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Reach makes your everyday life easier! Your phone is at the center of all your communication.
Reach acknowledges that and gives you a way to interact with it faster and easier: With Reach you can see all your communication history as well as your contacts, and more importantly you can view incoming events as they happen, reply to text messages, tell your phone to dial a number, search through your communication history and much more – using your computer.

Install the app and then head to on your computer to get started. You won’t regret it!

The service is currently in beta – and free.


What you can do with Reach:

- All your activity in one place
Reach gathers all your contacts, calls and messages to give you an easy-to-overlook timeline of all your phone activity.

- Call and message in your browser
If you want to write a message or make a call, it will be so much easier and faster with Reach. We promise!

- Find anything, all the time
Finding a message, call or contact is super easy. Reach lets you easily filter out what you want. Or just use the search function (it's quite neat).

- Instant notifications
Reach instantly displays incoming calls and messages, and lets you reply to the messages directly without even touching the phone.


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