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Beta versions of apps (published and non-published) that I test and like. Non-comprehensive. Stability is not guaranteed. Access to cool experimental features is. Outside registrations may be required. Hop aboard the future express. Our edges don't just cut, they *bleed*.

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  • Timetable Timetable


    Gabriel Ittner

    38276 ratings

    *G+ SIGNUP* A great course management app that is constantly improving is interface and features. You can probably use it for work/meetings and pretend you're in school or something too. It's cool. I won't tell.

  • NoNonsense Notes NoNonsense Notes

    NoNonsense Notes


    1793 ratings

    *G+ SIGNUP* Beautiful holo notes/to-do app with no-nonsense design and nice list management. Must sign up for beta through its G+ community.

  • Flow Reader (Google Reader) Flow Reader (Google Reader)

    Flow Reader (Google Reader)

    Flow Apps

    174 ratings

    Great-looking reader app with a very smooth experience. Not fully featured and sync doesn't seem to work most of the time though :S give it a look!

  • Fusion Messenger Fusion Messenger

    Fusion Messenger


    601 ratings

    Sliding messenger app that combines Google Voice and standard SMS seamlessly. It has many bugs, but it's shaping up to be awesome, and it'd be great if you could help test it out.

  • Schemes - Scheduled Networking Schemes - Scheduled Networking

    Schemes - Scheduled Networking

    Flynn van Os

    1634 ratings

    Convince the world you're Australian! Post in the dead of night. A beta iteration of the Buffer-type scheduled social media coordination app. It's clean and functional and updating frequently. I'm enamored by it.

  • StoryMaker 1 StoryMaker 1

    StoryMaker 1

    The Guardian Project

    1560 ratings

    This app might be a bit limited in scope for most. It's mainly focused on media-rich mobile journalism. The concept was too cool not to check out though.

  • WP Beta WP Beta

    WP Beta

    80666 ratings

    This is a free publishing/reading platform that's great for serialized and long-form content. The beta app has huge improvements over the stable release. Vastly improved experience. Check out the service and the app for sure.

  • imo beta free calls and text imo beta free calls and text

    imo beta free calls and text

    354396 ratings

    Comprehensive messaging app. This is not the most stable beta, but it's slick and has some features worth checking out if you use multiple chat services regularly. Their "broadcast" service sucks though. Skype fails too.

  • RedReader RedReader



    2022 ratings

    I'm an unabashed redditor, and this is my favorite mobile app for browsing the site. Not as feature-rich as established competitors, but clean, fast, improving quickly, and a pleasure to use. Open source too. Get some.

  • Open Explorer Beta Open Explorer Beta

    Open Explorer Beta

    2307 ratings

    There are a lot of rough edges here, but also potential and understated power by the metric ****-ton. I'm actually hyped about a file manager. Seriously, long-press everything, dig into every context menu. This is sleeping tiger AND hidden dragon.

  • DataSync DataSync


    Quint Stoffers

    1446 ratings

    ** IMPORTANT ** ROOT is REQUIRED DataSync lets you share application data with other Android devices, so if you have some data and want to keep it synced up between multiple devices, DataSync is the app for you. DataSync primarily works via your...

  • Battery Widget Reborn (Free) Battery Widget Reborn (Free)

    Battery Widget Reborn (Free)

    Tomas Hubalek

    77979 ratings

    My favorite battery widget. I use it purely as a notification bar/shade tool. I love the expanded graph notification and it just looks so good.

  • Snapdragon™ BatteryGuru Snapdragon™ BatteryGuru

    Snapdragon™ BatteryGuru

    Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc.

    58860 ratings

    This app doesn't do much that Greenify won't, but it offers more granular settings and doesn't require root access. Not sure how much it's helping because my phone is so hectic, but wakelocks do seem to be reduced.

  • Clean Calculator Clean Calculator

    Clean Calculator

    JM Studios

    618 ratings

    This is pretty ugly, to be honest. But I like the function slide-out and I think it has real potential. Give it a look-see.