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  • Catcha Catcha Aliens! Catcha Catcha Aliens!

    Catcha Catcha Aliens!


    1833 ratings

    Hone your skills as an interplanetary Catcha, clearing planets of evil alien invaders, in this fast, fun game of skill and endurance! Finally available on Android! "Catcha Catcha Aliens!" is a mission based catching game with refreshing gameplay,...

  • Aby Escape Deluxe Aby Escape Deluxe

    Aby Escape Deluxe


    34 ratings

    Enjoy Aby Escape at its full potential! Aby Escape Deluxe offers you more than 20.000 coins of unlocked content: - Get instant access to all the story mode level! - Change your character with Trump, Sheepard, Suggy, Kastor and Ycell! - Keep...

  • Subway Surfers Subway Surfers

    Subway Surfers


    22048442 ratings

    DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. ★ Grind trains with your cool crew! ★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics! ★ Hoverboard Surfing! ★ Paint powered jetpack...

  • Nightmare Runner

    Nightmare Runner

    Cookiebit S.L.

    3488 ratings

    This is your worst nighmare posible. You’re alone in a strange place and hordes of monsters are lurking. Run, jump, shoot, escape from them. This is Nightmare Runner. Nightmare Runner is an action game with simple controls and great gameplay. J...

  • Vector



    2648422 ratings

    Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. The game opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedom and individually is nothing more than a distant dream. B...

  • Kula Jump Kula Jump

    Kula Jump

    Mountain Lion

    1458 ratings

    An elfin come across the Alice's wonderland. He need to overcome the different obstacles and fly upward continuously by collecting enough gold coins and all the Alice's props. He would experience the seven dreaming scenes and the miraculous and...

  • Panda Jump Panda Jump

    Panda Jump


    39113 ratings

    Over 3 MILLION PANDA JUMP LOVERS! Keep jumping between the bamboos to fight against angry birds, crazy monkeys, fire foxes and their troops. HOW TO PLAY - Tap to jump and attack - Hit 3 of a kind to be invincible - Avoid obstacles - A shield...

  • Tappy Escape - The Running Fox Tappy Escape - The Running Fox

    Tappy Escape - The Running Fox

    Tapps Games

    2117 ratings

    There is no way Tappy is going to let Sir Bobcat kidnap his beloved Pixie and get away with it! And as if this is not enough, the villain is now after our hero too! Will you help save the day? Run across a forest filled with treacherous traps and...

  • Super Jumping Finn Super Jumping Finn

    Super Jumping Finn

    Cartoon Network EMEA

    1132 ratings

    Play Super Jumping Finn and kick some butt with Finn and Jake! The evil Ice King has kidnapped Princess Bubblegum and it’s up to Finn and Jake to rescue her. The Ice King’s fortress is in the far away Frozen Land and the only way Finn will ever get...

  • Super Ski Jump - Winter Rush

    Super Ski Jump - Winter Rush

    2tainment GmbH

    57976 ratings

    Go for gold with Super Ski Jump, the ultimate FREE winter sports simulation game on Google Play, packed with fantastic features for ski jumping fans around the world! Accelerate down the inrun at dangerously high speeds, battle to keep your...

  • Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2011

    Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2011

    Norsk Tipping

    460 ratings

    Dersom det lagger på første hopp, så prøv noen hopp til. Laggingen pleier å forsvinne når telefonen får "varmet" seg opp. Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2011 er et morsomt og utfordrende skihopp-spill. Det er lett å spille, men det krever mye trening hvis du...

  • ZombieJump ZombieJump



    607 ratings

    Zombies are gross and scary? The main characters of Zombie Jump are new-generation zombies who love delicious foods and decorations! One day, zombies accidentally tasted the foods of poeple that fell from the sky from time to time, and since then,...

  • Jump & Splash

    Jump & Splash

    Tasmanic Editions

    1527 ratings

    Swim, jump and fly for your life before it's too late! A beach should be a dream place... But when a small fish loses its mum, a new adventure begins! Hurry up, tiny fish! The water is going away! Highlights • Addicting speed • Mega jumps • Easy....

