Ahagame - labyrinth, billiard

Ahagame - labyrinth, billiard

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    Sep 6, 2014


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This is a game resembling a box of sweets. You will get different flavours and user experience in each game.
You can also try for free boosters by using a spinner or solving a riddle. The games can involve shooting with an object, solving a question or getting through a maze. Some of them depend more on luck and some more on your ability. But you can always improve and master each game. Remember - they get more and more difficult the higher level you reach! Are you ready! Go for it. * Bounce a ball against walls precisely so that ball rolles into the designated hole. Like billiard!
* Walk in a maze without getting hit by angry strawberries.
* Roll in the labyrinth using the gyro in your device - watch out for any strawberry
* Can you see the hidden code?
* Shoot down objects using precision in aiming and speed - be prepared to shoot with cakes and hit flowers, hats or other cakes.
* Spin a wheel perfectly with exact rotations and get the exact requested hit area.
* Spin lucky wheel or solve riddles to get free boosters
- Above all - have great fun!

More games will continously be plugged-in so you will never get tired of this great time-passer and companion!

The programmer is an independent developer named Minal Parekh Nygårds with more than 16 years of programming experience. She is born in Sweden 1971. Her native family is Indian, Gujarati, Jain from Mumbai and Kolkata.