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Highly customizable and flexible apps & widgets which allow you to unleash creativity, personalization & productivity like never before. Create Android your own way. Some apps may have a learning curve.

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  • Widget Maker

    Widget Maker

    Fahrbot PRI

    279 ratings

    Super useful for more restrictive launchers and - most importantly- creating complex homescreen setups that you can copy & paste. You start off with a blank canvas - and add/scale widgets with lightning launcher style freedom (almost) - save it -...

  • Elixir 2 Elixir 2

    Elixir 2

    Tamás Barta

    7964 ratings

    If your serious about customization you must have this app. Work it out and it's yr one stop for shortcuts, toggles and er... decor. This apps potential is limitless. I don't even have the words - go read the comments. It can do... anything.

  • Home2 Shortcut Home2 Shortcut

    Home2 Shortcut

    Hideki Kato

    3146 ratings

    This app will change your droid forever. Creates ability to add extra hard button shortcuts (ie. double tap home, home->menu button etc) Combine with gesture search, SMS, camera, anything for instant access. Setup then forget.

  • Google Gesture Search Google Gesture Search

    Google Gesture Search

    Google Inc.

    65035 ratings

    Combine with home2shortcut for a magical second launcher at the press of a button. Searches yr apps, contacts, bookmarks & music @ present. Remarkably accurate. Going a bit slow? Unchecked music from options, music can add a lot of rarely used data.

  • SwipePad - Gesture Launcher SwipePad - Gesture Launcher

    SwipePad - Gesture Launcher

    Calcium Ion Ltd.

    22203 ratings

    Launch anything, anywhere, anytime. Swipepad is the best "touch launcher" all round. With innovative plugins, plenty of space, customizable locations & option for multiple launchers (opened from different spots) it's fast, fast & fast.

  • Tasker Tasker


    Crafty Apps EU

    40480 ratings

    Don't be put off by the price, if your serious about controlling yr droid, this app is irreplaceable. It's worth it. The possibilities are mindblowing. From beginners to expert, the functionality is here to design yr experience. Google it.

  • Folder Organizer Folder Organizer

    Folder Organizer

    Fabio Collini

    8196 ratings

    Free version is available with almost all features. The ultimate custom app drawer - plus shcts, contacts, bkmarks, labels, display as popup shcts, scrolling widgets or launch that folders from status bar. You need to try this, best organizer by far!

  • Folder Organizer lite Folder Organizer lite

    Folder Organizer lite

    Fabio Collini

    9028 ratings

    1) Create a folder (label) called "Status Bar" 2) In it include any folders you want access to from anywhere - ie. App Drawer. Main Menu, Speed Dial 3) Instant everywhere app drawer. You can really do a lot with this, I couldn't recommend it higher.

  • Elixir 2 - Widgets Elixir 2 - Widgets

    Elixir 2 - Widgets

    Tamás Barta

    5972 ratings

    The true power behind elixir, it's infinitly capable widgets. They can be in the status bar or even launched from shortcuts - even within other elixir widgets. Create speedial, app launches, setting toggles, power saving, transparency comp images...

  • WidgetPad WidgetPad


    Calcium Ion Ltd.

    459 ratings

    This addon for swipepad allows you to set any widget to appear when tapping in the main app. But, this works as a shortcut so you can add this functionality to your home, widgets - anything that can launch shortcuts can now launch widgets too. Wow.

  • ThemeX: Extract Launcher Theme ThemeX: Extract Launcher Theme

    ThemeX: Extract Launcher Theme


    1137 ratings

    Allows quick extraction of resources (icon, dock, wallpaper) from major launcher themes. Super useful if you want to use the icons in a gallery compatible app and cba to manually extract from the apk. It's not perfect though but useful nonetheless.

  • Sidebar Pro Sidebar Pro

    Sidebar Pro

    Mohammad Adib

    2293 ratings

    Another alternative for the overlay launchers pack - this one has a simple & modern design - and is not as invasive of you workspace as some others - however, I suppose it all comes down to personal opinion in the end. Free lite version available.