  • Jumping Horses Champions

    Jumping Horses Champions

    BerkBox Entertainment

    20902 ratings

    ★★★★★ Jumping Horses Champions is an amazing game with 3D graphics, that mixes arcade style with characteristics of simulation. The game brings the experiences and emotions of a show jumping in immersive environment. Managing your money and your stab...

  • Jumping Granny Jumping Granny

    Jumping Granny

    AGD Games

    531 ratings

    How high you will jump for your loved one? how much obstacle you will through to save it? join granny's struggle to retake her loved one in Jumping Granny. show your highscore to the world and compete with other gamer by online leader board.

  • Jump :-) Jump :-)

    Jump :-)

    Thomas Schöps

    797 ratings

    How far can you climb? With good balance and timing you will reach great heights in Jump :-) Features: - two difficulty modes - many different platforms - online highscores - lots of fun! Control the little smiley by tilting your device left and...

  • Jungle Jump Jungle Jump

    Jungle Jump

    same software

    669 ratings

    Help the little monkey to climb to the top of the tree and defend him against angry enemies. Just with a single tap of your finger the little monkey jumps to the other tree. Try to collect items to get a better score. Catch the protection ring to...

  • Skyjumper


    Neon Nighthawk Games

    2875 ratings

    Update 2013/6/2: Congratulations to Robert Becker on finding the new bonus level, level -2! Robert has won the competition, giving him the chance to preview one of our unreleased games. The competition is now closed. Thanks to all those who took...

  • Piggy Jump Piggy Jump

    Piggy Jump

    Pink Pointer

    1555 ratings

    The objective is to collect as many coins as you can using your Piggy Bank! Each scenario has a unique gameplay! FEATURES: - 9 scenarios - 11 different power ups/downs - kids mode - tablet support SCENARIOS: - KIDS: This scenario is for...

  • Ice Cream Jump Ice Cream Jump

    Ice Cream Jump

    Retro Dreamer

    135201 ratings

    Meet a happy Ice Cream Scoop who dreams of soaring through the skies. Help our friendly dessert reach new heights in this action packed game. Bounce from platform to platform, dodge the mean flies, and grab everything you can to get the highest...

  • Doodle Jump Doodle Jump

    Doodle Jump

    Lima Sky LLC

    1018044 ratings

    Named Best of 2015 by Google Play editors! Thank you for all of your support. One of the hottest mobile games of all time! Easy to pick up and play. Wildly addictive. See for yourself why Touch Arcade called Doodle Jump “possibly the best [mobile] g...

  • Happy Poo Jump Happy Poo Jump

    Happy Poo Jump

    Retro Dreamer

    54569 ratings

    Happy Poo is on the move! Help our friendly poop reach new heights in this action packed new Happy Poo adventure. Bounce from platform to platform, dodgy the mean flies, grab everything you can to get the highest score. Great fun to play with...

  • NinJump DLX: Endless Ninja Fun NinJump DLX: Endless Ninja Fun

    NinJump DLX: Endless Ninja Fun

    Backflip Studios, Inc.

    195091 ratings

    NinJump Deluxe, the hit sequel to the wildly popular NinJump game, includes all the same ninja climbing fun in entirely new, heart-pounding settings with all new enemies and power-ups. NinJump is now 100% more deluxe! Jump your way past sea...

  • Funny Jump Funny Jump

    Funny Jump


    5277 ratings

    Halloween special edition here! Funny Jump is a highly addictive game with a funny fluffy ball. This is a sports kind game. If you like the “Doodle Jump”, you should not miss this game. The lovely fluffy ball is rolling down a dangerous slope wit...

  • Worm Jump Worm Jump

    Worm Jump


    5659 ratings

    Jump, jump, jump to higher on the leafs of jungle! Little little wormy is lost in the jungle! Help him find a way out of the scrubs! Jump your way up up up, but beware, it's really dangerous to fall down! Use the leaves to jump up and eat the...

