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Friendcaster Reviews

  • Akkaash Goel

    Akkaash Goel

    Reviewed in Apps of the Day

    Don't like the official Facebook app? Try Friendcaster. Beautiful UI without it making slow, customize the app using mulitple themes. Real-time notifications & not at all resource-hogging. Great app if you're tired of the official app. Try Now!

  • TechPounce


    Reviewed in App of the Day

    I hate Facebook, but it's necessary for me as a blogger and Friendcaster helps me to hate it a little less. It's the best Android FB client I've come across so far and has a ton of features and customization options. Pro version available as well.

  • FHL09


    Reviewed in Social Interaction

    A great app for those that (for some strange reason) have multiple Facebook accounts (Hello overbearing Mothers & Fathers here's one for you to stalk your child online under that "undercover" account with the stealth name "Not Your Parents, Honest").

  • Rhayza M

    Rhayza M

    Reviewed in My 5 stars apps

    much, much better than the official app of Facebook... more organized, easier to navigate and makes easier the ability to save images ...

  • Rands Roid

    Rands Roid

    Reviewed in Rands Roid

    as we WAIT for the REAL Facebook to do its job...this to me is the finest ALTERNATIVE... REALLY nice UI and ninja QUICK uploads of your family photos !! Nice too it allows multiple FB ID's ... good App √


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Friendcaster offers a beautiful interface, lots of unique features and push notifications. including…

★ Full news feed

★ Quick access to posting status updates, photos and videos
★ Comment on and like posts

★ Zip It - hide posts by user or application
★ Saved Posts - save your favorite posts to check out again later 

★ Six beautiful themes

★ View your friends check-ins, either in a list or map

★ Displays your full size cover photo on the app opening screen

★ Support for multiple accounts

★ Hi-res photos directly in the news feed

★ Quick and easy setup assistant for notifications

★ Designed specifically for Android

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