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    Sep 1, 2013


A minesweeping game with the same rules as in MS Mine Sweeper. Avoid the mines! This is a full-customizable game that lets you decide the rules. There's several options for customized games, as well as quickstart defaults and multiplayer. You can design the game you want to play. A few examples:
-Size of the mine zone and it's buttons
-time to finish a customized game
-Percentage of bombs
-Location and number of bombs(2 players)
-Starting with pre-clicked buttons or not

This game is perfect for two bored people who like minesweeper, but not predefined standards. In the 2Player mode, you start with customizing the size and game time, then placing out the mines for the other player, then switching phones.

If you are alone, but want a challenge, Make a campaign and travel through the whole world including known and very unknown places. However, the only way to make the campaign mode easier to play, is to use the maximum life-level(4) and even that wont make it too easy for you. There's some really hard levels in the end.

Yes, hitting a mine in this game wont result in you loosing it, unless you want it, the life option is limited to 4 in order to help you around places where it's not possible to make a logical decision.

And by the way, this game will be faster if you use the double click feature on numbers, which will auto-click all mines around except those with flags.