  • Astro Jump Astro Jump

    Astro Jump

    Magma Mobile

    4568 ratings

    Astro Jump is an epic jumping game in which you will have to help Astro Jump travel from the center of the Earth all the way to far reaching galaxies by collecting bolts and stars. As you will travel through the different stages, you will...

  • Happy Birds Jumping Happy Birds Jumping

    Happy Birds Jumping

    Nealo Inc.

    114 ratings

    Jump jump jump! In this fabolous jumping game your one and only mission is to get the chicken as high as chickenly possible! That's it.. oh wait.. there are some things flying up there that you need to avoid, also avoid falling down at all costs....

  • Donkey Jump Donkey Jump

    Donkey Jump

    Droidhen Casual

    18915 ratings

    Can Donkey Jump? Yes, Donkey can not only jump, but also fly. Reach as high as possible to gain high score! Begin donkey's adventure by tilting your phone! Donkey will fly away from home, chase the sun, go through starry night, walk in the...

  • Stickman Base Jumper

    Stickman Base Jumper

    Djinnworks GmbH

    268002 ratings

    Pack your parachute and jump down the highest buildings in the world and experience the amazing feeling of Stickman Base Jumper! Estimate your run up and perfectly time your jump off to glide through the air, perform insane proximity flights, jump...

  • Papi Jump Papi Jump

    Papi Jump


    52402 ratings

    PapiJump is a simple but addictive jumping action game! Mr.Papi (red ball guy) wants to go up higher, is jumping eternally. Tilt the device to move him left and right. Note that the left side of the screen is connected with the right side (except...

  • City Jump City Jump

    City Jump

    Droidhen Casual

    58113 ratings

    City Jump is executing mysterious task, jumping between buildings, to avoid obstacles on the wall, to kill monsters, birds, and other enemies on the way. * Tap screen to jump * Kill enemy by jumping in the air * Avoid hurdles on walls * POW UP...

  • NinJump NinJump


    Backflip Studios, Inc.

    398610 ratings

    Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-paced ninja running game, your goal is to climb as high as you can while avoiding evil squirrels, dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars, exploding bombs & more! Effortlessly scale the side of buildings...

  • Froggy Jump Froggy Jump

    Froggy Jump

    Invictus Games Ltd.

    26194 ratings

    Help Froggy jump up and away into the galaxy by bouncing from one platform to another! Use hot-air balloons and rockets to reach higher and bring down enemy creatures with the help of the bucket helmet! How to play? 1. Tilt phone to move left...

  • Mummy Run Mummy Run

    Mummy Run

    Best Addictive Brain Games

    2497 ratings

    Those poor mummies have been abandoned and got lost in desert. Lead each mummy to its home pyramid portal and free it's soul by closing the portal. During the game you will be given a desert map with mummies and pyramids, when all the space...

  • Run Santa Run - Vacations

    Run Santa Run - Vacations

    AXL Dynamics sp. z o.o.

    7937 ratings

    New Summer theme for Run Santa Run! Meet Santa in endless side running game with jumping on buildings with obstacles. Leave gifts and collect coins. Slide, jump over holes, bounce on trampolines and on very tall buildings. IMPORTANT: You can...

  • Panda Runner!

    Panda Runner!


    723 ratings

    Panda Runner!is a very exciting run and jump game.You can jump,or jump on to the sky, even fly.You adventure in the forest, village, city, country side and horrible castle. You must avoid the fire and the darts.This is a skillful game, you must...

  • Keke On The Run Keke On The Run

    Keke On The Run

    Twin Crown Studios Ltd

    637 ratings

    Keke On The Run is a fun and highly addictive driving game in which the goal is to avoid other vehicles and collect Fuel Cans that increase your score. The faster you complete the level, the higher your bonus is.

  • Sol Runner

    Sol Runner

    Bitwise Design, Inc.

    1262 ratings

    Begin your S.O.L.O. mission now! You’re a runner for the Phoenix Corporation and have been sent into the research and development labs of a rival corporation to destroy their ability to compete. You will run and gun your way through their facility, s...

