Parking Time

Parking Time

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Tired of getting fines? here at weBuild we have a solution for you!
The app Parking Disk, -in this version- completely free, combines simpliciy and completeness.

The app is developed to let the user keep notes about when and where he parked his car, and also lets him set the maximum parking time.
Parking Disk will show the remaining time and will warn the user with customizable notifications. It also comes with an handy widget.

This version includes the following options:
-Set the time in minutes using buttons (+/-5 or +/-10) or manually (text input);
-Set Warning: Vibrations and/or Sound adjustable at a certain time before the deadline;
-Set Notification: Vibrations and/or Sound at the end of the timer;
-Set Tray Bar: enable real-time visualization of the timer in the tray bar;
-Widget 1x1: Showing the remaining time. The background color changes depending on the settings defined by the user;
-Supports both Touch and Trackball;

This version of the app is completely free! If you're happy it helped you avoid a fine, please click on the ads (placed specifically to avoid being invasive) or offer us a coffee using the provided paypal link.

The FULL version is being developed! From the section "menu>Upgrade to Full" you can forward us ideas and suggestions to help us make our product more functional and easier to use.
Features planned for the FULL Version:
-Landscape Visualization: using the gyroscope sensor the layout changes to be visualizable in landscape mode;
-Customizable Ringtone;
-Save Address from GPS or maps;
-Free parking spots condivision;
-Change the Parking Time without stopping the timer;

Note: User feedback is really important a developer. Give us a chance to grow up, reporting malfunctionings or ideas through the given e-mail before submitting a negative valutation!

We hope you'll like our application, and we'll wait for feedback!

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