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  • Cory Roberts

    Cory Roberts

    Reviewed in Beautiful and promising apps 5k+ and less installs

    Though reports of the early version have been buggy, keep an eye on this software, the potential looks amazing! This is not a remote desktop software, it lets you do specialized tasks remotely with a UI designed for your phone/tablet.


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The myControl app enables the wireless control of a remote PC (Windows or Linux) via a wifi or Bluetooth connection. Take control using touch (or voice as supported by your device). Access is granted via the myControlServer app which should be installed on the host prior to connection.

Please visit our website to download the myControlServer host application.

All of the latest Windows and Linux platforms are supported, inc Windows 8 (Pro).

myControl features:

▶ seamless connectivity with full mouse and keyboard emulation
▶ connect via wifi (IP address) or a Bluetooth pairing
▶ clean and intuitive interface (easy to use)
▶ fully configurable automation via the host scripting engine
▶ voice commands for text entry and script execution
▶ custom script icons with an interactive quick launch bar
▶ remote screen capture function
▶ password protection and port control
▶ a community based script repository
▶ dedicated user support via email

▷ more features to be added shortly

Automate common tasks such as starting a Google search, launching a TV catchup site (BBC iPlayer, Hulu, SKY Go, Netflix,etc) or requesting a music track via Spotify or iTunes (without the requirement of VNC or RDP / remote desktop).

Design your own scripts or choose from a wide selection of custom commands submitted to the myControl community on our website.

Note: the free version of myControl is limited to one script addition only. Please upgrade to myControl Pro to experience the full potential of the application.

Take full control of your Home Theatre PC setup without having to pick up a remote or attach any other device (USB UIRT, gmote, gpad or unified remote). Experience the full power of Windows 8 with voice control scripts customised for the most popular apps and interfaces (XBMC, winamp, VLC, boxee, Spotify search, media center and xbox smart glass).

myControl is also the ideal companion for presentations and audio / video demonstrations (powerpoint, picasa, tumblr, flickr, dropbox, adode PDF / flash and other office tools).

A full user guide can be found on our website:

Take control now with any phone, tablet or mobile device.

This version is a fully featured FREE download. No adverts or cookies are used to ensure that the interface is kept clean and intuitive.

Watch popular television episodes and series, such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons; or any of your movie collection from the comfort of your sofa with an HTPC powered by myControl.

Enjoy live sports (football, hockey and baseball) from any Internet feed that you would normally watch on your laptop without the hassle of a wired mouse or keyboard.

Supported operating systems include: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Pro). Linux is also fully supported (Ubuntu or Fedora recommended). Apple Mac support to follow.

The user interface is optimised for all of the latest Android devices, including: Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, ASUS Transformer, Motorola X and many more mobile and tablet specifications.

Root access is not required to make use of the my Control application, however the myControlServer application should be installed and executed on the host PC with administrator privileges.

Please contact us via the support email listed below to report any issues or to submit feature requests / recommendations.

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