ReadItToMe - Unique Handsfree

ReadItToMe - Unique Handsfree

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ReadItToMe - Unique Handsfree Reviews

  • Feroz Fero

    Feroz Fero

    Reviewed in Apps That Deserve Top Spot

    An app that makes owning bluetooth earpiece sensible.This app basically just reads out SMS and caller info to you. BUT its different in the way that it lets you decide through what it should read it out loud. Bluetooth or speakerphone. Awesome.

  • Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh

    Reviewed in NEOTERIC

    It will read out the caller name,messages and other app notification works gud


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ReadItToMe Pro reads out your incoming callers, sms messages and other app notifications, translating txt speak into normal language. In ANY language. It's great for use whilst driving, cycling, running, walking, in the gym or any other time you need to be handsfree.

Translates txt speak
ReadItToMe will translate your sms messages into proper english so you can understand what's being read. You can even add your own words and translations easily through the UI.
With ReadItToMe this:
SMS from John: Btw dat woz amazin, I dunno y I wasn't gonna go lol
Becomes This:
"New message received from John. By the way that was amazing, I don't know why I wasn't going to go laugh out loud”

Any Language
ReadItToMe supports ANY language as long as your TTS engine (and Voice engine) has that language installed.
If the default Android TTS doesn't support your language I'd recommend trying IVONA TTS.

Contact Blacklist
With ReadItToMe you are able to choose which contacts are read and when. You can choose to have specific contacts only read over headphones or bluetoth, or you can mute contacts so you are only notified of a message from that person but the message is not read aloud.

ReadItToMe lets you set profiles based on what device your using. Maybe you want voice control over bluetooth but not headphones. Or you want to lower the music volume over headphones but pause the music over the speakerphone.

Unlike other applications ReadItToMe can be set to run automatically when you connect to a bluetooth device or you plug in your headphones, as well as over the speakerphone. You don't need to manually turn it on and off.

Voice Reply - PRO FEATURE
ReadItToMe Pro also has voice reply for sms messages so you can reply to or call that contact using your voice, completely hands free. Not only that but ReadItToMe Pro allows you to record your own commands for much better voice recognition.

Read app notifications aloud - PRO FEATURE
ReadItToMe Pro allows you to choose any app on your phone (ie Google Talk, Whatsapp etc) and it will read incoming notifications for that app (the same notifications you see in your status bar).

Feature List
- Read incoming sms
- Read incoming callers name
- Read incoming notifications from any other apps such as Google Talk or Whatsapp - PRO FEATURE
- Voice reply for sms - PRO FEATURE
- Read always
- Read only when bluetooth is connected
- Read only when headphones are connected
- Translate text speak before reading ie lol is translated to laugh out loud
- You can define your own translations of specific words
- Can reads sms over music (music volume is turned down and then back up afterwards)
- Icon in notification bar to show when it is running
- Fully customizable

Known issues and fixes
- GoSMS users go to your Settings, Advanced, Receive Settings, Disable other message Notifications. Uncheck that for this to work
- It uses the notification stream to read messages and calls by default, so if your phone is on silent you will hear nothing. However if you check the use music stream option it will use the music stream, in which case it will play at the media volume, so if your on silent you can still hear notifications.
- Anyone experiencing the issue where it reads on both speaker and headphones/bluetooth simultaneously use the music stream option. There is also the speaker fix option but this is experimental and will only work on some phones.
- For any other issues visit the faq at

Please don't leave negative feedback or a bad rating if you find a bug or if it does not work on your device as that won't help me fix it. Please email me with details of your issue and I will see if I can fix it.
And free to email me with any queries and feature requests. I'm always open to suggestions.

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