Battery Solo Widget

Battery Solo Widget

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Widget, battery level indicator. PRO VERSION AVAILABLE WITH MORE FEATURES.

Perfectly clear, easy readable battery widget providing you quick and accurate information about power you have in your phone.

ATT: The 1x1 widget allows various sizes, check the settings of the widget! (click widget, click settings, cick blue label)

- Resizable Widget (Android 4.0 and later)

- Lightweight program (80 KB)

- Not battery drain.

- Shows accurate data: Level, Temperature, Voltage, ...

- 48 hours graph of the level and temperature of the battery.

- Prediction of battery consumption (see graph)

- Warnings: over temperature, full load, and low battery.

- Upscale 1% in some Motorola


ATT: Warnings (Notifications)

There are three types of notifications: full battery, low battery, over temperature.

Each notification type can be set individually. Click on the blue label and will open the configuration window.


Users report:

- Best battery level indicator for Android.

- Great, simple, accurate. This app is the dark horse of battery status monitors.

- Big numbers and dial give all the info needed at a quick glance.

- Simple, cool, awesome.

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