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Yandex.Maps gives you access to detailed maps of cities and towns across Russia, Turkey and Ukraine right in your pocket.
Find addresses and businesses and plan journeys taking current traffic conditions into account.
The Yandex.Maps mobile app offers the following features:
- detailed maps of towns and cities across Russia, Turkey and Ukraine;
- the ability to search for specific addresses;
- the ability to search nearby points of interest including cafes, drug stores, ATMs, gas stations etc. and additional information on buildings, businesses and other points of interest (not available in Turkey);
- feedback form about carrier signal quality for MTS users;
- satellite and panoramic street view images of cities;
- People's map (not available in Turkey);
- Yandex.Traffic and real-time traffic alerts;
- a route planner that optimizes routes based on current traffic conditions;
- public transport routes (major Russian cities and Kiev, Ukraine);
- route information (distance, speed, estimated journey time) and automatic route recalculation following any deviation (Russia and Ukraine only);
- additional information about companies and buildings;
- the ability to read and add business reviews;
- the ability to download maps (major Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus cities). Customers of Kyivstar (Ukraine) will not incur data charges for using Yandex.Maps.

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