WarLingo - Build an empire

WarLingo - Build an empire

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    Sep 5, 2014


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WarLingo is a free 2D empire turn based game of strategy and thought that developed in Single player & Massively multiplayer on-line modes. (MMORPG) As leader of a newly founded country, your goal is to ultimately become supreme to all others.
Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire, both economically and militarily, superior to all others. Good luck commander :)

Game options:
- Single player with max 9 other AI players with different personalities
- Massively multiplayer empire vs empire
- Build your army and economy
- Advance diplomacy and messaging system
- Sending spies to many missions and satellites
- War units: troops, tanks, jets, anti-air missiles, ships and ballistic missiles
- Technologies
- Alliances
- United Earth: Organization same as United Nations
- Google Play Leaderboards & Achievements
- Conquer some land
- Spy frame
- Atom bomb
- Army Commander choose operation type from the following: Total war, Border skirmish, Bombing raid, Naval attack and Ballistic attack

The Game Goal
Conquer all the land and become the supreme leader.
Top player enter to hall of fame in the end of era.