileys. Try out the trickier hard mode, where you get both happy [:)] and sad [:(] faces, as well as diagonal connections.

  • Flicky Circles Flicky Circles

    Flicky Circles


    1470 ratings

    Like real-life marbles, except with funky colour palettes, a two-player mode and a computer that has got to be cheating because no way I'm losing so badly...

  • Shapes & Sound:TheShapeShooter

    Shapes & Sound:TheShapeShooter

    ARRG Studios

    750 ratings

    Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter is a 2D mobile game all about putting your hand-eye coordination, mental reflexes and periphery vision to the ultimate test. It is, at its core, an Ode to "old school-arcade box in old Mr. Joe's shop down the...

  • Spelltower Spelltower


    Zach Gage

    1937 ratings

    Looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone? SpellTower is for you. As seen In The New York Times Magazine, and in Apple and Best Buy Stores everywhere Best Word Game! - 148Apps' 2011 Best App Ever Awards...

  • Pathlink - Impossible Puzzle Pathlink - Impossible Puzzle

    Pathlink - Impossible Puzzle

    Tapps Games

    367 ratings

    Love puzzles? Search no more! The award-winning free puzzle that took the world by storm is here: it’s Pathlink! Find your way through the 115 levels of Pathlink using a single stroke as you slide your finger across the blocks of the game board. W...

  • Nono Logix

    Nono Logix


    2801 ratings

    I like my picross with, you know, actual pictures, and worse, this requires a third-party app (Adobe Air) to be installed too. But it looks so good I'm willing to give it a pass.

  • Snake Snake


    Jellycake Games

    2392 ratings

    From the same makers of Connect, this version of Snake is also all sorts of adorable. It has some gorgeous colour themes and a couple of maps to play around with.

  • Compulsive Compulsive



    69916 ratings

    Addictive tile-matching game. It's incredibly polished, from the interface to the animations to the sound.

  • Hundreds



    481 ratings

    Simple in concept, deep in design, Hundreds is a puzzle game that requires quick fingers and deep thinking. “✭✭✭✭✭” ~ TouchArcade, Gamezebo, SlideToPlay, 148Apps, GameSaku, AppStorm and more DESIGNED FOR AGES 2 TO 222 The goal of Hundreds: Gro...

  • Color Zen Color Zen

    Color Zen

    Secret Potion

    33969 ratings

    Relaxing puzzle game with gorgeous colours and graphics.



    octahedron studios

    122 ratings

    Color Zen meets Color Sheep, but it doesn't make the game any easier. Better think quick!

  • Quento Quento



    4624 ratings

    A math puzzler with a slick interface.

  • Hex



    1636 ratings

    Hex is a simple game where two players race to connect their sides of the board. The winner is the first to build a solid path connecting their two sides. Play locally against a computer or pass the device between friends (*ahem* rivals). Further...

  • Doublemill 2 Nine men's morris Doublemill 2 Nine men's morris

    Doublemill 2 Nine men's morris

    +1 Labs

    14577 ratings

    Nine Men's Morris.

  • Trid Trid



    655 ratings

    In Trid you'll be recreating patterns as fast as you can. For every pattern you get a tiny bit of extra time in order to finish the next one, don't assume this is easy though, Trid has a trick up his sleeve that will drive you nuts! ♦ Features ♦ • 5...

  • Blurry Defense Blurry Defense

    Blurry Defense


    38 ratings

    Blurry Defense is a freaking amazing game! Buy it, quickly, before it's too late! This game started as a challenge, to create a game in two weeks. If twenty thousands people buy this game, we'll do a remake, which will be far more superior and...

  • WordKick WordKick



    954 ratings

    A gorgeous word game where you form new words by changing one letter at a time.

  • Blip Blup Blip Blup

    Blip Blup

    ustwo games

    7975 ratings

    BLIP BLUP is an addictive conundrum of coloration that will consume your thoughts and occupy your dreams. ★★ "It's a game that feels familiar, though I'm certain I've never played anything like it." - Kotaku ★★ ★★ "An ideal mobile game" - The Verge ★...

  • Color Flood Color Flood

    Color Flood


    21958 ratings

    The nicest looking flood-fill game available in the Play Store. The colour palettes are a nice touch.




    130047 ratings

    Spin that multi-coloured wheel and make sure those incoming projectiles hit the correct colours. Comes with different themes, gameplay modes and varying levels of difficulty for that extra replayability value. Great use of colour palettes and flat...

  • Holoku Holoku



    83 ratings

    Holoku was one of my favourite Sudoku apps back in the days of Jellybean. An excellent implementation of Holo that hasn't aged too badly in the new era of Material Design. Sadly hasn't been updated in a long time.

  • blox blox



    49 ratings

    The game is simple. You are a block. You must maneuver that block through walls that have tapered holes in the middle of them. Toggling the black background saves a bunch of battery on AMOLED displays as well. The game is endless, and set to an...

  • BallMaze - Puzzle game BallMaze - Puzzle game

    BallMaze - Puzzle game

    Alexander Oprisnik

    146 ratings

    BallMaze is a fun and addicting puzzle game. You have to get the ball on a target field by rolling it through an unlimited number of challenging mazes. The rules are simple: The ball rolls until it hits an obstacle. Blocking fields have...

  • Match 3 Match 3

    Match 3

    Richard Jones

    350 ratings

    "Back in my day we didn't have these fancy Match 3 games! Now get off my lawn!"

  • Sudoku Sudoku


    Jamie McDonald

    19154 ratings

    A Sudoku app with a straightforward Material layout.

  • jumpr jumpr


    Joshua Trees

    194 ratings

    A minimal endless platform climbing game with a suitably minimal title.

  • Word Search Word Search

    Word Search


    294526 ratings

    A minimal word search game. I do like the highlighting effect.

  • Tic-tac-toe 1vs1 Tic-tac-toe 1vs1

    Tic-tac-toe 1vs1

    Stéphane Mathis

    90 ratings

    Tic-tac-toe that actually looks good on your phone, with a shiny Holo interface to boot. More impressively, has two-player modes, including Play Games integration and... achievements. For playing Tic-tac-toe. Yeah.

  • Tower of Hanoi Pro Tower of Hanoi Pro

    Tower of Hanoi Pro

    Stéphane Mathis

    150 ratings

    A beautiful tower of Hanoi game : - with material design - quick drag and drop - playable with more than 10 disks - save current game and restart later - one hand mode (for big screens) Unlock several achievements and take your chance with the...

  • Crazy Eights Crazy Eights

    Crazy Eights


    296 ratings

    Crazy Eights - ** Ad Free ** -- Crazy Eights is a shedding-type card game. The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all the player's cards to a discard pile. The game is considered a pre-extension of Switch, Mau Mau and Uno, much...