Saturday, November 16, 2013 08:24:36

Review: Hungry Shark Evolution Is a Blood-Soaked Aquatic Arcade

Remember those old-time aquarium screensavers? You know the ones -- those lovely fish serenely swimming across your monitor, pecking at algae and generally having a good time in a "life-like" simulation of the real thing? Ever wonder why there weren't any sharks there? Hungry Shark Evolution answers that question. In the words of Jerome Smith, from Simply the best: Games:

This game really shouldn't be this fun. Play as the oceans top predators and eat everything in sight. Strangely satisfying.


What's for dinner?

So, you're a shark, in a gorgeous tropical ocean teeming with marine life. There are turtles, flying fish, gorgeous little tropical fish, crabs, and even human divers. You swim around and... eat them all. Yes, the people, too.

That's basically the game: Swim swim swim, munch munch munch. Sharks have it good, what can I say? The only downside is that as a shark, you burn lots of calories, which means that if you're not constantly feeding on lesser life forms, you die. Skip eating for thirty seconds or so, and you're toast. So you do have to keep swimming around and looking for prey.


Never seen a shark in a Santa hat before?

To make things a tad less logical, you're making money as you do this: Somebody's paying you to eat all those people and fish! Not bad. You can use your earnings to upgrade your shark, or trick it out with all sorts of nice accessories. I got mine a Santa hat -- my shark looked quite dashing, roaming around the ocean with its little hat.

Hungry Shark Evolution is not exactly the next Chess. Then again, fun doesn't always have to be complicated. This is a ridiculously enjoyable little gem, and you should try it out today, even if you're not into aquarium screensavers.