Root # All Data2SD card.

Root # All Data2SD card.

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=THIS TOOL REQUIRES A ROOTED PHONE=. The Ultimate Root tool to move the application's private data to SD.

In addition to known Froyo 2.2 App2SD features, this tool creates an embedded EXT2 partition to your SD card (no manual formatting/partitioning required) and then it mounts it.

Then it can move any applications private data to SD card, saving even more space because usually not the entire application can be moved to the SD (there are leftover libraries etc).

Use at your own risk!
Remember to backup your storage file! (/mnt/sdcard/rallsd/storage)!

Mounting will also occur automatically when your device is restarted - no need to remount manually.

IMPORTANT: After updating, be sure to re-allow it to get root (via SuperUser app) otherwise at the next restart it won't be able to mount the storage automatically.

Oh, and yes I 'll take 1 MB from your internal memory for busybox and obviously this application cannot be moved to SD card itself ... until next update :)

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