Monday, July 29, 2013 09:32:00

Review: Compulsive Is a Beautifully Holo Match-4 Game


Okay, I admit it: I'm on a total Match-3 game binge. First it was Chip Chain, then I Need a Hero, and now Compulsive. I promise you this is the last match-3 game I'm going to review... this week. But seriously now, this is a nice game! And besides, it's not even match-3, it's match-4, which makes it totally different from the others.

Concept and Gameplay


Compulsive, explained. It's as simple as it looks.

Whereas both Chip Chain and I Need a Hero have you swipe between static elements to create long chains, Compulsive is about rearranging the grid: You need to pick up a colored tile, and drop it wherever it will create a sequence with three other tiles like it.

And while both I Need a Hero and Chip Chain introduce subtle layers of complexity on top of the basic matching gameplay, Compulsive keeps things pure and simple: There are no dragons to kill, no power-ups to use, and no shields to craft. Just a vaguely Mondrian-like grid, and you.

Graphics and Sound


Is it just me, or is the developer an obvious Mondrian fan?

It's flat. Flat, and colorful, and simple. Adjacent tiles of the same color meld into larger pieces, making the game board look like an asymmetric, modern art piece. Making a match results in a rain of confetti, and that's about all of the visual flair you can expect. The colors are slightly too similar for comfort, if you're color blind.

An Acquired Taste

I like Compulsive because it's simple. If all you're looking for is some match-4 action without any backstory or free-to-play shenanigans trying to get you to shell out for upgrades, this is a fun game to play.