Fishing Joy FREE Game

Fishing Joy FREE Game

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Fishing Joy FREE Game Reviews

  • Jayshia Madames

    Jayshia Madames

    Reviewed in uSeek uNeek Android Games

    Fishing Joy is an incredibly addictive game. The goal? To catch the most magnificent fish in the sea and get rewards from doing so. The game features a stunning magnitude and mesmerizing array of fish, giving the gamer a real visual treat. The attention to detail, length of play, visual experience, and sound quality all add to the game’s replay appeal. The player is virtually transported into the amazing depths of the ocean floor and, equipped with his/her trusty netting, tries to snag as many colorful swimmers as possible, while collecting the rewards that the prized fish can offer. Once the player accumulates sufficient rewards and the Power Gauge is full, s/he is granted a special laser gun, which has the ability to eliminate anything and everything in it's path. One shot of it's powerful beam can annihilate even the most difficult sharks. There are 7 sizes of fishing nets, of which the player can upgrade from smallest to largest. The larger the fishing net, the greater becomes the player’s ability to capture the bigger and more valuable fish. With it's simple single-tap gameplay dynamics, dazzling graphics, creative music and engaging features, Fishing Joy will keep you glued to your screen for just that one last game…time and time again.


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Fishing Joy is an insanely addictive game that’s sweeping the world with +65M users worldwide! In Fishing Joy, you’ll be able to have a deep-ocean experience catching magnificent species of fish and creatures the eco-friendly way! The game features stunning deep-sea graphics, music, sound fx’s for a more enjoyable and pleasant experience. Aim and shoot your multi-Level power nets to catch fish and earn Gold and XP! In addition, once your Cannon’s Power Gauge is full, you will be rewarded with a special Laser Gun to annihilate anything and everything on its path! Even the most difficult creatures to catch - Sharks! Fishing Joy will keep you glued to the screen!
There are 7 powerful Cannons to choose from in size and range. Cast Cannon Nets wisely using small Nets for small fish and big Nets for large prey. The cost of the net is equivalent to the Level of the Cannon Net (Example: Lv. 1 Net will cost you 1 Gold and Lv. 7 net 7 Gold).

Fishing Joy offers:

(1) 15 varieties of colorful sea creatures
(2) 7 different Levels of Cannons and Nets
(3) 1 Super Laser Gun
(4) An Aquarium Mode
(5) Latest technology in graphics, music and sound effects
(6) GameCenter support
(7) Photo enabled for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo
(8) Tour the world’s ocean corners and experience the exquisite 3D experience of being submerged under water.
(9) Game version available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese.

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