  • Run Panda Run: Joyride Racing

    Run Panda Run: Joyride Racing


    3223 ratings

    Come play with fatty Panda and help him run like hell to cross the dangerous and mysterious obstacles. He’s making a mad dash to escape the hurdles but he can’t, so he...

  • Running Rico: Alien vs Zombies

    Running Rico: Alien vs Zombies


    1361 ratings

    ⓵ BEST runner game ⓶ Now with levels and endless runner mode ⓷ Running zombies & Running aliens Help Rico save Earth from zombie domination! Run fast and dodge, jump over or eliminate any zombie that tries to get you! With 3 beautifull worlds and 7...

  • MagicRun MagicRun



    13600 ratings

    3D parkour game Realistic 3D graphics with ecellent physical effect. Give you endless speed and passion! How to Play: ★Slider your finger left and right to control run direction. ★Slider up and down to jump and roll. ★Game item such as Colli...

  • Pepe Run Pepe Run

    Pepe Run


    358 ratings

    Pepes now want to run further! Let me introduce Pepes - a group of heros who never fear! They are such cute characters you may love... but you need to discover all of them in the game. It's all about speed! This fast-paced game insanely...

  • Boney The Runner

    Boney The Runner

    Best in Games Hut - BigHut Games

    17355 ratings

    Over 500 ★★★★★ reviews. Install the spookiest runner game today! Bored of endless running through temples, tombs and cities? Welcome to the haunted graveyard! Boney the Skeleton has a pack of hungry dogs after his bones and needs YOU to guide him...

  • Run Kelvin - Penguin Run

    Run Kelvin - Penguin Run


    3151 ratings

    One touch, easy to pick up, fast paced - mega penguin adventure. A little baby penguin named "Kelvin", who does not know how to swim yet, was left behind and now needs to run and return to his penguin family and safety. During the baby penguin's...

  • Survival Run with Bear Grylls Survival Run with Bear Grylls

    Survival Run with Bear Grylls

    F84 Games

    124200 ratings

    Sometimes you have to RUN to Survive! Survival Run with Bear Grylls is the latest game from F84 Games. As famous adventurer Bear Grylls you will run for your life from the worlds most relentless grizzly bear. Traverse various environments to earn...

  • Spiders-Man Running 3

    Spiders-Man Running 3


    16482 ratings

    Spiders-Man 3 appearance!Dancing with two ropes,Spider-Man is Very casual fun game. Help Spider-Man Jump from one building to another,but don't let him fall! If you like (Spider-Man,Stickman), you're going to love this app! Collect maximum score...

  • Vampire Runner

    Vampire Runner

    Gemserk Studios

    917 ratings

    Help save the friendly vampire running for his life!. Transform him into bat or mist to move through different obstacles. Challenge your friends using Google Play Games Leaderboards! Vampire Runner is a(n almost one button) game side scroller...

  • Penguin Run

    Penguin Run

    Skyboard Apps

    25212 ratings

    You’re a puny little penguin in the frozen arctic who’s been trapped in a cage by a hungry polar bear - what do you do? Gather your courage, kick the cage open… and run like heck! Penguin is a fast-paced running game that puts you in the flipp...

  • Somyeol - Jump and Run

    Somyeol - Jump and Run

    Brain Connected

    1124 ratings

    Somyeol is a 2D Puzzle Platformer, in which you have to rescue the almost extinct species of the Somyeols. Guide them home while controlling multiple Somyeols at once. Somyeol is a mix of Super Mario or Sonic like Jump and Run games and the...

  • Temple Run: Oz Temple Run: Oz

    Temple Run: Oz


    33611 ratings

    The most thrilling running experience now comes to the yellow brick road! Reached No. 1 across the globe within hours of launch! Check out all-new China Girl, and see what critics are saying about Temple Run: Oz – • “My favorite Temple Run game to da...

