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Atlas Web Browser

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    Sep 19, 2014

Atlas Web Browser Reviews

  • Paulina Javiera

    Paulina Javiera

    Reviewed in Browser Apps

    It's very light, has implemented Material Design, very simple and straight forward. Has a very powerful ad-block, script block, social disconnect built-in, aparently linked to ADB lists. It says it can improve loading time by turning off ads, scripts and other things but I tried to load a page with it and in the browser of my choise and this one was slower. I don't like how it manages tabs.

  • Alessandro Colonna

    Alessandro Colonna

    Reviewed in Le Applicazioni da Avere

    Leggero (meno di 1MB), veloce, ADblock integrato, material design...

  • Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    Reviewed in Apptastic Fantastic!

    I'm still all about Javelin but you can't deny that this Material design themed browser doesn't look and feel great.

  • Duwayne Findlay

    Duwayne Findlay

    Reviewed in Android App Report

    ANNOUNCEMENT: APP OF THE WEEK! Atlas Web Browser (App of the week is determined by its relative importance to the android world and usage frequency.) Reasons why: Innovative, I believe this app will be a forerunner for the direction all other mobile browsers will follow. Not too long ago incognito mode was an uncommon feature and now all the top web browsers have it. So the concept of dual view or split screen within an app/browser is far from being a short term gimmick, in my opinion. Standout features: 1) Dual view, Now the app provides a very elaborate means of importing your bookmarks. But in an attempt to put the multi-tasking through its paces. I decided to load all my websites between the two windows for me to manually bookmark them. Believe me when I say that it took me less than 8 mins to load all 20 websites and bookmark them all. Granted I was using LAS- last app switch to copy URLs from CM browser to Atlas. 2) A very powerful ad/popup blocker. That allows the freedom to adjust the restriction levels of a particular website. 3) Able to select not just the desktop or mobile viewing modes, but the manner in which that content is displayed. Such as text only, loading the page with JavaScript and media play back, or without JavaScript and media playback running. 4) Being able to save these settings per webpage in the site manager. So you wont have to adjust each time you visit a particular website. 5) The usual array of features like privacy mode/incognito, bookmarks, multi-window/tabs and etc. All of that on top of the material design. This is a must have app and all other mobile web developers should follow.

  • Dancing Clouds

    Dancing Clouds

    Reviewed in Make your phone material design-y!

    Best browser I have ever used. Better than Chrome clearly. It loads pages very fast, it is very easy to use, it has many unique features, it takes less than 500 KB and now, it has material design. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Download it! NOW!

  • Turkifa


    Reviewed in Best android apps & games

    A new browser with Material Design, great security and ad-blocking features. Supports dual view (two websites on your device at the same time!)

  • Sixstringer


    Reviewed in You definitely need...

    If Naked Browser is not your thing you should check out Atlas.This is a completly different browser too but you'll have see it to understand in which way. Atlas is a web browser that lets you take total control of your mobile web browsing experience: * Use AdBlockPlus (EasyList) filters to remove web annoyances, advertising, and tracking. Filtering reduces data usage and dramatically improves performance and battery life when browsing. * Use the “Control Panel” slide-out to control site behavior: quickly toggle between desktop and mobile views. Switch between "HI-FI" (full) and "LO-FI" (JavaScript-free) browsing experiences. * Optional Plus add-on (free to use during beta) lets you save content filtering, experience, desktop/mobile settings and more on a per-website basis. * Free, Ad-free, and Invasion-of-privacy-free: NextApp will make money only on the *optional* paid add-on. Atlas DOES NOT collect information on your browsing habits or attempt to direct you to partner sites. * Material Design-based user interface. By removing undesired content and letting you take complete control over your web experience, Atlas uses less data, lowering CPU usage and preserving battery life. Sites load more quickly as large amounts of often poorly-written and inefficient JavaScript code related to advertising and tracking can be discarded. Additional features: * Dual-view mode (with paid Atlas+ add-on) adds the ability to view two sites at once. * Content-centric UI: No UI is visible when browsing, all available screen is used for displaying site content. Privacy features: * Sandboxed Private Browsing: Private browsing runs in a separate process without any access to your cookies. This prevents the cookie leakage into private sessions that is common among other third-party browsers under Android KitKat. * Automatic search and suggestions from the location bar can be disabled (or only enabled when you preface a query with a slash (“/”). Atlas follows NextApp's standard free/paid model: a well-featured and ad-free free version with an optional paid add-on that offers more capabilities. During beta, you can test the app as though you had the paid version installed by opening the settings and checking the "Enable paid features during beta" option. The paid version will add: * Support for more than four tabs open at a time. * Dual-View mode to view two web sites at the same time. * The ability to remember your preferences on a per-site basis, such that specific web sites are retrieved in desktop/mobile modes or with or without content filtering enabled.n

  • Matúš Kapusta

    Matúš Kapusta

    Reviewed in Apps you didn't know you want

    A new browser with Material Design, great security and ad-blocking features. Supports dual view (two websites on your device at the same time!)