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  • Tap Rocket

    Tap Rocket

    Eye Interactive, Inc.

    847 ratings

    JetPack Joyride as played in the Twilight Zone. Artfully rendered black and white landscape sprinkled with vibrant rainbow jets is a feast for the eyes. Simple one-touch control.

  • Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game

    Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game

    Fun Games For Free

    776499 ratings

    Fantastic art, animation, controls, story line, and game play. Incredibly entertaining and challenging. Scratch that itchy trigger finger.



    octahedron studios

    122 ratings

    Addictive color-matching game where scrolling elements approach your running man and you must tap the colors matching the approaching objects before they collide. Clean interface and great controls.

  • Nightmare Runner

    Nightmare Runner

    Cookiebit S.L.

    3488 ratings

    Outstanding endless runner with intuitive controls and fantastically designed game play that includes a constantly firing gun allowing you to keep the ominous aliens at bay. Great art, music, and sound effects.

  • Dodge Balls

    Dodge Balls


    63 ratings

    Three hundred well designed and action packed levels will keep you fully engaged. Simple one touch control allows you to focus entirely on the accurate timing needed to negotiate the well thought out and imaginative game boards.

  • Radium Premium

    Radium Premium


    21 ratings

    Original game play using various tractor beams to push or pull a small orb through a challenging obstacle course.

  • Bad Roads

    Bad Roads

    Laurent Bakowski

    11311 ratings

    Drive your load of ducks across some very treacherous roads and other terrain in this back country themed platformer. Well crafted challenges, top notch graphics, and good 'ol country music.

  • SpeedX 3D

    SpeedX 3D

    Gamelion Studios

    342757 ratings

    Excellent 3D platformer with awesome heart pounding music and game play. Smooth and responsive tilt controls. Play solo or with others online.

  • 2Fuse 2Fuse


    Mojo Forest

    80790 ratings

    Put your reflexes to the test with this well developed tapping game. Make quick decisions while taking advantage of various power-ups to maximize your score against a 60 second clock.

  • Color Sheep

    Color Sheep

    Trinket Studios

    4897 ratings

    Great concept that is well executed, both visually and mechanically. Selecting the right color combination while under extreme pressure not to be devoured by hungry wolves is much harder, and more fun, than it would seem.

  • They Need To Be Fed 2

    They Need To Be Fed 2

    Bit Ate Bit

    418 ratings

    Incredible sequel to the original and unique 'They Need to be Fed'. Lots of new elements and even includes an 'epic' mode that changes the game play after you complete the 'classic' mode, adding replay value.

  • Probe the Humans

    Probe the Humans


    7160 ratings

    A humorous and well designed alien abduction game. In fact, according to the developers, it's 'the most scientifically accurate alien abduction simulation'. Great graphics and animations with a spot-on 1950's era martian movie soundtrack.

  • Fly Cargo LT

    Fly Cargo LT


    3265 ratings

    Well designed helicopter slingload game with realistic physics and tilt control. It's extremely challenging to maneuver your helicopter and cargo in the limited space provided, just like it would be with a real helicopter. Great sound effects.

  • Into the Dead

    Into the Dead


    1249569 ratings

    Thrilling first person running game with 'realistic' zombies and plenty of variation and power ups. Gorgeous and ominous worlds to fight through. How far can you run in this challenging survival game?



    Laser Dog

    937 ratings

    Addictive and maddening quick paced arcade action using a sling shot mechanic. Dexterity and endurance are the keys to success with this endless level generating game. Clean and well designed interface.

  • Amazing Brok

    Amazing Brok

    Sketchy Ventures

    19 ratings

    Fantastic 2D platformer with simplified controls that work perfectly with the conveyor belt laden levels. Well designed interface with fun but challenging game play.

  • Run In Crowd

    Run In Crowd

    Ursine Paw

    9403 ratings

    Wierd, strange, and down right fun platformer where you run with other online players. Fantastic concept extremely well executed.

  • Plasma Sky - rad space shooter Plasma Sky - rad space shooter

    Plasma Sky - rad space shooter

    Spikepit Games

    1869 ratings

    Gorgeous retro space shooter with just the right touches of contemporary game play to keep it interesting.

