Naval Clash Battleship

Naval Clash Battleship

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* New version! Now play battleship on the web using different types of weapons! Sea battle begins! Play classic battleship game from your childhood. Setup your ships on the field, then shoot enemy's ones.
The objective of this guess and shoot game is to find and sink all enemy ships. You should do it faster than your opponent.

Play online with your friends in our Admiral Edition.

- Nice hand drawn graphics
- Single player fights with your Android
- Multiplayer clashes via bluetooth
- Worldwide battles on the Web using weapons
- Mines, radars, anti-radars and more
- Coins and stars for victories
- Ranks for the stars, weapons for the coins
- Tree types of fleets for your choice
- High scores
- Global high scores
- Supports Honeycomb tablets
- Free, no Ads.
- App2SD

Take a look to Naval Clash Admiral Edition with many additional features.

Follow us on Twitter @NavalClash, we are glad to hear your opinion and suggestions.

If you have any problem with the game do not set a low rating, just send us e-mail and we will fix it. E-mail to

This is a remake of popular paper game with two navy fleets equipped with warships and other types of battle ships. Your ship is in combat with the enemy naval forces and you need to win this war.

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