Friday, November 8, 2013 08:05:09

3 Channels Full of Relaxing Games and Apps

Life can get hectic. Meetings, deadlines, pressure, decisions to make, ugh. So it's nice to be able to grab your phone for a few moments and just get away from it all. Games are great for that -- working out your aggression with a game like Dead Trigger 2 can be fun -- but sometimes you might want something a bit more mellow than a bunch of blood-thirsty zombies trying to kill you.


The three channels below are full of apps and games that can help you relax, perhaps even replenish some energy, and then get back into the good fight. Enjoy.

Interactive Fun

This is actually the channel that inspired me to write this roundup. While editor Nicolai Grut doesn't bill it as a "relaxing" channel, I think it certainly is: Take Flux, for example, about which Nicolai says:

Manipulate beautiful geometric patterns with your fingers. Hypnotic

The channel doesn't have a ton of apps, but like Nicolai told me when chatting about it, it's not a niche that's bursting with alternatives. Having a few great toy-like apps collected and reviewed in one place is great if you're looking for a new way to doodle on your phone.

Zen Apps

One of Playboard's oldest and most prolific editors, App Junkie created Zen Apps explicitly for collecting and curating relaxing apps. The channel has amassed over 1,500 followers, and features fun gems like music toy NodeBeat, and ambient game Finger Hoola, about which App Junkie says:

Fun and immersive app toy that will engross and mesmerize you. Beautifully programmed and designed.

"App toy" is a great description for these kinds of apps, by the way.

Programming Games

Our final channel is another one that doesn't necessarily pop out as a relaxing channel, and yet, coding can be a very relaxing thing, when you think about it. At least, when I tinker with code every now and then, I find it quite easy to slip into a very concentrated, relaxed state. So why not make it into a game?

Editor Deaken Wylie included some truly unique gems here, and his reviewing style is very readable, too. Check out what he has to say about DungeonDiary:

Install this game. You program a girl who crawls a dungeon to pay back a $30M debt. Once you do, the REAL game is just starting. Also, the Engrish is flat-out amazing. Install. This. Game. There is a Wikia and a JayIsGames page. [PS installthisgame]

I somehow get the feeling Deaken wants you to install this game... So why don't you?

Your Relaxing Channel?

Those are the three channels I found for you today; I'm sure they're not the only relaxing channels on Playboard. If you'd like to recommend one, or perhaps even create one of your own and share it with me, feel free to email me at And until then, enjoy these relaxing gems!