  • Cordy


    SilverTree Media

    33212 ratings

    The definitive puzzle platformer for Android. Top quality graphics, smooth game play, and great sound.

  • Cordy Sky Cordy Sky

    Cordy Sky

    SilverTree Media

    17647 ratings

    Cordy takes to the sky with a new character to fuel his rocket ship after a crash landing on his way to world 2. New game play elements with the same gorgeous graphics and smooth game control as the original.

  • Cordy 2

    Cordy 2

    SilverTree Media

    22527 ratings

    Same incredible design notes and gorgeous graphics as the original applied to fun and imaginative new worlds.

  • Bobbing: Get Addicted Edition

    Bobbing: Get Addicted Edition

    LittleBobby Games

    1545 ratings

    Intense spinning puzzle action provides an edge of your seat challenge. Great music and sound effects results in addictive game play.

  • Blood Run

    Blood Run


    97 ratings

    Well designed infinite-scrolling platform battle game. Moves are simple to learn and the tutorial is one of the best out there. Great animations, awesome graphics, and atmospheric soundtrack contribute to a phenomenal overall gaming experience.

  • Jetpack Joyride

    Jetpack Joyride

    Halfbrick Studios

    4021572 ratings

    The ultimate platformer with lots of tricks up its sleeve. Awesome game play with incredible graphics, great sound, and well thought out challenges.

  • Vampoo - a Little Vampire

    Vampoo - a Little Vampire

    SVE Games

    1200 ratings

    Guide a desperate little bat through spinning saw blades on his quest to save his kidnapped love. Dexterity is the key to navigating the incredibly dangerous obstacles and presents quite a challenge.

  • Infinite Sky

    Infinite Sky


    11386 ratings

    The ultimate dogfighting flight game on Android. Three game modes including 3D first person flight simulation. Easy to control and amazing to play.

  • Reaction Balls Reaction Balls

    Reaction Balls

    J. Varis

    151 ratings

    Great little pong slash balancing game. Three levels of difficulty are available to ramp up the action. Don't even think about insane mode until you've spent some serious quality time with this challenging game.

  • Super Stickman Golf

    Super Stickman Golf

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    83995 ratings

    Wonderfully immersive 2D golf game. Simple to control game play with numerous and imaginative courses. Special power-ups add to the variety and fun.

  • Super Stickman Golf 2

    Super Stickman Golf 2

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    180497 ratings

    Even better than the original, and that's saying a lot. All kinds of new elements really amp this game up to the max. Incredibly entertaining, even if you're not a golfer.

  • Voxel Invaders Voxel Invaders

    Voxel Invaders

    Noctua Software Limited

    1460 ratings

    Classic 2D space shooter with unique 3D stages thrown in for good measure. Incredible diversity of invaders and attack waves.

  • Atlantis Sky Patrol HD [Full]

    Atlantis Sky Patrol HD [Full]

    Big Fish Games

    130 ratings

    The classic marble shooter taken to new heights. A great story line and best of class graphics make this a joy to play. Lots of power ups to obtain and other game elements to master.

  • DarkMaze


    Zomg Games Studio

    1464 ratings

    A-maze-ing labyrinth game with a twist. Your view is limited by a dim spot light that hovers over your ball, limiting your ability to see the entire playing field. Negotiate deadly traps while you navigate this foreboding labyrinth.

  • FallDown MultiBall Neon FallDown MultiBall Neon

    FallDown MultiBall Neon

    Nealo Inc.

    423 ratings

    Excellent fall down game with the added element of multiple balls. Can get intense, so get ready for a challenge. Smooth scrolling and well designed game play.

  • Cytus


    Rayark International Limited

    502283 ratings

    A game of tapping and sliding on-screen musical notes to synch with the music. Gorgeous, stunning, and spectacular art and music combine to great effect.

  • Labyrinth 2 Labyrinth 2

    Labyrinth 2

    Illusion Labs

    539 ratings

    Fantastic labyrinth game with a plethora of game elements. Each level is a new experience to be looked forward to. Smooth animation and physics.

  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene Space Invaders Infinity Gene

    Space Invaders Infinity Gene

    TAITO Corporation

    606 ratings

    Starts off with the original space invaders that took the world by storm back in the 1970s, then progressively adds four decades worth of technology to the game play. Great sound effects and vector style graphics.

