Monday, October 28, 2013 08:18:42

Review: Little Galaxy Is a Beautiful Planet-Hopping Game

Skip from planet to planet, collect little stars along the way, and try not to miss. That pretty much sums up Little Galaxy, but it neglects to mention the game's utterly charming graphics -- the main reason you're going to want to play it, really.

Here's what 5 Star Games says about this little gem of a game:

This is a fun planet-hopping endless-platformer. You jump from planet to planet while collecting as many stars as you can along the way. You lose once you miss a planet, and then you're awarded with a high score. The gameplay is rather addictive and the graphics are some of the best you'll find on a mobile device.

That's a great summary.


Little Galaxy doesn't skimp on visual detail.

It's All About The Visuals

Little Galaxy is as casual as can be. There are no enemies, no time limits, and no power-ups. Your character is somewhat reminiscent of The Little Prince. You hop on a planet, and revolve as it turns. As soon as you're aligned with the next star, tap anywhere on the screen, and your little guy launches off. Assuming you got the aim right, you'll land on the planet you were aiming at, and repeat the cycle. Get it wrong, and it's game over -- you've got just one life per game.

This is not a game that will keep you engaged for hours, but for a mobile game, this can be a good thing. It's one of those games you can pull out when you have a few moments to kill, dive right into it, and then stop playing when the time comes without losing any progress. A very cute and quick dose of fun for your day.