EDGE Extended

EDGE Extended

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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Jul 26, 2013

EDGE Extended Reviews

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    Playboard Review

    Erez Zukerman

    A cube trapped in outer space. Way more addictive than it sounds.

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  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in 5 Star Games

    This is basically like the original EDGE, but with a fair number of improvements. The level designs are awesome, and this game is just a blast to play.

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Games worth playing

    Amazing graphical style, awesome gameplay. Only the controls sometimes are hard to handle (when hovering on edges).

  • App Junkie

    App Junkie

    Reviewed in Addictive Arcade Action

    Push a cube through a 3D environment full of obstacles and bordered by sheer cliffs. Intuitive touch controls make it easy to maneuver the cube. Great soundtrack and lots of variety built-in to the design.

  • Gamaliel Cuadrado

    Gamaliel Cuadrado

    Reviewed in Good Games HD

    Wouuu new leves and easy to move... is funny

  • Kashish Goel

    Kashish Goel

    Reviewed in Addictive games that are actually awesome

    This is my most played game, played it on a feature phone years ago and then again on Android.

  • Jordan Bailey

    Jordan Bailey

    Reviewed in Tablet Glory - Games

    The hit isometric game of... cubes. Plenty of challenging levels at your disposal.

  • woot


    Reviewed in Epic games & apps of all time

    This game is really awesome, you are a cube somewhere in a cubic world.. sounds like minecra.. BUT ITS NOT LIKE MINECRAFT, you are the only colored cube. And you have to survive to the end of the level


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Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe. But beware! You are not alone... EDGE Extended introduces a brand new 3D graphics engine, 48 original levels, 23 unique tunes and new gameplay mechanics. Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to make EDGE Extended a rich and comprehensive game.

• An original game ideally suited for mobile devices
• 48 all-new levels (completely different from the original EDGE)
• 23 unique tunes!
• New 3D graphic engine
• A simple, addictive game for every type of player