  • Titanium Backup ★ root Titanium Backup ★ root

    Titanium Backup ★ root

    Titanium Track

    359437 ratings

    This free backup tool provides an invaluable service to root users around the world. By saving the backups externally (ie to your PC) you can get around the 1 backup at a time per app limit. Restoration is easy, and it backs up both data & apks.

  • Notification Toggle Notification Toggle

    Notification Toggle


    67174 ratings

    A popular way to get quick setting shortcuts in your status bar without too much hassle. Personally, I use Elixir 2 which has far greater customization potential but if you don't, this can accomplish that element.

  • CircleLauncher light CircleLauncher light

    CircleLauncher light


    14838 ratings

    Comes with almost all functionality for free - which is a pretty fab deal - restrictions being only circle shape & limited icon choice. However, if you use LL or similar you can make the widget 100% transparent then stick any unclickable icon...

  • Start Start



    108711 ratings

    Want super fast access to your top contacts, fave apps, cameras & recent apps from your lockscreen? Don't want to pay for widgetlocker? Hate golocker? The answer is here. A free app wonder, your shortcuts are a slide away.

  • QuickPic Gallery QuickPic Gallery

    QuickPic Gallery

    Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE:CMCM)

    714436 ratings

    Are you still using the gallery? Stop. This here has many more sorting/hiding/moving etc features and... it's much faster. It doesn't tilt, its not 3D, but if performance and speed is what your looking for this is the best choice out there.

  • Minimalistic Text: Widgets Minimalistic Text: Widgets

    Minimalistic Text: Widgets


    37783 ratings

    Create your own modern text based widgets using a whole host of inbuilt variables - or send yr own from tasker. Packed with functionality and a brand new ui this is one app every expert homescreen should have.

  • Link2SD Link2SD


    Bulent Akpinar

    319004 ratings

    Arguably Androids greatest ever app. Link2SD is why my Ace has 4GB of int mem, it came with 200mb. I run over 300 apps smoothly, in great part to this diamond. Read the instructions, one time setup, never run out of space again.

  • xShortcut FREE xShortcut FREE

    xShortcut FREE


    543 ratings

    Create a shortcut to any activity or intent. Amazingly convenient activity grabber tool allows you to create a shortcut to any screen by pressing a notification. So easy, yet so useful. You can go straight to any screen you can get to!

  • Wakey: Keep Your Screen On Wakey: Keep Your Screen On

    Wakey: Keep Your Screen On


    1275 ratings

    A fantastic gift to customization enthusiasts everywhere, this app will simply ensure your screen stays on til you say otherwise. It even gives you a notification to click to make it easier to turn off, isn't it sweet :-) It's also handy for games

  • AutoStart Manager AutoStart Manager

    AutoStart Manager

    JRummy Apps Inc.

    1068 ratings

    If your really into customizing & optimizing your droid, this app can save you data, protect yr privacy, stop startup apps, speed up your device. Free and without limits, you can toggle as many intents as you please, with a filter to help beginners.

  • Call Blocker Call Blocker

    Call Blocker


    16826 ratings

    Nuisance caller? Getting marketing calls? Block yr husband whilst ya with yr lover? Block yr mistress while ya with yr wife? Only want calls from contacts? With quickly switchable profiles, password protection & high flexibility, this app does it all

  • Meta Widget Meta Widget

    Meta Widget

    Fahrbot PRI

    493 ratings

    Allows you to take elements from webpages and turn them into widgets. I'm still testing this one out for myself, more info when i find a specific purpose for it personally.

  • Missed It! Missed It!

    Missed It!


    2605 ratings

    Find out if you've missed any notifications from practically any app, these fab widgets are super duper useful for quick glance info. Though the more technical can pretty much whip this up with Tasker themselves.

  • Light Flow - LED Control Light Flow - LED Control

    Light Flow - LED Control


    41928 ratings

    Light Flow allows you to take control of your notification on your device. It's main features are: - Controlling the notification LED for phones that have them (cycling colors through outstanding notifications) - Sound control, including repeating...

