At Hand Tuner Pro: Wear+Strobe

At Hand Tuner Pro: Wear+Strobe

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    Apr 4, 2016


A Real Strobe Tuner on your Wrist! For musicians who wish to tune their instruments with the device that is always with them on their wrist (or in their pocket), @HandTuner is a Responsive, Precise Chromatic tuner with a beautiful, intuitive interface that can tune guitar, ukelele, cello, piano, harmonium, bagpipes, harp, violin, your voice, and whatever other instrument you can throw at it!


Once purchased, a chromatic tuner will be installed on your mobile, and an additional smartwatch tuner will be installed on your Android Wear watch (if you have one). You do NOT need a wear device to run the tuner, though, although the current simple and intuitive interface is perfect for wearable devices!

- 8kHz, 44.1kHz, or f8kHz sample rate
- Wide frequency range
- Precise & Responsive
- Transposition
- Selection of Notation
- Selection of colors
- Synchronization from mobile device to wearable (so you don't have to mess around with the tiny screen on the wearable.)
- "Clip-on" tuner mode, where the screen on the watch can be rotated, and the watch "clipped on" to the guitar."
- 3-Harmonic strobe tuner.
- Two drawing modes: "Arc" and "Trace." Trace mode uses blur effects to show where you've been and where you're going.
- Synchronization to wear device from mobile device.

Works on all of the Wear Devices that we have tested so far, including LG G-Watch, LG G-Watch R, Motorola 360. If you have problems with your own wearable, please let us know!

Limited to devices running 4.0.1 and up because of the integration with Android Wear.

If you have problems, please let us know so we can fix them!

If you want to help us develop features and join our community, join us at atHandTuner Beta on Google+:

And then follow the link from there back to here to opt-into the beta version!

Best Regards, Acorn Technology