  • Interpol Runner: Best Free Run

    Interpol Runner: Best Free Run


    4157 ratings

    GameIS Awards 2012 finalist! It's a fast paced endless runner, jump and run coin collecting fun! Like runner games?! you'll love this runner game!! Help Louie get his money back and escape the Interpol all around the world. Run across the globe,...

  • Temple Roof Cat Run

    Temple Roof Cat Run

    NeNon inc

    6347 ratings

    No. 1 game on your Android! And it's free! Exciting and fun physics based adventure game! Jump between ropes and avoid dangers as they will cut your journey. Take to the temple with Ninja Cat! The same with most running game,you need to control...

  • Fun Run - Multiplayer Race

    Fun Run - Multiplayer Race


    517607 ratings

    ** Over 50 million players worldwide! ** Race against your friends or random people in real-time! All the cutest, furriest creatures of the forest are out running. For you to remain a cool critter, it is essential that you finish the race before...

  • Dead Run : Brave

    Dead Run : Brave


    2271 ratings

    Dead Run: Brave is about the Rufus, the bravest purple haired prehistoric Neanderthal, who’s coming to the rescue to save the world from the giant, dangerous dinosaurs. The job is not easy, especially with all the obstacles in the way; the giant l...

  • Dead Runner

    Dead Runner

    Distinctive Wireless Inc.

    660 ratings

    Voted #1 in Mashable's "The 10 Most Beautiful Mobile Games"! You wake up in a dark forest, surrounded by the sounds of the wailing souls. The howling wind is delivering a chilling message of evil which is drawing closer by the second. The cold...

  • Run Cow Run

    Run Cow Run


    62608 ratings

    Run Cow Run - The game the meat industry doesn't want you to know! ♥ ♥ Help the cow to escape from the farmer and celebrate CHRISTMAS♥♥ One day, the little cow realizes what happens to all of the farm animals and makes an escape for her life! W...

  • Line Runner 2 (Free)

    Line Runner 2 (Free)

    Djinnworks GmbH

    31169 ratings

    Line Runner 2, the long awaited sequel to the smash hit with more than 25 million players is now available, packed with amazing new boost items, spectacular crashes, beautiful themes, cool characters and new tricky obstacles. Run through various...

  • Run Run Run

    Run Run Run


    5262 ratings

    Run Run Run is a game of action genre which going through obstacle using cats jump skill and using birds action. ▶Special Detail - Stage base on famous places - Compete with people from all around the world ▶How to play - Jump Click on left bot...

  • Run Like Hell! Heartbreaker

    Run Like Hell! Heartbreaker

    Mass Creation

    4213 ratings

    Just finished exploring forsaken islands, or steep, snowy mountains? Thinking about spending a relaxing day at the mall, maybe buying something for your girlfriend? Think again For such famous and extremely handsome adventurer like you there is no...

  • Maze Puzzle: Puppy Run FREE

    Maze Puzzle: Puppy Run FREE

    SecretBuilders Games

    2544 ratings

    Puppy Run FREE is a maze and puzzle game NOW WITH 100 uber-challenging levels. Puppy Run is a highly addictive maze and puzzle game and is suitable for boys, girls and adults. Play on your phone and tablet. Poor Pomo the Puppy is very sad. His...

  • Bob vs Bear - Fun Runner Game!

    Bob vs Bear - Fun Runner Game!

    Finger Swag

    3609 ratings

    Bob wanted a fun camping weekend in the woods. Instead he’s running for his life from a very angry grizzly bear! In this fast paced running game, you’ll be tearing through a campsite, dodging bees, trees, and even rabid raccoons all with that bea...

  • Cave Run 3D

    Cave Run 3D

    Trollu Games

    13602 ratings

    Features: ★ Endless gameplay ★ Multiple obstacles ★ Multiple game modes ★ Multiple Chars ★ Power Ups ★ Store ★ Easy pick up and play gameplay ★ Stunning graphics and silky smooth animation ★ Scoreoid integration for online highscores and ac...

