Wednesday, July 17, 2013 09:30:38

Review: Showyou Collects Great Videos For You To Watch


When you think "online video," you probably think of YouTube in the same breath. And that's true -- YouTube pretty much owns video on the Internet. But people also tweet links to YouTube videos, or they put them on Facebook and Tumblr, and yes, some people still prefer to use Vimeo instead. If you're looking for one app to consolidate your video feeds, Showyou wants to be it. I found it on Utsav Gupta's channel, Holo UI, where he reviewed it:

The best videos of the day, all in one place. Follow and browse videos from channels like the Daily Show, Break, Reddit, Funny or Die, Pitchfork, Vanity Fair and many more. Browse videos from your Twitter timeline and your Facebook feed.

That's actually a great summary of what Showyou does, especially given the limited space Ustav had to write it in. Now let's dig a bit deeper into Showyou.

Video Sources and Browsing


Showyou plugs into multiple services.

Some apps try to get you up and running the minute you load them. Showyou bucks the trend, leading you through an elaborate onboarding procedure where you grant it access to all sorts of social accounts, such as your Twitter feed, your Facebook account, and more.

Once you've allowed it into your social streams, Showyou has you pick out of numerous other video sources divided into categories, such as Film, Knowledge, Music, News, and more. Then it uses this wealth of information to present you with stuff to watch, using a simple, beautiful interface.

Watching, Commenting and Thanking


Showyou's interface is simple and straightforward.

Once Showyou pulls in content, browsing it is easy enough. You get a long list of videos with large thumbnails, and no ads or other annoyances. A quick swipe pops open a sidebar which lets you navigate your content sources.

Rather than emphasize full-text comments, Showyou tries to get you to comment using a single tap: Tap "Love," "Hilarious," or "Wow" to let the video's curator know how you feel about it. That's a simple and effective way to manage comments.

Final Thoughts

Showyou solves a problem I'm not sure many people have: Optimizing your mobile video viewing experience. YouTube's mobile version is excellent, but Showyou manages to deliver a viable alternative, and show that there's more than one way to do mobile video.