  • App Share App Share

    App Share


    3372 ratings

    Apps Share makes it easy to share the market links of the apps you like with your friends by social networks or email. It's very easy to use, you can share apps to your friends by one tap. Features * App share * Batch apps share * Installed app...

  • Pocket Pocket


    Read It Later

    248921 ratings

    Whatever yr upto on yr droid, this app is a genuine must have. This let's you save any content from browser, PC, share key, for offline reading or reference later. Great for collecting apps on playboard u want to download or online app manuals etc

  • SiMi Clock Widget SiMi Clock Widget

    SiMi Clock Widget


    11588 ratings

    A modern, simple styled widget - highly customizable (of course.) Like all clocks/weather widgets you really have to try this out to see if its the right thing for your homescreen but youve nothing to lose, its free.

  • PICBEL - Image Search Download PICBEL - Image Search Download

    PICBEL - Image Search Download

    PB Team

    1414 ratings

    Another nifty way to get fast access to images - searches several sources. A useful tool for anyone who is constantly looking for new & unique icons/wallpaper/whatever

  • AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widge AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widge

    AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widge


    5950 ratings

    The markets greatest slideshow photo frames by a long way. Download the free HD extension for many more beautiful frames. Basic styles available for pics aswell as random order, custom intervals & image quality. Various widget sizes.

  • AmazingText FREE - Text Widget AmazingText FREE - Text Widget

    AmazingText FREE - Text Widget


    2646 ratings

    This ones aimed at those interested in creating beautiful homescreen titles, I love this. You can set any app to own when widget is clicked. No variable support yet. Tip. Add yr own fonts! Try layering dif colored glows.

  • Zooper Widget Zooper Widget

    Zooper Widget


    27625 ratings

    Minimal, classy, extremely customizable, and battery friendly "Do It Yourself" widget with almost limitless possibilities! If you like the software and want to support the development please rate it! If you have issues or requests send me an email...

  • SystemCleanup SystemCleanup



    3631 ratings

    A highly useful app manager, which allows disabling system apps, disabling some basic receivers (inc boot - startup), disabling individual activities from an app and it's main feature, cleaning obsolete int mem files. It does backup too. WHOOPEE

  • No Lock No Lock

    No Lock


    17003 ratings

    Another simple app with big timesaving results. When your screen goes off, it doesn't lock. Simple. Convenient. So when you press home to turn on screen, you go straight to your app. Yay! This won't work if u have password obviously...

  • GO SMS Pro GO SMS Pro

    GO SMS Pro

    GO Dev Team

    2707513 ratings

    Mega popular, yes. Overrated, not at all. Go SMS pro is a feature packed mine of SMS experience customization. Private box, individual notifications, endless appearance settings, scheduled texts, auto reply, blacklist, online backup and so much more.

  • Wallpaper Changer Wallpaper Changer

    Wallpaper Changer


    28328 ratings

    Changes wallpaper automatically or when shortcut/widget is tapped. Cycle through 500 or alternate 2 day & night (examples) Also useful for quick switch if your usual paper isn't moms house suitable. Or anything really. It's great

  • ssLauncher ssLauncher



    10699 ratings

    It's the stylish love child of a homescreen and magazine. Easier than lightning launcher, though not as unique, you can create minimal, modern & metro style designs.

  • Eye In Sky Weather Eye In Sky Weather

    Eye In Sky Weather

    Tim Clark – Clark IT Consultancy

    27164 ratings

    Eye In Sky Weather is for those who like their weather clean, simple and beautiful. The app includes 14 of the best weather icon sets available, with the ability to add your own icon sets. Four widgets and an expandable notification are available...

  • TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji

    TouchPal Keyboard - Cute Emoji


    1083281 ratings

    Totally Free. More accurate + less ram than Swype. Normal typing works too. Lovely themes available. Size customizable. Advanced text prediction, learns yr style as you type. Save on int mem for incredible performance. T12, T26 & T+ layout available

  • UCCW - Ultimate custom widget UCCW - Ultimate custom widget

    UCCW - Ultimate custom widget


    46147 ratings

    This is quite an advanced app, it includes a gui for - well the title. If this is something you'd be interested in, try DL some templates off the app store to explore 1st. Also it plugs in to tasker for serious customization potential.

