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  • Hidden Objects

    Hidden Objects

    Tobi Apps

    6142 ratings

    Enjoy 105 levels of stunning hidden object scenes! ★ 10 Theme Packs and 105 Levels for you to choose from. ★ More theme packs added all the time. ★ Got an idea for new image packs? Let us know! Try it now for FREE! Follow @TobiApps on Twitt...

  • Restaurant Story™

    Restaurant Story™

    Storm8 Studios

    440363 ratings

    The #1 FREE Android virtual world "Story" series returns with Restaurant Story! Design your own dream restaurant to show off to your friends. Don't forget to make sure your customers are happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decoration and tasty...

  • LogicSketch2 NonoGram Picross LogicSketch2 NonoGram Picross

    LogicSketch2 NonoGram Picross


    1782 ratings

    Logic Sketch 2 with 1000 over puzzles! and Huge Mode! and easy zooming! if you like picross or nonogram. Play Logic Sketch 2!! --------------------------------- Backup feature has been added. Run the backup. Usb connection to the...

  • LogicSketch - Nonogram Picross LogicSketch - Nonogram Picross

    LogicSketch - Nonogram Picross


    4423 ratings

    ======================================================= Logic Sketch - (also known as 'nonogram', 'picross', 'griddlers') is logic puzzle game. ------------------------------------------------------- Logic Sketch has many size of games. From...

  • Little Things® Forever

    Little Things® Forever


    34403 ratings

    * Unique and beautiful seek and find game for people of all ages. * 90% * Thousands of little things to find. * Incredible artwork and a beautiful soundtrack. * Randomly generated lists of things to find means you can be...

  • Nonomatic Nonomatic


    Undergrowth Games

    1066 ratings

    ★ "Simple yet highly Addictive Nonogram puzzle game" (4.6/5) - ★ Nonomatic is a picross (or nonogram) puzzle game where you use logic to fill in squares and draw a picture! Suitable for players of all ages. Features: • Compl...

  • Airport City

    Airport City

    Game Insight

    582314 ratings

    Get Ready for the holidays - Festive updates! Features: ✔ Stunning graphics and high-quality sounds accompany every action ✔ Easy-to-use interface and engrossing gameplay ✔ Intuitive tutorial and help features ✔ Lots of colorful characters, each wi...

  • Talking Baby Squirrel Talking Baby Squirrel

    Talking Baby Squirrel

    Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets

    5374 ratings

    Talk and play with this tiny little squirrel! He answers with his funny voice and responds to what you say or your touch. With 4 cool games and extra content included! This curious little squirrel is still a child and as every kid he is kind of...

  • My Talking Baby Music Star My Talking Baby Music Star

    My Talking Baby Music Star

    Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets

    10996 ratings

    Talk to the Talking Justin West Baby and get into his dreaming world. He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. With 4 exciting inside games with many levels to play. Our sweet baby just fell asleep and you will be...

  • Nonogram Nonogram


    Dmitry Mikhailenko

    463 ratings

    Nonogram is a logic puzzle game known by other names: Paint by Numbers, Picross, Japanese Crossword. The game features random puzzle generation for endless replay ability. v1.1.8 Added Reset game field and Provide feedback menu actions. Greatly...

  • Nonogram Nonogram


    Shcheglov Maksym

    68 ratings

    Nonogram for Android (also known as Hanjie, Griddler or Picross) is based on fun & challenging Japanese puzzle game. It is best described as a mix between sudoku and crosswords. Features: • Puzzles included range in size from the simple 5x5 to the c...

  • My Horse

    My Horse

    NaturalMotionGames Ltd

    1246993 ratings

    Live the dream of owning and looking after a realistic horse, and share the experience with your friends! HORSE CARE Care for your horse by grooming, feeding and treating it. Build a bond together in a wide range of interactive 3D activities....

  • NemoNemo Picross NemoNemo Picross

    NemoNemo Picross


    16315 ratings

    'NemoNemo Picross' is the famous game also known as Hanjie, Paint by Numbers, pixel puzzles, Pic-a-Pix, griddlers, Shady Puzzles, nonogram. It's a logic puzzle, your goal is to figure out the position of filleds and empties in the while grid. -...

  • Megapolis Megapolis


    Social Quantum Ltd

    1155003 ratings

    The #1 city-builder game in more than 20 countries with over 10M downloads! One million people play every day! Tablets are supported. Enjoy the incredible game experience on a larger screen! Manage finances and design and develop the primary...