  • Shine Runner

    Shine Runner

    Vector Unit

    3515 ratings

    "Shine Runner would be completely ridiculous if it weren't so amazing." - Kotaku "With high quality games such as these, Android's future in gaming looks bright." - Droid Gamers "What really makes Shine Runner so much fun is the fully-destructive...

  • Croco Runner

    Croco Runner

    Ezjoy Network

    2049 ratings

    The most lovely endless 'Run&Jump' platform game. Long long ago in prehistoric time, there was a little crocodile called Croco. He got lost during a large-scale migration. He needed to begin the journey all by himself now. To keep alive, he needs...

  • eXtreme Runner

    eXtreme Runner

    Droid Hermes

    4197 ratings

    Volcanos are erupting and the cute man must run fast to survive. He could jump up to the sky where the dragon flys, or down to the dungeon where the river floods, enjoying the adventure within a world designed for runners. Doodle jump, ninja rush,...

  • Angry Gran Run - Running Game Angry Gran Run - Running Game

    Angry Gran Run - Running Game

    Ace Viral

    896108 ratings

    Take to the streets with ANGRY GRAN RUN! Our Granny has been locked away in the Angry Asylum by Fred the agent in white, she's plotting her escape, and she needs YOU to guide her through the streets once she's busted out! Run, jump, dash and...

  • Rayman Jungle Run Rayman Jungle Run

    Rayman Jungle Run

    Ubisoft Entertainment

    64466 ratings

    ★ GOOGLE PLAY EDITORS' CHOICE ★ Rayman Jungle Run is powered by the same UbiArt Framework engine that brought you Rayman Origins - Winner of numerous Game of the Year and Platformer of the Year awards.  The legendary platforming hero is making the ...

  • Run In Crowd

    Run In Crowd

    Ursine Paw

    9403 ratings

    "Run In Crowd" is a game where you race alongside other players in a new world each day. Tap to jump and double-jump. Longer you tap, higher your runner jumps. Avoid obstacles and try to run longer distance than other. Features: * Multiplayer -...

  • Panda Run HD Panda Run HD

    Panda Run HD

    Sailfish Games

    21965 ratings

    Long long ago... There have a brave panda. In order to get the legendary soul stone, decided to step into the unknown shrine, tireless running in the Temple of the maze and collect the fragments of the soul stone, step by step towards the goal ......

  • X-Runner X-Runner



    37291 ratings

    Partake in this exhilarating runner game to feel the ultimate speed and challenge your agility! Try to avoid the barriers,go through the magic tunnel, jump over the space bridge... X runner is on the go! # Tilt phone to control # Tap on screen to...

  • Kiwi Run

    Kiwi Run Games

    22232 ratings

    Adventure awaits in this addictive bird runner! Float, dive, and run through temples, surf pirate ships, and more! Play with your friends on Google Play! Rush to the high score, and never be bored again! ♥ ♥ ♥ KIWI RUN ♥ ♥ ♥ Make friends with forest...

  • Spiders-Man Running(FREE)

    Spiders-Man Running(FREE)


    41309 ratings

    Spiders-Man appearance!Dancing with two ropes,Over the mountains。Spider-Man is Very casual fun game.   To challenge the limits? You could submit your score to scoreboard and compare with others in the world. Genre: Puzzle,Run,Running

  • Cube Runner Cube Runner

    Cube Runner


    9844 ratings

    Cube Runner is a very addictive game on Android Market, it is very simple, you have to dodge cubes, using the built-in accelerometer to avoid the many treacherous cubes through your road. It has many different levels, you need be more careful. You...

  • Forest Runner Forest Runner

    Forest Runner

    Droidhen Casual

    13771 ratings

    Run, Run, Run! Forest Runner is a fast paced jumping game. Tap screen or trackball to jump to avoid obstacles in your forest adventure! Simple game rule but it's surprisingly challenging. Enjoy to be a Forest Runner!

  • Run Like Hell! YETI EDITION

    Run Like Hell! YETI EDITION

    Mass Creation

    8687 ratings

    Check out new features - OBJECTIVES! Discover brand new gameplay quality. Complete compelling objectives and enjoy your extra awards. Run Like Hell! can be a helluva lot of fun in winter! After leaving that dreadful island, full of cannibals and...