  • Seasons


    Tommi Saalasti

    266 ratings

    Guide your leaf through the four seasons using small gusts of wind to reach your goal. Fun and relaxing.

  • Sparkle


    10tons Ltd

    1165 ratings

    The best marble shooter game on the market. A mythic story line blended with stunning graphics creates an amazing arcade experience. Creative and well executed power-ups amplify the fun.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars HD

    Angry Birds Star Wars HD

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    5865 ratings

    The classic Angry Birds combined with the legendary Star Wars saga. Nice new physics and creative puzzles add to the variety.

  • Fling a Thing Fling a Thing

    Fling a Thing

    Big Blue Bubble

    9084 ratings

    Extremely bright neon color palette makes for some delicious eye candy. The game is fun as well.

  • Grabatron


    Future Games of London

    209038 ratings

    1950's martian invasion brought to Android. You get to play the martians wreaking havoc on puny earthlings and their livestock. Humorous and fun.

  • Recursive Runner

    Recursive Runner

    Soupe au Caillou

    337 ratings

    Strangely compelling runner game that adds more of yourself to the mix each time your runner is turned around. Art style is beautiful and muted, adding to the unusual atmosphere.

  • Call of Atlantis (Full)

    Call of Atlantis (Full)

    Playrix Games

    4448 ratings

    The classic match three game mixed with the legendary story of Atlantis. Acquire the seven crystals of power on your quest to save this great city.

  • Line Birds

    Line Birds

    Djinnworks GmbH

    6471 ratings

    Fly various birds with different attributes through a treacherous obstacle course. Becomes intensely challenging in the harder levels. Smooth animation and easy tap-to-fly controls.

  • Magic Wingdom Magic Wingdom

    Magic Wingdom

    PlayCreek LLC

    10353 ratings

    A great line-drawing combination game. The action starts out slow and builds to a frantic and fun pace with power-ups and achievements as you struggle to avoid collisions. Great graphics and smooth game play.

  • Skyriders Complete

    Skyriders Complete

    Inverse Blue

    86 ratings

    Extremely challenging 3D racing platformer game. Top of the line graphics and animations with well designed and varied levels.

  • Orbital


    bitforge Ltd.

    593 ratings

    A combination puzzle and arcade game with incredible mechanics and beautifully vibrant neon graphics. Extremely addicting with lots of replay value.

  • Chalk Ball Chalk Ball

    Chalk Ball

    The Pill Tree

    382 ratings

    Brings the chalk board to life. Draw lines that quickly fade away to keep circles bouncing above the bottom of the screen. Lots of simple and cleanly designed fun.




    130036 ratings

    Simple yet astoundingly addictive game play. Align the different elements by color as they are pulled in by the gravity of a spinning colored disk that you control by touch.

  • Radiant HD

    Radiant HD


    5268 ratings

    Classic space shooter action with vibrant old school graphics. Great sound effects and pixel graphics keep it simple and allow you to focus on destroying the invading hordes.

  • Radiant Defense

    Radiant Defense


    92440 ratings

    An intelligent tower defense game where the player can alter the routes and change other variables of the game play resulting in greater levels of strategic thinking than is typical for this genre. Great graphics and fun soundtrack.

  • MultitasKING MultitasKING


    Konstantin Klassen

    124 ratings

    Test your multitasking skills with this well designed game. Gets progressively more difficult as you play. Maddening and frustrating, but somehow leaves a smile on your face.

  • Vector



    2649515 ratings

    The best platform free-running game in the market. Fluid animations, intuitive controls, and intriguing back story of oppression and the need to break free from the system motivate you to keep running.

  • Burn The Rope+ Burn The Rope+

    Burn The Rope+

    Big Blue Bubble

    273 ratings

    Fun and fascinating rope burning action. Rotate your device to keep the flame burning. Varied game elements such as colored flames that must match the color of the rope based on the color of the ants walking along the rope really add to the fun.

  • EDGE Extended EDGE Extended

    EDGE Extended

    Mobigame S.A.R.L.

    2984 ratings

    Push a cube through a 3D environment full of obstacles and bordered by sheer cliffs. Intuitive touch controls make it easy to maneuver the cube. Great soundtrack and lots of variety built-in to the design.

