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Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD

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Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD Reviews

  • Mike Biggs

    Mike Biggs

    Reviewed in Console quality games

    ++++Sale++++for in app purcheses Finally non Tegra owners can play this awesome game! after like 2 years of tegra exclusiveness If you own a tegra device then look in the market for galaxy on fire 2 THD for exclusive graphics across the board

  • Alexi


    Reviewed in Best games

    This awesome space-shooting game is must-have!

  • Patrik Durfors

    Patrik Durfors

    Reviewed in Games with Depth

    Galaxy on fire 2 HD is similar to the PC space sims of old (which a seeing a rise again with titles such as Elite:Dangerous, Starpoint Gemini 2 and Star citizen), if a little scaled back to fit the mobile plattform. It has a story but its also possible to free roam, trading or doing quests in the decently sized universe (around 30 or so planets/systems). Theres are alot of different ships and a ton of upgrades you can buy, to get the toptiered ships with the best equipment you need to spend some serious time ingame. It controlls great on a tablet with touch controlls, i seldom felt hampered by the controlls in combat more than the occational missclick, even if its best with a controller. This game is the perfect space sim fix on-the-go with enough depth to it to keep you playing for hours.

  • Dee DeVille

    Dee DeVille

    Reviewed in Dee's Picks

    Greatest Space RPG. GPG Achievements. Hours of fun.

  • Androidgamecheck


    Reviewed in Androidgameckeck

    A genius Game which takes place in Space.Fans of Freelancer, Wingcommander and the others will cry because its too epic: +Detailed graphics and brillant effects +Good Storyline +Every single minute in the game is fun +Perfect gameplay -A bit too hard for newbies

  • Matúš Kapusta

    Matúš Kapusta

    Reviewed in My Favourite Games of All Times

    Stunning graphics in a great space war game.

  • Chris Ch

    Chris Ch

    Reviewed in Good games

    Awesome lengthy space RPG. You have your own spaceship which you can upgrade, and you can visit many planets and space stations. Flying through space and shooting at pirates is fun, and you can also engage in side activities, such as asteroid mining. The base game is free, but there are different bonuses which are paid. Game also available on iOS and PC.

  • Reza


    Reviewed in Nerds Apps



[ The eagerly anticipating "All Android" version of Deep Silver FISHLABS' genre-defining 3D open space shooter -- including the extensive Valkyrie™ and Supernova™ expansions! ] # # # AN UNPRECEDENTED OUTER SPACE ADVENTURE # # #
Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD is the fully optimized Google Play version of Fishlabs’ multi-award-winning space combat and trading simulation. With cutting-edge 3D graphics, an unprecedented depth of gameplay and 10+MM installs over all kinds of mobile platforms, the title is rightfully considered a benchmark of sci-fi gaming on smartphones and tablets by fans and media alike!

In the game, you take over the role of the hot-headed space war veteran Keith T. Maxwell and save the galaxy from its impeding destruction by the hands of devious alien raiders, ruthless space pirates and power-crazy madmen! Besides the 10+ hours campaign of the main game, you can also take on two additional adventures by unlocking the extensive story add-ons Valkyrie™ and Supernova™. Granting exclusive access to tons of new missions and content, they are available via in-app purchase and can be enjoyed right away, no matter how far you’ve progressed in the main storyline!

In addition, you can also buy various credit packs and purchase your own space station, the infamous Kaamo Club, in order to stock valuable goods and park or even pimp your favourite space ships.

# # # TRUST THE MEDIA # # #
The international press loves Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD and says “that currently there is no other game on Android that could rival GOF2 in terms of complexity” ( and that it “takes mobile gaming to a whole new level with its amazing details and rich gameplay” (

# # # TRUST THE FANS # # #
The fans have given Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD thousands of 5-star ratings! According to them, it resembles “Elite on the Commodore 64, but with amazing graphics” (E.K. Hartley) and is “so addicting, I played for an hour and it felt like 15 minutes” (S. Wickstrom).

• Achievements and leaderboards via Google Play game services (GPGS)
• A vast galaxy with over 30 star systems and more than 100 planets and space stations
• More than 50 customizable spaceships and hundreds of different weapons systems, power-ups and commodities
• A unique mixture of story-driven, mission-based and sandbox gameplay
• High-quality visuals including detailed 3D models, hi-res textures and breath-taking Special FX
• 3D sound, orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting
• Action Freeze™: Take screenshots from any perspective and save them onto your device
• Full support of the differing resolutions and capabilities of 200+ Android-powered smartphones and tablets

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Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD requires Android 3.0 or higher (i.e. Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean).