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  • Kids Learn Shapes FREE

    Kids Learn Shapes FREE

    Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids

    10256 ratings

    This shape game is great because not only will it teach your child shapes but also show them how to find shapes in the real world. There is a good voice over that will guide your child to the right shape and congratulate them when they get it right.

  • Rainbow Train: teach colors lv

    Rainbow Train: teach colors lv

    Aleh Natseuski

    1469 ratings

    If your child loves trains this is a great app for helping them learn their colors. Fill the right carts with the right colors and when it is full it will say the color.

  • Toddler Counting 123 Kids Free

    Toddler Counting 123 Kids Free

    GiggleUp Kids Apps And Educational Games

    6217 ratings

    The great graphics will pull your child in and keep them engaged. As they click the animals or items the app will count with them teaching them counting and numbers.

  • Kids Learning Numbers Lite Kids Learning Numbers Lite

    Kids Learning Numbers Lite

    Fun4Kids HoneyBee

    5303 ratings

    Not only will this help your child learn to count, but you can also help them learn the numbers by writing them. They can also advance and start learning number patterns too. On the full version you get 5 more games!

  • Kids Connect the Dots (Lite)

    Kids Connect the Dots (Lite)

    Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids

    29723 ratings

    This is one of our all time favorite apps for Zane & now Zarek. They can learn their alphabet or letters by using connecting the dots and revealing fun pictures! You can start them out easy with a hint version or make it harder with no hints.

  • First Kids Puzzles: Alphabet First Kids Puzzles: Alphabet

    First Kids Puzzles: Alphabet

    AR Entertainment

    583 ratings

    Zane loved this puzzle game and learned a lot of his letters from playing this game. You can only go up to letter H in the lite version, but you can try it out with your little one to see if it holds their interest.

  • My ABCs by BabyBus My ABCs by BabyBus

    My ABCs by BabyBus

    BabyBus Kids Games

    7930 ratings

    Baby Bus is filled with fun and educational apps for children 1-3 and 3-4. Baby Learns ABC has a fun car game and a musical ABC section.

  • A to Z (Free) A to Z (Free)

    A to Z (Free)


    78 ratings

    This app really does make learning fun. Your child can learn their ABCs by playing a fun game. They will learn letter order, but the app does not say the letters as you go.

  • Preschool Learning Games Kids▪

    Preschool Learning Games Kids▪

    CFC s.r.o.

    1576 ratings

    Each letter has multiple games so your child gets repetition without getting bored. They can build the letter to better remember its shape, there are puzzles to help learn the shape and sounds, and more. The lite version only goes up to the letter E.

  • Preschool and Kindergarten

    Preschool and Kindergarten

    Kevin Bradford

    24913 ratings

    Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games has three games to play. Shapes & colors, Letter Find, and Counting. I think what captures kids is that when they get the answers right you have an owl that flies around the screen.