SMSBanking 2

SMSBanking 2

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    Feb 7, 2012


NOTE! New version has been released, SMSBanking 3/4, buy that one instead of this if you are thinking about buying this version (if you have Android 2.2. or newer). :) SMSBanking supports SMS services from Norwegian banks.
Banks supported:

- Skandiabanken
- Sparebank 1
- Gjensidige
- Terra banker
- Postbanken
- Nordea
- Sparebanken Vest
- Fokus Bank

See homepage for more info:
If you have used version 1.x.x. before, then you must uninstall this version before installing 2.0.0.

If you have problems, please use the built in sending of log feature to send enough information to me...

And please, if something is not working please send me a log instead of commenting on the Market; I can't fix anything when you are just commenting....