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An easy and fun ear training tool that will help both professional musicians and those who just want to improve their musical ear. Contains a set of exercises for ear training:
- 7 Exercise types
- Scale viewer tool
- Absolute pitch trainer tool
- Different instruments: piano, guitar, bass

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"Perfect Ear is an ideal app for a musical enthusiast who want to improve their accuracy in identifying musical sounds. It’s easy to use, features a beautiful user interface and lots of exercises and tests."

Free version limitations:
- Less tasks in each section
- Limited support

Many thanks to a great musician Stephen Chadwick ( for his help with samples for the "Realistic Piano" plugin!

This application was NOT developed by Social Jitney as they claim on their site. Developer and designer of the app is Alexander Osmanov. Social Jitney is using other developers successful apps to promote their services.

ear training, solfeggio, solfege, music, musician, singing, aural skills, music education, pitch training

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