My Most Used Apps Widget

My Most Used Apps Widget

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    Dec 21, 2012

My Most Used Apps Widget Reviews


The widget shows a list of your most used Apps. The list is auto-magically updated while you use your apps or games. A convenient way to quick start the apps you use most frequently. The widget measures the time you use your apps and shows the five most frequently used ones. If you play Angry Birds, use your browser, and check your mails often these apps will rank first. You can simply tap on the apps' icons presented by the widget. No need to arrange the apps on your home screen manually anymore.

Note: This is a widget and will not appear in your app drawer. Add the widget to your home screen by long tapping and choose it from the list of widgets.

This widget is part of our research about the app usage on mobile devices and also part of our work as a PhD students and academic researcher. While you use the widget we measure how long the apps are used and how the phone is moved. Using this data we hope to enhance the user experience of current smartphones. Thus, the widget is hopefully useful and science at the same time.