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A musical toolkit including instruments (grand piano, piano keyboard, drums), tools (metronome, pitch pipe), a game (piano practice), and more... Detailed Features ============================== Piano & Keyboard o Scrolling grand piano o 2-octave stacked piano o 8 included MIDI instruments Piano Practice Mode o Play-along piano learning game o Auto-accompaniment o Piano scrolls to correct octaves o Purchase more songs in-app Drums o Basic 8-piece drum kit Metronome o 40-200BPM metronome o Time signatures/subdivisions o Animated metronome graphic Pitch Pipe o C to C Multitouch (piano/drums) Honeycomb tablet optimized

Paid Upgrade ============================== Ad-Supported! Upgrade to Musical Pro for 128 instruments for piano, wireless MIDI piano for PC/Mac, piano recording, and more.

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