Sunday, September 8, 2013 09:25:22

Review: Sum and Blossom Makes Basic Arithmetic Fun


I'd never think basic addition and subtraction would make for a fun game... And yet, Sum and Blossom pulls it off beautifully. Nicholas Cheung reviewed it for his channel, All Best App, and had this to say:

This a kind of math game, you need to swipe out or put the number circle in order to match the into the "flower". (I'd give it 8.4/10 score)

That's a very accurate rating from Nicholas, but I guess it's only fitting, this being a game revolving entirely around numbers.

Concept and Gameplay

Sum and Blossom is one of those games that are pretty hard to explain in text, so let's start with a video:

So basically, you have a flower bearing a number (say, 7). And you have a bunch of circles with numbers on them floating around the screen (say, 5, 4, and 1). Your job is to split and combine the circles until you end up with a circle that says 7, and then drop that circle on the flower. Oh, and you need to be fast: The clock is ticking. In this example, you could pull apart the 4, producing two circles, each bearing the number 2. You'd then take one of those circles and combine it with the 5-circle, ending up with 7.

It's simple, but it's also fun. Not only that, but it's a very kid-friendly game: You could give it to a child and watch them teach themselves to do quick mental arithmetic.

Graphics and Sound


4 and 6 make 10.

Yes, Sum and Blossom revolves around flowers, but it doesn't feel girly at all: It's a game both boys and girls would enjoy playing, thanks to its neutral color scheme and flat style. The soundtrack is friendly and not distracting: There are plenty of popping effects, but they contribute to the experience.

One Plus One Equals Fun

Sum and Blossom offers a surprisingly enjoyable experience, given its simple core mechanic. If you told me about it, I would assume it's aimed mainly at kids, but having played it myself I can confirm that grown-ups can spend a bit of time with it and have lots of fun.