Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances

Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances

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Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances Reviews

  • Dee DeVille

    Dee DeVille

    Reviewed in Dee's Picks

    You live on a planet, then build a colony on another planet, then wipe out some outlaws living on the next planet... You build MK-I Space Carriers, fighters, bombers, interceptors and then you leave your system to colonize more outlaw planets. You meet people doing the same, operating from their Home systems and colonies but they have faster carriers and ships. Yes, they have the MK-II. You must have those!!! Set out on missions to find the blueprints!! Colonizing isn't easy when there are different people, different races going and coming. Protect yourself!! Find an alliance and etch your way in. Become a Lieutenant, a Captain... a Colonel!!! Strengthen your armada and set out to help a friend defend his planet, settle a score or just wreak havoc upon the universe. If that doesnt make you play, perhaps the rather cheap in-app purchases will which you don't really need to climb on the top ranks. You can also earn a handful of GPG achievements here.

  • Serhat Ordulu

    Serhat Ordulu

    Reviewed in Android Games And Apps

    Star Wars? No


[ Wormholes open. Conquerors appear. Planets fall. The Shroud Nebula is about to be seized and raided. And only YOU can stop it. Team up with longtime allies and old enemies alike to face the ruthless invaders, steal their rare treasures and build their superior carriers! Save the galaxy from the tyranny of the Voids! ] # # # THE MOBILE STRATEGY MMO # # #
Galaxy on Fire - Alliances puts you in the role of an up-and-coming Commander of the Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. Determined to claim and conquer a hitherto uncharted part of the galaxy known as the Shroud Nebula, you will set out to seek fame and fortune beyond the final frontier.

Forge a strong alliance and assist one another in the epic pursuit of space domination. Trade resources, exchange intelligence reports and conceive conjoined attack strategies and defense plans. Show your enemies the power of allegiance and prevail in epic space battles with dozens of participants!

• The first Multiplayer Game set in the GOF universe
• Easy-to-access Alliance and PvP gameplay
• Specifically designed for Mobile Use on Touch Devices
• High-end 3D Graphics and spectacular SFX
• A whole Universe in Pocket Size

# # # TRUST THE MEDIA # # #
With high-end 3D graphics and captivating co-op gameplay, Galaxy on Fire - Alliances sets new standards for sci-fi strategy MMOs on smartphones and tablets. And the press loves it, claiming that it marks “a potentially rich source of war stories” (Modojo) that “will very clearly be raising the bar for these types of games” (iMore).

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Galaxy on Fire - Alliances is optimized for a wide selection of state-of-the-art Android tablets and smartphones, including Asus Google Nexus 7, NVidia Shield, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Tab 1-3 and Samsung Galaxy S2-S5. To run properly, the app requires a minimum of 512mb RAM. If your device is not included in the list of supported hardware, we have either not tested it yet or come across significant performance errors during the testing process.