Sunday, September 22, 2013 17:15:46

3 Great Channels Featuring Multiplayer Games

People say mobile phones are anti-social devices. You know, that quintessential image of a group of friends sitting around a table, all of them staring down at their devices, completely ignoring each other. And it's true -- these things do happen all the time. But hey, maybe those people are all busy playing together?


There are some really great multiplayer games for Android, and a few of Playboard's curators have been taking note. Below you can find three channels featuring a wealth of multiplayer games: If you want to play with your friends but aren't sure what good games are out there, you've just found the answer you've been looking for.

Best Multiplayer Games

With nearly 5,000 followers, Mousa's channel features no less than 232 apps. That's a pretty crazy app count for a channel, but it looks like his many followers appreciate the wide selection. Games showcased feature from simple stuff like Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe Online and Hex, all the way to complex games like ProjectY RTS 3d -public beta- and Guncrafter.

Multiplayer Games - Top Games Only!

Somewhat more selective, Graham P's channel features just 63 apps, starting with the excellent Super Stickman Golf 2 (which we've reviewed before). The channel also features Google's augmented reality game, Ingress, as well as more classical games like Dominoes.

Free Multiplayer Games

We'll wrap up with the smallest channel of the bunch, by far: Free Multiplayer Games has just six apps, including the classic Draw Something Free. And speaking of classics, Deyan, the channel's curator, has included Chess Time, a multiplayer chess game, for some truly age-old action.

We Need More Multiplayer Channels

The channels I've showcased above show that there's lots of interest in multiplayer games, but none of them features curator reviews. If you're a Playboard curator looking to create a mega-popular channel that's bound to do well, making one about multiplayer games is a pretty safe bet -- and if you include your own reviews in the channel, that could make it truly explosive. Looking forward to see your creations!