  • Free Running

    Free Running


    16866 ratings

    This is a simple and addictive STICK MAN Free Running game. Press ROLL or JUMP at the right time to get rid of the barriers, otherwise you will be pushed off the screen after some hits and LOSE the game. Run as far as you can, and don't forget...

  • Ninja Run

    Ninja Run


    24026 ratings

    Think you're the best ninja around? Prove it! Put your ninja skills to the test and show everyone what you're made of! You’ll have to fly over dangerous obstacles out there, slide under rocks and run through glass! The goal of the game is to run a...

  • Panda Run Panda Run

    Panda Run

    Sailfish Games

    60559 ratings

    Long long ago... There have a brave panda. In order to get the legendary soul stone, decided to step into the unknown shrine, tireless running in the Temple of the maze and collect the fragments of the soul stone, step by step towards the goal ......

  • Line Runner

    Line Runner

    Djinnworks GmbH

    107475 ratings

    The Original #1 best selling iPhone game now available for your android device! - Join more than 6 million Line Runner players around the world and try to beat their score with this recent #1 app store hit! - From the makers of Stick Stunt...

  • Homerun Battle

    Homerun Battle

    Com2uS USA

    22060 ratings

    ☆★Homerun Battle Series at its PEAK!★☆ ★20 Million Sluggers battling in 300 million match-ups!!★ Hit homeruns and become the hero of the arena! *** Over 10 MILLION players in more than 300 MILLION match-up games! *** The Best of the Best Apps A...

  • Homerun Battle FREE

    Homerun Battle FREE

    Com2uS USA

    82084 ratings

    ☆★Homerun Battle Series at its PEAK!★☆ ★20 Million Sluggers battling in 300 million match-ups!!★ **Go Smash your homeruns NOW!!** *** The Best of the Best Apps Awards Winner *** Nominated as IMGA's Best Game Are you prepared to be the next batter...

  • Running Fred

    Running Fred


    222105 ratings

    The anticipated sequel to Falling Fred is here! Fred is back with a new host of painful antics, awesome acrobatic/desperate moves, special items and uber-cool locations. Take control of our hapless hero as he pursues his quest to remain among...

  • Agent Dash Agent Dash

    Agent Dash

    Full Fat

    365386 ratings

    RUN FOR QUEEN & COUNTRY The ultimate spy blockbuster! Enjoyed by over 20 million players, sneak into the top secret action game from the makers of Flick Golf, All Star Quarterback & Flick Soccer. It's the most intense, explosive running game that...

  • The End Run: Mayan Apocalypse The End Run: Mayan Apocalypse

    The End Run: Mayan Apocalypse

    POSSIBLE Games

    52001 ratings

    Run until the end, dash over and dodge obstacles, collect duct tape, develop your survival camp and rebuild the civilisation! The End Run challenges your reflexes and offers lightning fast infinite gameplay with progressive endless level design...

  • Temple Run 2 Temple Run 2

    Temple Run 2

    Imangi Studios

    6885949 ratings

    With over a zillion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2! Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with...

  • Homerun Battle 2

    Homerun Battle 2

    Com2uS USA

    386476 ratings

    Make it an All-Star Summer with Homerun Battle 2! The Homerun Battle Series is at its PEAK! 20 Million Sluggers worldwide battling it out in 300 million online match-ups! Back and better than ever, the beloved real-time worldwide slugger battle...

  • Temple Run Temple Run

    Temple Run

    Imangi Studios

    3320246 ratings

    The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?! You've stolen the cursed idol from the temple, and now you have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys...

  • iRunner iRunner


    Droidhen Casual

    141139 ratings

    iRunner is a fast paced running game, with great HD graphics and special game play. Mr.i, as the hair shows, is running as fast as possible to the mysterious destination. You need to keep good tempo to avoid all obstacles on the way. Trying to...