  • Dragon Fire Dragon Fire

    Dragon Fire

    Second Gear Games

    16 ratings

    Cleanly designed arcade puzzler constructed around the premise of routing colored dragon flames as they travel around the game board. Addicting game play.

  • squares! squares!


    Mindbeach Ltd.

    62 ratings

    A fast paced tap action arcade game with interesting and varied game elements. Well designed and lots of fun.

  • Flick Golf! Flick Golf!

    Flick Golf!

    Full Fat

    14453 ratings

    Beautifully designed golf courses to challenge your flicking skills. Easy and intuitive game play that accurately measures your flick direction and power. Relaxing and challenging game play.

  • Super Hexagon

    Super Hexagon

    Terry Cavanagh

    18304 ratings

    Elegantly designed spinning puzzle game that will hook you right from the start. Extremely challenging but extremely fun and entertaining.

  • Shapes & Sound:TheShapeShooter

    Shapes & Sound:TheShapeShooter

    ARRG Studios

    750 ratings

    Put your reflexes and periphery vision to maximum use in this slick and challenging arcade puzzle game. Shapes come hurtling towards you as you react to their imminent threat. Great soundtrack makes this game as relaxing as it is challenging.

  • Train Conductor 2: USA

    Train Conductor 2: USA

    The Voxel Agents

    2284 ratings

    Manage the flow of trains through a very busy train yard. Game play rotates among various train yards as you progress. Strategy and quick reflexes are the keys to success to avoid catastrophic train collisions. Well designed and fun to play.

  • Squares Are Better

    Squares Are Better

    Petras Zdanavičius

    411 ratings

    Amazingly well designed block style shooter with great music and sound effects. Imaginative and varied levels make you want to progress to see what's next. Super smooth game control and silky animation.

  • Temple Run: Oz Temple Run: Oz

    Temple Run: Oz


    33612 ratings

    All of the best elements of the other Temple Run games with the added mystery and atmosphere of the Wizard of Oz. Great art and music make this a phenomenal addition to the series.

  • Train Crisis Plus

    Train Crisis Plus

    U-Play Online

    4665 ratings

    This frenetic and challenging arcade puzzler will get your heart rate up. Timing is everything in properly routing your trains to their color-coded stations while avoiding collisions. Lots of levels will keep you extremely busy.

  • Plunk! the marble game

    Plunk! the marble game

    OMG Brews

    8393 ratings

    Guide gorgeous marbles through a wooden labyrinth in this beautifully designed game. One catch: you have to contend with more than one marble at a time. Precise tilt controls make this game a joy to play.

  • Bad Traffic

    Bad Traffic

    GreenCod Apps

    20836 ratings

    Avoid or create massive traffic accidents in this well designed timing puzzler. Several different types of intersections to contend with and two game modes to vary the action.

  • Air Control

    Air Control

    Four Pixels Games

    16239 ratings

    Avoid air collisions in this cleanly designed line drawing game. Trace the flight routes for each aircraft to multiple runways as they enter your air space. Quickly becomes frenetic and fun.

  • Trid Trid



    655 ratings

    Quickly recreate the patterns presented, but watch out for a wicked twist. Tap as fast as you can to run up your score. Well designed and easy to control.

  • The Impossible Game

    The Impossible Game


    19681 ratings

    Catchy soundtrack that integrates your taps as you attempt the nearly impossible feat of reaching the end of this deviously abstract form of the classic platformer. Responsive touch controls and progress markers make this as fun as it is exciting.

  • Funky Smugglers

    Funky Smugglers

    11 bit studios

    1074 ratings

    Get a taste of the fantastic 70's as you scan all types of baddies trying to smuggle questionable objects onto aircraft. Quick reflexes and a sharp eye are essential to keeping your job. Funkadelic soundtrack with sharp and colorful graphics.

  • Plopp Plopp



    26 ratings

    Beautiful visuals coupled with great music and sound effects combine to create an arcade puzzler that is a pleasure to experience.

  • Pinball Pro Pinball Pro

    Pinball Pro


    265145 ratings

    Innovative and well designed pin ball tables with great music and special effects. Physics are realistic and flippers are responsive to quick taps. Lots of eye candy to keep it interesting.