Friday, July 5, 2013 09:01:06

Review: Track Your Expenses and Shopping Lists With Receipt



Receipt makes it easy to draw up a quick shopping list, whether or not you know how much things cost.

I found Receipt on a couple of channels: Thomas's ever-popular A Beautiful and Improved Android Experience, as well as Craig Dean's Animated! channel. Here's what Thomas had to say about it:

Gorgeous Shopping List app. Create multiple lists, add price information to your lists, and manage your budget. Lists can be saved to history, so you can easily track your previous purchases. It is beautifully designed too.

Multiple Shopping Lists

Receipt makes it easy to create several different shopping lists. You can zoom out and go through all of your lists, and clearly see how many items you still have to buy in each list. You can also set a budget for each list, in case you tend to go over the limit.

Shopping History and Checking Off Items


You can pick just about any imaginable currency symbol for your shopping lists.

Receipt has a History view, which lets you look at your shopping history and get a better understanding of your spending patterns. In a way, this is a more elegant solution than an expense tracker, because you don't have to consciously note down your expenses.

The History view works because of a clever workflow quirk: Receipt doesn't expect you to know the price of every item you buy before you get it. Rather, the act of noting down the price checks the item off. So, grab it off the shelf, note the price in the list, and you're done -- Receipt removes the item from your list and "knows" you got it.

Look and Feel

Receipt is thoroughly Holo. Flat and minimalistic, with thin fonts and a no-nonsense, elegant aesthetic. If you're looking for an elegant shopping list app, this might be it.