Car Dashboard (Free)

Car Dashboard (Free)

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Car Dashboard is both a speedometer and a Car Home dock replacement app. Use this app to watch your speed and easily access 20 customizable shortcuts! The app automatically launches when placed in a car dock (that has a magnet or similar).

Features include:
* Speedometer
* Speed Alerts (fully customizable by speed, colors, flashing, and sounds)
* Compass
* Current location
* Current street (Pro version)
* Current temperature
* Current altitude
* Max speed
* US and Metric units/speed alerts: knots, km/h or mph, Fahrenheit or Celsius, meters or feet
* Custom text colors
* 20 customizable shortcuts - launch favorite applications, directly dial important numbers, navigate to common locations, and more!

Avoid getting a speeding ticket by keeping track and being alerted of your speed accurately via GPS!

Go Pro to remove advertisements! Going Pro will also display your current street.

* Read Contact Data and Call Phone permissions are for creating/using shortcuts.

French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Slovak, Romanian and Swedish localizations supported

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