  • ZArchiver ZArchiver



    205476 ratings

    A must for little droid tinkers out there, this app allows you to extract (eg icons), add & edit files in apk archives amongst others. Even if yr not resource mining or tweaking, it supports all major archives, perfect for any down/uploader.

  • I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

    I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

    Kog Creations

    60461 ratings

    Transform your Android into an alarm clock you really can trust, with the ability to override phone volume - incase you left it on silent - and a myriad of unique wake up tasks (inc barcode scanning), awake test + enough safeguards to wake the dead.

  • Simple Text-Text Icon Creator Simple Text-Text Icon Creator

    Simple Text-Text Icon Creator


    10093 ratings

    Create your template, then simply use it to create a whole army of matching (or not) personalized text icons. A fantastic touch for those who favor the minimalist style

  • Aix Weather Widget Aix Weather Widget

    Aix Weather Widget

    Per Magnus Veierland

    8430 ratings

    Displays a fantastically detailed graph of local weather (by set location - no battery killing Wi-Fi or GPS) Inc temp, precipitation, weather icons. Colors, dimensions & data/layout options available.

  • Multicon Widget Multicon Widget

    Multicon Widget


    14041 ratings

    Allows you to save on screen space - esp useful for small screen devices - by having several apps occupy one space. Still easy to access. Add shortcuts + special functions too. Great for settings tht you don't want too large but want quick access to.

  • Memory Manager Memory Manager

    Memory Manager

    JRummy Apps Inc.

    1045 ratings

    Much more informative than most stock task managers, this app doubles up as a more useful one & minfree manager. In a sleek, colorful interface it presents an accurate view of what's running, and as what (hidden app/empty app/content prov etc).

  • Simple Calendar Widget Simple Calendar Widget

    Simple Calendar Widget


    30492 ratings

    It's basic looking, yes. But the data and color scheme are flexible in every way. Not one part of the widget can't be user defined. There is plenty out there for those seeking eye candy, but this is no. 1 for minimal, lightweight & customization.

  • Secure Settings Secure Settings

    Secure Settings


    9608 ratings

    The tasker plugin to have, secure settings allows access to phone locking/direct activity shortcuts/wake time amongst others. Beware, this app is aimed at knowledgeable Android users.

  • SiMi Folder Widget SiMi Folder Widget

    SiMi Folder Widget


    5533 ratings

    Simi allows you to create customizable popup folders containing contacts, apps, shortcuts & bookmarks. Design & layout options are good but this is all through homescreen shcts/widgets so the supporting app is simply just th settings.

  • Dual File Manager XT Dual File Manager XT

    Dual File Manager XT

    Medieval Software

    4200 ratings

    If Astr is simply too bulky and resource heavy for what you need a file manager for, try this. Moving files around is easiest yet with the dual interface.

  • Ringdroid Ringdroid


    Ringdroid Team

    318691 ratings

    A major player on the Android market, even if your not into customization you probably have this. But - it's the real deal - unbeaten, despite close competition, this is the tool to clip yr music to make a ringtone.

  • Chroco Chroco



    107 ratings

    Record and track anything (numerical) - your weight, mileage, fuel costs, calories, measurements, cigarettes, medication, anything. It features categories, a quick counter, goto value, logs every change, add comments, track your way.

  • Root Browser Root Browser

    Root Browser

    JRummy Apps Inc.

    141388 ratings

    Another fantastic basic file browser, with many functions & a smooth, dark interface. This app allows access into root folders (eg data, system) and allows browsing/extracting apks. Only if you have root ofc. Dont press menu key tho, it crashes lol.

  • gReader | Feedly | News | RSS gReader | Feedly | News | RSS

    gReader | Feedly | News | RSS


    62981 ratings

    One of the more popular RSS feed apps out there, it's not without good reason, greader brings with it a whole host of features google forgot. There's no reason to waste memory on resource hoggers like Pulse.

