GyroSpace 3D Free

GyroSpace 3D Free

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    Feb 20, 2014

GyroSpace 3D Free Reviews

  • Zarius Tularial

    Zarius Tularial

    Reviewed in Beautiful Live Wallpapers (Futuristic)

    Great artwork & best use of gyroscope/parallax effect I've seen. Feels just like a hologram. Default theme looks great. Premium themes & options are clearly shown. Developer also has other great live wallpapers - a couple of which are featured in my Abstract LW playboard.

  • Banton


    Reviewed in Pimp Your Phone - Customise

    Love this lwp. Very cool and the pro version is worth it.

  • Feroz Fero

    Feroz Fero

    Reviewed in Apps That Deserve Top Spot

    Another famous app I know. But it just feels unfair if a dont post such an efficiently programmed app. This live wallpaper will make those people who say live wallpapers suck shut their mouths. It gives 3d effect a new meaning.


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GyroSpace 3D Free Live Wallpaper An interactive space scene Live Wallpaper with Gyroscope reactivity.

GyroSpace 3D Free Features:

• Beautiful coloured nebula and detailed planets
• Real 3D depth effect with a vast starfield
• Multiple themes for planets including Earth.
• Parallax movement
• Customisable settings for performance, planetary rings, movement and more!
• Seasonal Snowfall
• Shooting stars

To start, long-press on an open area on your homescreen, select Wallpapers, Live Wallpaper and then pick GyroSpace 3D Free from the list.

The app will only install on devices that have a Gyro sensor which include Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

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