Zoe's Green Planet

Zoe's Green Planet

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Zoe is a little green girl who lives on a planet where everything is green. So she only knows one color: green. Until the day when a red spaceship lands! The Takino family from the red planet decides to settle in on the green planet… What the medias say about it:
« The leisurely pace of this story teaches kids to wait patiently, follow directions and react to instructions » —Crazy Mike's Apps
« A storybook which covers everything from the importance of accepting people who are different, to having to say goodbye to a good friend » —Cool Mom Tech
« The story has a great message – a little variety is good, life would be boring if we were all the same » —The iPhone Mom
« What we like a lot about the app, apart from the illustrations, is the way users get involved in the story » —LittleTaps
« An imaginative storybook that makes a great read for juniors ages two to six » —Geeks with juniors
« Pertinent interactions on each page bring the paper mache illustrations come to life with great sound effects » —Real Kids Apps

Discover a poetic, humorous, tender universe, wonderfully illustrated by Matt Roussel with a paper mache style. A completely animated, interactive story for 2/6 year olds!

The child is invited to actively participate in the adventure throughout the whole story. Everything is optional: text display, story reading and even the sound. Therefore, you can tell the story yourself and adapt it to your child.

Zoe's Green Planet is the first volume in the series, "A Colorful World", a collection of four very colorful stories.

5 educational games inside the story
- grouping candy according to shape

- making a spaceship take off by reproducing musical notes

- catching paper airplanes in flight

- sorting objects according to color

- guiding a spaceship through outer space while avoiding obstacles

- 16 interactive pages with 3D illustrations
- 5 original games
- 2 languages : English and French
- narration by professional actresses
- original music