SolMail - All-in-One email app

SolMail - All-in-One email app

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    Sep 2, 2015

SolMail - All-in-One email app Reviews

  • AndroidPolice


    Reviewed in 18 New Android Apps (9/10/13-9/23/13)

    SolMail doesn't have any whiz-bang hooks as an alternative email client. It's just a good-looking, functional way to check mail for multiple accounts.

  • Erin Tse

    Erin Tse

    Reviewed in Cool phone decoration apps

    Cute mail app alternatives.

  • Naiyer Asif

    Naiyer Asif

    Reviewed in Email Clients for Android

    A clean, powerful and extremely attractive email application from the developers of SolCalendar. This app can handle multiple email accounts, offers sizable customizations and convenient yet fast interface.

  • Paulina Javiera

    Paulina Javiera

    Reviewed in Mail Apps

    Basic UI. I don't like the way it handles different accounts

  • Jasen Szekely

    Jasen Szekely

    Reviewed in Most beautiful apps

    I know what you're thinking... "2 email apps in one day? Have you lost your mind?" well yes but that's besides the point. I like SolMail's design and compatibility with literally any email account I own (and I have many) without extensive setup.

  • Khaled Trad

    Khaled Trad

    Reviewed in Awesome Android apps - daily updates

    it is a beautifully designed and functional email application that enables you to bring all your email accounts under one roof (well, some of them). The user interface is clean, smooth to use and offers some nice functionality.