  • Advanced Download Manager Advanced Download Manager

    Advanced Download Manager


    414288 ratings

    A fantastic way to download, so much more control, functionality & info than letting stock browser deal with it. Try it yourself, all your downloads will succeed now :-p plus you can queue them up, major perk

  • Fast Record Fast Record

    Fast Record


    2801 ratings

    One touch and your recording, whilst choice of themes is a little limited, it's free, it's super fast and clicking widget doesn't take you away from your homescreen. Lightweight too. Perfect for voice notes or even to catch verbal abuse.

  • Tasker App Factory Tasker App Factory

    Tasker App Factory

    Crafty Apps EU

    5529 ratings

    Great plugin for tasker which allows you to export your tasks as standalone apps. One of the easier ways around to impress family & friends :-)

  • Animated Widget Pro Animated Widget Pro

    Animated Widget Pro

    Kbitubit & Mobilityflow

    1304 ratings

    This one does bring a little eye candy, similar to circle launcher but glossier & more customization for the contact shortcuts especially. I made a very pretty speed dial with these once. Free version available too.

  • GO SMS Pro Theme Maker plug-in GO SMS Pro Theme Maker plug-in

    GO SMS Pro Theme Maker plug-in

    GO Dev Team

    32639 ratings

    Design your own theme for go SMS pro, for those who want to do it quickly on their droid instead of creating an apk from their computer. Useful for customizers 1st using go SMS pro.

  • Randomics - Random Generator Randomics - Random Generator

    Randomics - Random Generator


    122 ratings

    Random password, number, letter, name, contact and a dozen other generators with an emphasis on gaming (ie roulette) Randomics is a highly useful & flexible app. It's inclusion mainly due to the password & number features.

  • Image Editor Image Editor

    Image Editor

    Byte Mobile

    61335 ratings

    Image editor includes many unique features, feeling rather like a mobile "gimp" includes layer editing, transparency and a host of effects, perfect mobile tool for recoloring icons w/out losing transparency. Requires 'computer' free app to save as.

  • Computer File Explorer Computer File Explorer

    Computer File Explorer

    Byte Mobile

    62248 ratings

    A unique look on file browsers, this one is designed to look like windows explorer. It's not perfect yet, but with a look, the familiar method of organising files may appeal to new droid users, and the plugins are damn good. At the least, it's novel.

  • WPS Office + PDF WPS Office + PDF

    WPS Office + PDF

    Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Limited

    1169043 ratings

    The only free office app that allows you to edit documents. Whether you need to or not is a different story, but the option opens a whole lot of data management options for you if it's there.

  • MultiPicture Live Wallpaper MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

    MultiPicture Live Wallpaper


    48725 ratings

    I'm not a massive fan myself - but its not the apps fault, I'm just 100% single image wallpaper. I love scrolling but no LWP. Nevertheless, this is an incredible tool for anyone who wants to change the wallpaper per page.

  • Tool Box (Free) Tool Box (Free)

    Tool Box (Free)


    10107 ratings

    Whilst not apparently suited to this list, if space is an issue on your device, combining as many utilities as possible is a winning idea. There are some other decent offerings out there so have a browse, but this one sure packs in a lot.

  • Superuser Superuser



    213845 ratings

    If you've got root on yr device, this is the app that grants that permission to other apps. Without this you can't exersize yr awesome root power. Many oneclicks install this app when rooting, but otherwise, its 100% necessary before using root apps.

  • SuperIcon Free SuperIcon Free

    SuperIcon Free

    Hideki Kato

    61 ratings

    Simple app that allows you to search for both iPod style icons (iTunes) or general icons (iconfinder). App also includes favorites and top icons features. There are a few similar apps out there.Basic yes but may be useful when designing a homescreen.

  • File Tools File Tools

    File Tools

    Satheesh Kumar CyB

    519 ratings

    Poor GUI. Steep Curve. For people who do serious, complex file management on their device, don't be fooled by the 3 stars this app holds a few invaluable batch functions found nowhere else.