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  • Prey Anti Theft Prey Anti Theft

    Prey Anti Theft

    Prey, Inc.

    57058 ratings

    Prey helps you retrieve your lost or stolen phone, tablet and laptop. Prey is 100% FREE and you can protect up to 3 devices with one single account. Prey works on all major operating systems, so it lets you keep track and trigger actions on all...

  • Digital Altimeter Digital Altimeter

    Digital Altimeter

    Sakkie de Kock

    3286 ratings

    Looking for a simple altimeter? Try this app Nothing but a altimeter Show your current GPS altitude in feet or meter With Digital reading Yellow dots indicate accuracy If you have any suggestions please send them to

  • Altitude Free Altitude Free

    Altitude Free


    762 ratings

    This altimeter delivers the altitude of your current position either from the device (GPS) or from the ASTER digital elevation model (with a horizontal accuracy of 30m). Depending on your current position and your device one of the two methods is...