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Valarm makes an Android device a powerful tool for three major purposes: Remote Environmental Monitoring, Mobile Data Acquisition, and Vehicle / Asset Tracking. Android phones and tablets are inexpensive and readily available - Valarm allows you to use them in powerful new ways. Depending on your use case, consider acquiring a dedicated device to use Valarm to its full potential. Valarm monitors external and built-in sensors to create an all-in-one remote environmental monitor and tracking device.

On devices with OTG or USB Host Mode, Valarm Pro can use Yoctopuce USB and some RS-232/serial sensors to monitor and alert based on various factors:

- Radiation (Mazur geiger counters)
- Air Quality/Dust/PM2.5 (Dylos DC1100 + DC1700)
- CO2 & VOCs
- Electrical resistance (switches, potentiometers, etc)
- Any/all 4-20mA sensors (4 channels, 2x Yocto-4-20mA-Rx units)
- 0-10V sensors
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Barometer

Valarm compatible sensors are available at .

Valarm also works with most Bluetooth OBDII adapters to monitor a vehicle's status, and tie that data to its location via GPS. OBD2 sensors currently include throttle, speed, RPMs, and coolant temp. See for more details about OBDII support.

Built-in sensors include:

- Accelerometer (motion)
- GPS (speed, geofencing)
- Microphone (audio)*
- Ambient light

Valarm responds to configurable triggers, (limits/thresholds) set by you on each sensor:

- Send SMS/text msg
- Send email
- Post to Valarm Tools Cloud ( )
- Play an alarm sound
- Take a photo
- Record audio*

In other words, you can configure Valarm to send a text, email, or post to your account on , when any sensor is triggered by your settings, for example:

- Your vehicle goes too far, too fast, too close to an area (geofence), the accelerator is "floored" or the engine raced.
- The school or board room's CO2 levels go above 1500 ppm and productivity is dropping fast!
- Someone steals your camera bag/guitar/motorcycle
- Your A/C breaks down and your servers are overheating
- The lights go out on your aquarium or hydroponics
- Alert you of flooding / presence of water on the floor or in a tub
- Humidity in your greenhouse drops and your orchids are drying up!

Text and email messages include the GPS location of the device at the moment the sensor is triggered, and the value reported by the sensor. Other responses configure Valarm to record audio* or take photos when someone is tampering with your property.

The Interval Timer allows automatic recording of the status of configured sensors at regular intervals (data logging), including taking photos and recording audio*. This allows you to graph all values on the website, as well as plot all locations on maps.

Valarm integrates with to provide mapping, graphing, historical analysis, and export to CSV or KML for analysis in Esri ArcGIS, Excel, MatLAB, and Google Earth (see for examples and tutorials). A basic account for a single device is free, and allows you to see all sensor values posted by your Valarm equipped device, plotted on a map. Subscribers get more tools (details at & support for unlimited devices to be integrated and managed on the web or your site with APIs for real-time JSON, CSV, KML, + GeoRSS feeds.

NOTE: Devices running Android older than 3.1 can use Valarm Classic, which does not support external USB sensors. Valarm Classic is compatible with devices back to Android 2.2, however on newer devices (Android 3.1+) the camera will not function. Valarm Pro supports these devices, and also includes support for USB sensors.

Valarm includes a "Call-Me-Back" SMS remote-control command. This requires the "Make Phone Calls" permission! Valarm also sends/receives SMS/Text Messages!

* Audio/Mic support is considered "beta" and known to be unstable on some devices.