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Vortex Planetarium - Astronomy

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Have you ever looked up at the night sky and gazed in wonder at it's beauty? How about in the comfort of your own home!? Well now you can with Vortex Planetarium, one of the most feature complete planetariums on the Android Market. Combining simplicity and beauty with unrivalled features and power, let Vortex provide you with a stunning view of the night sky.


Augmented Reality (with camera support)

Hold your device to the sky and see an accurate representation of the stars and planets. If your device has a rear facing camera, experience true augmented reality with our sky map overlayed onto the real world! A unique experience not found in any other Android planetarium.


View the sky from any location - Use GPS, Network Provider or our powerful search feature to show you the night sky at your current location, or even the other side of the world.

Time slider

Using our inovative time slider, you can see how the skies looked at any point in time, with fine control over the abilty to rewind, or fast-forward time. Select an object and watch it's motion as it rises and falls.

Huge object database

With over 20,000 objects to discover, you wont run out of things to search for! Included are

* All major and minor planets in our Solar System including all major moons.
* 88 constellations
* 110 Messier objects
* 109 Caldwell objects
* Full Revised NGC-IC catalog (Over 14,000 objects)
* More than 9000 stars
* Meteor showers

Combined with our powerful search, you will never be far away from any one of these objects!

Facts and figures

To compliment the staggering number of objects available, we have made available concise facts and information about the majority of them, with detailed ephemeris and figures for all. You will learn something new with each and every object in the sky!


Discover, at the touch of a button, upcoming celestial events such as eclipses, conjunctions, moon phases, season changes and much more. With the ability to add these events to your device calendar you'll never miss these sometimes once in a lifetime events again!

What's up?

With just one button press, see what objects of interest are in the night sky right now!

Weather forecasting

Unique to Vortex Planetarium, we provide a 3 day forecast for anywhere in the world, focusing on astronomical data, like transparency and seeing. With the ability to mark those clear nights in your devices calendar, you will have no excuse to get outside and marvel at the beauty the Universe beholds.

Highly configurable

With a bewildering number of configuration options, packaged in a simple to understand design, you can tailor Vortex to your exact needs. Maybe the constellation art is too bright, no problem, adjust it's transparency, need to adjust the number of stars you see to match the real night sky? No problem! We have pretty much every option covered, and if we don't, let us know why we should!

Beauty, speed & simplicity

Our aim is to make sure Vortex Planetarium is easy to use, extremely powerful and look stunning.

Vortex Planetarium has been optimised to run as fast and as smoothly as possible, no jerky movements when you zoom in on Jupiter. We have not ported Vortex from iPhone, it's purely an Android product. This means we can focus on optimising for the platform exclusively. This philosophy guarantees fast and regular updates.

And much more to come

We are always improving Vortex, and you will never have to "upgrade" or make additional purchases for these features and improvements.

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