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Uplink Reviews

  • Gareth Morris

    Gareth Morris

    Reviewed in Padfone 2 (Apps & Games)

    Tablet - Google Play purchase/installable. This game is a nice port from the PC, but one thing it suffers from is the fact that the buttons are still the same size which can be small even on a tablet screen, that and the occasional crash to home-screen as it doesn't like being switched to from other apps.


Now remastered for Android tablets, Uplink plays brilliantly on the mobile format. The touch screen interface elegantly replaces the mouse and all of the original tense and paranoid gameplay is bought straight up to date with this new portable version. Stay mobile, trust nobody, don't get caught. You're an Uplink Agent - a freelance computer hacker who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Break into classified computer systems, steal research data, sabotage software, change academic and criminal records, even frame innocent people. Just be sure to cover your tracks, and remember that trust is a weakness.

Praise for the PC Version:

"A stroke of genius...a must for all conspiracy fiends" PC Gamer -- 80%

"A true original...paranoia has never been so much fun" PC Format -- 81%

"Deeply, deeply, deeply compulsive...try it" Games Master - 80%

*****Hardware requirements: your device's screen size must be classified as one of the following:
large@tvdpi, large@hdpi, large@xhdpi, xlarge@ldpi, xlarge@mdpi, xlarge@tvdpi, xlarge@hdpi, xlarge@xhdpi. If you do not know your device screen's classification, please contact the manufacturer.******